Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Quartz and Candle spell

Get a candle in the color of your symbolic needs

With a nice sharp,  salt cleaned quartz crystal... scratch a symbol of you need into the candle. (dollar sign, heart..etc)

As you scratch with the crystal, visualize what you need. When your finished, light the candle and place the quartz next to it.

As the candle burns, visualize the crystal and flame working together to help you.

The crystal, the symbol, and the candle will do the work for you!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Blessing your space, the easy way!

Sometimes I am just so lazy.... and too much of a clean freak. 

While I love the idea of leaving a trail of salt all around the walls of your house for protection.... soon after doing it... I want to vacuum it all up!!!!

A very old friend suggested this...... fill a spray bottle with "Moon charged" water (you do know how to moon charge water... don't you?)  and then add tons of salt!  Shake and let sit.

Then instead of sprinkling the salt all round your outer walls and windows.... just walk around and SPRAY!  I found this works just as good, and takes care of my "cleaning freakishness" very nicely. 

The salt residue is invisible, and still as strong as ever!!!

Plus it makes it much easier to spray in tight spaces, like behind the furniture and your windows!

While spraying, chant:

May the Elements bless this space
with the mystery's and powers of the earth.
The knowledge and wisdom of the air.
The strength and protection of fire,
and the love and the beauty of water!

Candle Magic!

Once again, I don't know who made this..... BUT LOVING IT!!! I suggest on a full moon, you take your entire supply of candles out side, and chant this over them to EMPOWER them!

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Anxiety removal spell

Anxiety Removal spell:

Anxiety is the hardest thing to rid from your life. Most of the time you have no clue your causing it because it starts in you sub mind, and doesn't let your high mind know what's going on.

A good way to help control it is with repetition:

So pick a nice vanilla candle, light it and while studying the flame repeat this:

Ease my pounding heart right now,
Ease my nerves and don't allow
Anxiety to call again,
Chase it back from whence it came!

Repeat this over and over as the candle burns down, feel your fears melting away with the wax.
Do this every night for at least 2 weeks

Saturday, January 04, 2014

agreement spell


A spell to get people to agree with you

 This spell is great, when used, to have a person or people to agree to or have the
same opinion as you.

 Light a pink candle for love and a blue candle for healing on a
  Friday evening. 
Say the following incantation:
"Please (name of person), do think again.
May the consequence heal my pain.
Grant my request to me and you'll see,
The good in your heart set me free."

Snuff the candles out after casting your spell.