Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Monday, January 29, 2007

It's all BARBARA'S FAULT!!!!

I could kill her!!!! The nerve of her returning my dining room set that I gave her 5 years ago!!!! OHHHHHHHH MY ACHING BACK, KNEES, AND OTHER IMPORTANT MUSCLES!!!!

GIGGLE Who would think that one good thing could backfire into a million other things. SIGH

Well I got the dining room set back, and that I'm happy about, but I didn't expect it.... I gave it to her when I moved back to East Brunswick, and the house I bought didn't have a dining room.... sooooo, what good is a dining room table and china cabinet?

Ok, I digress..... Do that some times. Well, with the dining room furniture back, I needed to make some changes. Where the dining room is, I had a desk and my computer. So I had to move the computer into my room. Now the desk wouldn't fit, so I had to emply it, and lug it outside for the garbage.... Big desk, pain in the ass.

So, I went and got a smaller desk at "Big Lots" This one is small, fits in my bedroom perfectly.... And was in a zillion pieces!!!!! I HATE PUTTING THINGS TOGETHER!!! But, on the plus side it was only $29.00. So I spent 3 hours piecing it together, screwing screws and putting on odd pieces of nobs and stuff.... But I have a desk!

Then moving the computer and all the equipment to another room, figuring out how to hook it all back up, and crawling around under the desk plugging it all in!!!

Now the good part. My old flat monitor had died and Jaime and Mark gave me an old one of theirs. It's a monster. H U G E!!!! And guess what? Wouldn't fit on the damn desk!!!! It was too big!!!!

So off to BJ's to buy a flat screen monitor. Made a major bargain!!! Got a 19 inch one with speakers attached for only $129.99 plus tax! I LOVE BJ'S!!!

But that meant taking the old one, unplugging all the shit, and plugging it all in again. But nice, but too damn low!!!! I had to bend my neck to see the monitor.... See, it is a student desk, so it's small and low. Sucks!!!

Now I have it all figured out!!! Got my printer, and put it UNDER THE MONITOR!!! This way the monitor is at the right height, and my printer is right there. YIPPPIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!!

So, this is done then, right? Well, except that now I have to finish the dining room, replace the overhead light with another, and so on, and so on, and so on.....


Mess, mess, mess

My house is a MESS again!! Charlie (Barbs hubby) and his brother Robo Cop, brought back my dining room set yesterday! WOW, she's had it as her kitchen set for like 5 years, and it's in PERFECT CONDITION!!! Now there's someone who knows how to take care of stuff, unlike Mary who ruined EVERYTHING I ever lent her!!!

But the place is a mess! Until I get a computer desk (now remember, I didn't expect it back for a few weeks, so I wasn't prepared!) the table is pushed up against the window, so that I can connect the computer. Once I get a desk, the computer will go in my bedroom, and the table will go to it's proper position, and I'm going to put the nice, but big, light fixture I bought above it.

The light fixture, that I tried to give away, wasn't good if there was no table below it, it came down too low, but with the table, it's at the perfect height! So, I'm happy Jamie or Eileen couldn't use it! GIGGLE It's pretty, black wrought iron and amber shades.... Nice.

The china cabinet is HUGE!!!!! I would have it all set up, but Barb forgot the hooks for the shelves, so it's standing empty right now. But once the hooks come, (she's sending it express mail) I'll empty out the doo daads in the overhang kitchen cabinet, then I'm taking that cabinet down, so the breakfast bar is easier to use.

I'll post pictures when it's all set up and done!

January 29, 2007

FIRST REAL SNOW OF THE WEIRD, WEIRD WINTER!!!! This time we actually got snow, got to be a good 2 inches!!! First time all winter!!!! Better late, then never as they say. GIGGLE

Friday, January 26, 2007


Well, I have almost all my stock, for selling, together and almost all priced.

I'm going to be selling copper cauldrons, motor and pestles (some decorated real pretty with beads and stuff) and lots of glass ware, acid etched with star trek and witchy symbol's.

Plus some really nice hunks of crystals. And a few odds and ends that will fit in with the witchy stuff.

If I can find my pouches, I'll also make up some spell pouches for sale. The above stuff I have a big stock off, so selling should be easy. The glasses take a while to etch, and get ready, but I'll do a few each day and work on them.

Eileen will be selling her jewelry, and maybe even Steph will join us and get rid of some of her stuff. Jaime, I'm not sure of yet, I guess she's still thinking of what to make. I'm just waiting for the application to come in the mail, and all done!!!!

Day 4

OK, Day 4 and the sugar cravings have gone away!!!!! Yahhhhhhhhhhh yipppiiiieeeeee

I feel much better without them. Now I have no interest at all in sugar, feels good. I don't know how much weight I've lost, since I'm not checking on the scale.... I refuse to do that, just makes you crazy!

But I'm getting prolonged bouts of high energy! (side effect of this diet, Mega energy) I find myself dancing around the house, feel lighter, and energetic! That's the BIG plus of this diet..... the energy.

So, I'm feeling pretty good, and that's after 4 days. I'm remembering some of the goodies I can eat on this. I'm having at least 2 pieces of celery topped with tons of cream cheese every day, (roughage good.)

And my new fave is fried pepperoni!!! I can't have the eggs that you should eat each morning, so I'm frying up pepperoni till it's super crisp. Yummy. I can do that with bacon, but I hate cooking bacon, I have no idea why, just hate cooking bacon!

For breakfast yesterday I had ham, fried, with cheese. So far I don't miss the bread at all..... but then, like I've said, I'm not a bread person.

The first few days are the roughest. And I'm passed that now. So, I'm going into the groove, and should be able to pass 2 weeks without a problem.

Though I'm glad I don't drink, because for the first two weeks you can't have any booze, and if I drank that would kill me. But I don't so I'm safe.

Drinking coffee with heavy cream is weird! They don't want you to drink milk, but heavy wipping cream, or regular cream is good. So my coffee tastes yummy, but strange for someone that's used to milk.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yea Goddess!!!

Well yesterday was interesting.

Elizabeth (my granddaughter) scratched her cornea on a toilet paper roll..... How? No one's sure, but she's fine.

Then the Merlin jumped out of my son's bedroom window!!! Seems another cat had the balls to sit on the patio out side the window!!! Merlin is very protective, and the boy had the window open. Seems Merlin is stronger then the screen. LOL but he's fine too.

Then I found out that my fathers sister (his only one) passed away yesterday. I haven't seen her in years..... But I think I'm going to stop by the funeral, since it's just down the street from me. SIGH Interesting week so far. Wonder what else is going to happen!!!

That leaves me with only one older relative, my Aunt Harriet, and she better stay healthy!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

2nd day on diet

OK I WANT TO KILL SOMETHING!!!! Not because I'm hungry, your never hungry on this diet you can eat all you want, any time you want..... BUT I WANT SUGAR!!!!!!!!!

Goddess, I want sugar soooooo bad! Any kind, I'll eat it raw, or processed, or in a candy bar ...... ohhhhhh candy!!........ I'm suffering, but I know that in a few days the craving for sweets will leave, and I'll be ok. Sigh

Now on the second day the peeing has began. You see this diet prohibits carbs and sugar, witch you body needs to function..... So when it's not getting it, it goes to the only place it can to get it..... All your stored fat (OH YUCK)!!!!!

As your body absorbers the fat, the by product is water, and from that the peeing starts. LOL

I'm just hoping the sugar craving stops soon, because it's a bitch!!!!!

Monday, January 22, 2007



I'm going back on the Atikins diet for a short while, and I do mean short. I only want to lose 20lbs, to get rid of the rolls that are my winter storage. LOL I don't mind being fat, but I can't stand to see my side rolls sticking out when I dress up.

And on Atikins, if you follow it to the "T" you can lose up to 20lbs or more in 2 weeks. Now, It's an easy diet. Any of the stuff below you can eat all you want, any time you want, and as much as you want. The only problem is NO SUGAR OR CARBS!!!!

Now I can live without carbs. Bread doesn't thrill me that much, but a nice begal now and then is good! BUT SUGAR!!!!!! ARRRRRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHHHH I NEED SUGAR!!!!!

I went on this diet like 20 years ago, and I did lose 65 lbs in about 3 months. And I didn't gain it back, even when I went off after all that time! The funny thing is that your sugar cravings go balistic for the first week or so, and then all of a sudden.....GONE! You have tons of energy, and don't crave sweets at all!!!!! Kinda spookie, isn't it???

Well wish me luck, for at least the first week I'm going to be a total CRAB ASS!!! But after that I shall recover!!!

Oh, and for thoes of you who need to know spacifics, buy the book. But even though you are eating TONS of butter, cream and all that high fat stuff, you cholesterol goes down, down, down.... and it's fantastic to diabetics!!!!!

What to do:

The Atikins diet plan is a low carbohydrate method. The avoidance of carbohydrates in your diet is structured to keep your body from adding weight. The method includes eating less than 20 grams of carbohydrates per day.

Any hard cheese, and all the butter, and heavey cream you like!!!! Limit your salt, and try fresh spices instead. No katsup, mustard, but you can have mao!!!

Free Meats and Cheeses:

The following meats and cheeses have no carbohydrates. Using the atkins diet plan you may eat as much of the following items as you wish.

Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, Eggs any way you wish
Aged & Fresh cheese

Cow & Goat

Cream Cheese

Cottage Cheese

Cornish Hen
Any hard cheese, like chedder, swiss, any


Not Bad Vegetables:

A serving of these salad vegetables has 10% or less of your daily carbohydrate limit. Therefor you can eat up to three cups of these without worry.
Bock Choy
Alfalfa Sprouts

Other Vegetables:

These vegetables have more carbohydrates than the ones above. You'll want to limit your intake of these to about 1 cup per day.
String beans, wax beans, etc.
Beet Greens
Summer Squash
Bamboo Shoots
Bean Sprouts
Water Chestnuts
Snow Pea Pods
Collard Greens
Dandelion Greens
Spaghetti Squash
Celery Root
Brussel Sprouts
Artichoke Hearts
Hearts of Palm

These foods are high in carbohydrates and should be avoided:

Anything with Flour
Non-diet soda
Beer (dammit this diet is no good!)

My daughter!

My daughter posted this on her blog. I got her the sign for christmas, and now we have matching signs!!!!


Ok, snow was a little better today. At least the road is covered, but not by much as you can see from the picture.... But this time, at least you can call it snow...... But not by much! GIGGLE Hope Jaime is a little satisfied.

Matt starts back to school today after winter vacation. So it back to riding back and forth 4 days a week. But at least it does give me a good reason to hit Dot's clothing store, so I'm going to do that today!!!

I found an interesting new spell today, it's sort of a Karma reversal, helps you clear out all the bad things you've done. Besides admitting you did them, you have to clear them. And you can't clear your Karma until you ADMIT that you were the reason for the problems.... So I'll post that one later. It's actually in French, and I have to do a little translation, before it's good to print.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

What is it about Star Trek Conventions???

Why do I keep going to them. This July is Shore Leave 29, and out of all of them I missed 2 of them. Both times because my water heater went, and fixing it took all my money..........

But even after all these years, I can't for the life of me figure out why I go to them???

It's not the people, OK, there are a few really nice people there, mostly my friends, but most of the people are more then a little freaky, and on the overall average, waaaaaaay below average in looks! Yepper, UGLY!

It's not the hotel. Though It's nice, it's no great shakes compared to other hotels. But it does have a restaurant, bar menu, pizza hut, and a snack bar. The bar is nice, but not good service at all!!! Not that I blame them, with all those people it's kinda hard to take care of them all! But, the hotel could get more help..... duhhhhhhh

The drive is the pits! Almost 3 hours thru 3 states. During the winter it's prone to avalanches, and in the summmer, stop and go traffic the at least one state.

But still I go, and this time as a dealer!?!?! Maybe I'm just not up to giving it up yet. I've made friends, lost friends, who have moved... (dear Courtney who passed) made enemies..... geeze, can't take the word "geek" as a joke, can ya. GIGGLE

But still I trod on and on and go back each year. It's 3 days by the pool, and talking and gabbing with friends, and shopping, eating, drinking....... Nope, can't be that, can it? GIGGLE

Who's fooling who, I enjoy it! I don't know why, whatever the reason is, I'm still enjoying it!

Last year was a blast with Ty and Steph in the room, ok, major disappointment that they are giving up the conventions, I'm going to miss them like crazy..... But I'm still going! I guess I'll NEVER LEARN!

But I am trying other conventions on to see how the fit, Chiller, and Horror Con, who knows, I may find something I love even more!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

This is the story of the Cat with no head!

I decided to move my furniture around. And while doing this, a box of long forgotten crackers found it's way to daylight. And over a period of 10 minutes, Merlin the wonder cat, managed to get a cracker out of the box!! He almost got stuck, but didn't. GIGGLE

OK now............

Keeping up with.......... summers coming, and I don't care if you think I'm crazy...... thought. LOL I bought a nice pair of summer sandal's at wal-mart. Couldn't resist them, at $8.99! Nice wedge heel, I still need low heels, but those where the only summer ones out that I liked.

They also had one outside swing, but the framework was toooooooo THIN! Some of my friends, and me, are kinda chubby. I couldn't see more then one of us sitting on the swing at a time without some kind of breakage. LOL So I'll wait for more to come out, and hope to find a nice husky one. GIGGLE

Friday, January 19, 2007


All the whooohaaa, and this is it!!! Don't be fooled by the white on the ground, my house is surrounded with white gravel..... So the only real snow is on the car. Sigh Big deal!!!

But, It's still flurrying!!!! Big fluffy flakes that usually mean nothing at all. The ground is too warm for it to stick!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


Lets see, what's going on here..... Not a whole lot. I was going to Atlantic City, was all packed, and ready, then the night before my ear started hurting, and kept me up all night. Fucking ears!!!!

For those of you who don't know, I run constant ear infections. The tubes that drain fluid out of the ears are scared closed, seems my mother didn't believe in taking kids to the doctor for an ear infection. So Infections are my life! I did have tubes put in my ears when I was in my 30's, but one ear failed after the operation, and the other worked, so my left ear gets constantly infected, and my right is just fine. Sigh It's such a pain!!!

Then one time when I was in my 40's the doctor gave me an antibiotic of an ear infection.... I told him I didn't think it was working.... Two times I called him and told him that the antibiotic wasn't working.... And he kept telling me to give it time..... Well in time BOTH ear drums ruptured!!!! Nasty business!!! Now both ears drums have holes in them from the rupture, so if I even get a drop of water in my ears...... Here comes the infections!!!!!

So, I'm suffering, but it's old shit, and I'm used to it by now.

I've also decided that at the big convention coming in July, Shore Leave, that I'm going to become a dealer, and have ordered a table for myself!!!!! YIPPPIIEEEEE. I'm going to be selling witchie stuff, and my sister will join me and sell jewelry, and my daughter has some idea's for stuff too..... So it should be really cool!!!!

Dealers get a lot of perks with the con, and free passes, and more, so I think I'm going to enjoy this!!!!!!!! Plus it gives me more to do then sit at the pool, and I'll make money at the same time. I'm really looking forward to this!! Plus the hotel, for some odd strange reason, gave me a coupon for a free weekend, and free breakfast for 2.... So It's going to cost me almost nothing!!! I can't resist free, who could?

Oh, and it's finally gotten cold here!!!! In the mid 40's during the day (still like 20 deg. Warmer), but after 60 deg. Weather, IT'S COLD!!! And today we had some SNOW FLURRIES!!!! Just a few minutes of them, and then it all turned to rain.... But it was SNOW!!!!

What else? Oh the Chiller convention for this month was cancelled, do to problem with the hotel, they have now changed hotels, and it will be in April.

And my sister got rooms for Farpoint in Febuary, but on the same weekend is Horror con!!! And she put in for the hotel there also.... So depending on the weather...... Farpoint is in MD and it's a 3 hour drive, and Horror con is right here, less then an hour away!!! So if the weather is bad, we stay here, and if it's ok, we go there. LOL Confusing, but we have hedged our bets with the weather, and we'll go to one of the cons! GIGGLE

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Spell for the garden

Flowers in my garden grow,
aphids, spiders, off you go!
Grow with strength and color bright,
to light up the darkest night.

birds and bugs stay away!
or I shall bring out the spray!
keep your distance, look don't touch,
don't eat my veggies or some such.

Fairy's and sprites are welcome here!
dance within without fear!
bless this garden, make it bloom,
dispel all my summer gloom!

I'm getting ready for this years plantings, and the decisions are killing me. LOL. Like I mentioned before, I have a graveled lot, and I like the clean look of it, so I don't want to make a bigger gardening space, by removing the gravel. The small patch I removed in the front, is perfect! I have the bamboo, and flowers, daylillys and some money plants, and peonies there, along with the arch that I bought.

I also picked up this huge plastic (but looks like ceramic) pot, that is split in two!!! You place it around poles, and I'm going to place it around my light pole in the front yard. What am I going to plant in it? So far no clue!!! I'ld like to put something that will come back year after year, but I can't think of anything good enough for that size pot, so maybe annuals are the best bet. Maybe just tons of annuals for the color. But again, can't think of a damn thing! Frustrating.

Along the other side of the house, by the shed not the patio, I'm going to plant some beach plums. I'll put them right up against the house, to minimize the amount of gravel I have to remove, I'll just remove enough for the planting hole, then replace the gravel around them to make it look neat. I had them in my house in east Brunswick, it's a bush plum, and after a year or two they are PACKED with small but sweet plums. The sandier the ground is, the better they grow, they are used to growing by the beach, and love the sandy soil! Good choice yes?

I want to get 2 or more of the half whiskey barrows that I'm using now for my blueberry plants. I want to plant one with asparagus, and I'm thinking some gooseberry plants in the other. LOVE GOOSEBERRYS!

For the new white arbor in front, I'm going to double my chances of getting a vine to grow, since I don't have much luck with them. On one side I'm going to put a honeysuckle plant, and on the other, clamentis.

I've grown honeysuckle, and it grows pretty well, but with the beach soil.... I'm not sure. And everyone says clamentis are easy to grow, but I haven't tried it before, so we shall see. I just want the arbor covered with flowers, so two tries are better then one! Right? Honeysuckle is yellow, so I'll have to get a clamentis that doesn't clash with the yellow.

And I'm getting a swing for the side yard, I'll put it facing the house, so I can sit and swing, or lay down and read during the summer. I'll get one with a top, so the sun will stay away. Other then that I decided not to get a picnics table. I just don't use them enough, and they just take up room. I'm going to get another hanging strawberry plant, that was pretty cool last year!

I think I'll get some of those tall poles that you hang plants on, and do it on either side of the swing.

I love planning this stuff. It gives me something to do over the winter (winter? We haven't had winter yet, but you know what I mean.) And gives me something to look forward too.

Friday, January 12, 2007

How two became four?

I ran to walmart this morning!!!! I had to find my cat's favorite food, and that's 9 lives tuna and egg. It's not that popular it seems, and none of the grocery stores had it, but I knew walmart had a big pet department... So I figured I would try. And they did have it!!!! (cat saying yippie, and dancing around my feet!!!!)

Then I noticed a crowd over by the women's clothing. I mean a mass of women!!!!

Guess what???? ALL the bathing suits were out now!!!!!! I ran, not walked, ran to the department. As I lamented before, bathing suits in 2X are almost IMPOSSIBLE to find. And that's right where all those lovely pump women were congregating!!!!!!

I snagged 2 of them, I couldn't decide, but there were so many women there, and only a small handful of our sizes, I figured I would just walk around with them and decide later. (I counted, by the time I got to the department, there was only 4 size 2X left!!!!)

As you can see from the picture, I said FUCK IT!, and bought both!!!! The black and white one was the one I got a few weeks ago, the others are the new. Now if you include the one I borrowed from Mary, and never returned, that makes 4!!!!!!

I know, over kill, right? But no, I go to the beach. And if you've ever spent time at the beach, the sand, saltwater, and sun Is a total killer on suits!!!! Plus I swim in a pool also, so chemicals are also killer!!!

Besides I like the style of a two piece, that covers completely! And this is the second year that they have been out, so by next year YOU'LL NEVER SEE THEM AGAIN!!!! And since my size never changes, I figured that I could pack two of them away for next year!!!!

OK, done explaining my extravagance. GIGGLE

Also I checked out the garden department. During the winter walmart takes out all the gardening stuff, and stacks it full of plastic totes! They were PACKING UP THE TOTES!!! And you know that means that they will soon be replacing them all with GARDENING STUFF!!!!!!!


I did pick up a sprayer. You see I have a gravel lot, nice, no mowing the lawn, that's why I picked it!!!! But you still get weeds, and the weed killer that comes in a can with the attached sprayer is a PAIN IN THE ASS!!! You have to keep pumping the handle to spray the weeds..... And I have arthritis in my fingers, so I usually keep switching hands, then just fucking give up!!!

I bought a canister sprayer. You pour in the weed killer, add water, and close. There is a large pump handle on top, and you pump it up and down for a few seconds.... And start spraying. NO FINGER MOVEMENTS!!! Sweet!!! I also picked up the weed killer, figuring I might as well get that also!!!

Holding my head and groaning

I just had a full fledged musical in my dreams last night!!!!

I can't remember it all but I do remember that ......

she was 16, he was 17 and his name was Jim. He went to the gallows and she became a Nun.

Geeeeeze, and I didn't even have anything for dinner last night, so why the crazy dream?????? Giggle

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

January catalog bonanza!!!

They keep coming, and coming!!!! Love gardening catalogs!!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

I'm gonna kill my cat!!!!

Mornings are usualy bad enough, I don't sleep well because of fibermyalga, and all I want to do when I wake up is.... have a cup of coffee, check my e-mail, and maybe play a game or two on the computer till I wake up.

But Merlin is GETTING ON MY LAST NERVE!!! He follows me around, and totally cat like, tries to trip me while I'm walking. Sits on my desk, trying to get my attention..... and being a cat, that's rubbing against me, and nipping at me. UGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH

He has no remorse for his actions. He pisses me off before I even get my first CUP OF COFFEE!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR

It's not like he's starving. He always has a full bowl of dried cat food. But he want's his 1/2 can of wet food, and his water changed. Sometimes being controlled by someone wears a little thin!!!!

I don't like anyone controlling me.... ESPECIALLY NOT MY STINKING CAT!!!

SIGH, OK I'm better now. Maybe I'll let him live another year or two. SIGH

Just put the coffee down and back slowly away!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Pleasant news, done grousing!

I order clothing from this one lady on e-bay. I've bought 2 other dresses from her, both were long sleeved!

I tried to get some of her summer dresses, but I was always out bidded, way to high for me! I LUCKED OUT TODAY!

I managed to get 3 of the summer dresses. The green one I love! It's not short sleeved, but it button all the way up and down!!! So I can use it as a dress, un- button some buttons to show a LOT of leg, or I can use it as a bathing suit cover up! Cool. And it cost me just $10 each..... Compared to the bidding witch ususaly goes up over $40 dollars each

The second one is short sleeved, so it's cool for the summer too. I got that one in 2 colors!

I'm really happy with it. I love the long sleaved ones, but they are just not practical for the summer, even in an air conditioned hotel. Plus, they are easy to wash, never seem to wrinkle, and they tie in back..... so you can make them as tight, or as lose as you want to.


WHY IS THAT????? I'm talking hardware. You need a interior door knob, so you go pick one up. Simple bedroom door knob replacement....Screw one off, slip the other on... RIGHT????

WHY DON'T THEY EVER FIT!!!!! The hole's too small, the mechanism is too big!!!! You have to fiddle around and fiddle around, and get aggravated, and have your blood pressure ZOOM..... Until it finally fits!!!!!!

Now, being the complete idiot that I am.... I not only had to do my bedroom door, but the screen door latch also. (broken of course) Well, they had about 20 different styles, and sizes of the stupid BASIC CATCH LATCH so I didn't take any chances, I bought two..... Closed my eyes and just picked the fucking things!!!!

One was a total bust.... I would have had to drill new holes just to make it work.... And baby, I'm not getting out my drill.... Even if I could find it.

The other matched my hole's perfectly!!! But that didn't mean it was easy to install. I had it all screwed in and such, and found, IT DIDN'T WORK!!! The knob wasn't turning the inside knob. Take it apart..... And there is a metal bar the goes inside, and causes both knobs to turn at once.....AND IT WAS TOO FUCKING SMALL!!!!!! DIDN'T GO ALL THE WAY THRU THE DOOR TO THE OTHER SIDE!!!!!

Right about then, I sat down, had a cig, and a cup of coffee..... And a few minutes later I tried the metal bar from the OLD BROKEN SET, and it fit!!!!!!! So I had to screw it all back togeather again.....

then you have to put the latch on. It connects to the door frame.... But not where the old one connected...THAT WOULD BE TOO EASY, WOULDN'T IT? No, I had to take off the old one, and put a new one in it's place, make new screw holes, and screw my heart out!!!!!

I'm so sick of that shit!!!! ONE SIZE FITS ALL!!!!! HAVEN'T THEY EVER HEARD ABOUT THAT. Make every door hold the same size Knob, make every hole be the same SIZE. HOW FUCKING HARD IS THAT??????

Geeezzzzzeeee, can you tell I'm aggravated??????

Saturday, January 06, 2007

January 2007

It's January 6th.

And I'm sitting here at my computer at 7 am in the morning..... The window WIDE open in front of me..... And I'm FUCKING HOT!!!! There's no breeze, it's been raining like crazy all night, and the temperature is 62 degrees!!!!!!!!!

What a fucked up weather pattern. And the suns not even up yet!!!!! I don't know how warm it's going to be today, but I have a feeling that records are going to break!!! I'm not complaining a whole lot. This freak weather pattern has some good things going for it....

1. My heating bills are at a all time low!!!
2. NO SNOW, that means no slipping on the roads, or having to shovel the driveway
3. No need for a winter coat.............

HAY! THAT'S WHAT HAPPENED!!!! I know why it's so warm..... It's because the first time in like 5 years I HAVE A NICE WINTER COAT!!!!

OK, now it's all clear to me...... And IT'S ALL MY DAUGHTER JAMIES FAULT!!! GIGGLE
She gave me a winter coat this year. So it's gotta be her fault that the weathers so warm. LOL LOL LOL

OK, let me explain..... This happens all the time. Say your really prepared. It's October and you get out the snow plow, grease it up, fill the tank with gas, and get it all ready to use, you go out and buy the salt for the sidewalks, and new scraper for your car windows... You have just jinxed every thing..... Guaranteed NOT to snow that year!!!!!

I used to joke around with my friend Barb, and ask if her hubby had the snow plow ready. Giggle, and if he did, I knew it would be a snowless winter.

So, I went out and got new scrapers for my car windows... The old one's broke.... And I got a nice warm winter coat, and found ALL my gloves (you know if it's freezing you can only find 1 winter glove! Don't know why, but you know it's true!) I even found a winter scarf that has a hood attached, and put them all in a special drawer in my bedroom, just to be prepared. And ......... NO SNOW!

It's just the draw of the luck. You can't be prepared in the winter, or it's just no fun..... So winter is hanging back, waiting for me to stop being prepared, so it can sock it to me! GIGGLE

I'll let you know when it's going to get cold, and I'll know because one glove will disappear, or my ice scraper will go missing, or I'll have somewhere really important to go, that's a long distance away, and WHAM it's gonna snow, HARD!!!!

Friday, January 05, 2007

I'm excited again!!!!

The NEW MALL by me is starting to open!! TOOK 3 YEARS TO BUILD!!!! Every time they seemed close to finishing, someone doing it went on strike! The guy who owns it must have lost all his hair from ripping it out!!!!

But now, there is a Ruby Tuesdays open, a grand Chinese all you can eat is open, and a few little stores too. There's going to be a movie theater, and ..... Get this..... A WALLGREENS DRUG STORE!!!! MY ABSOLUTE FAV!!!!!!

There was no wallgreeens in Pa, and down here, the closest is alllllllllll the way down on 37 towards the beach. But now there's gonna be one right down the road!!!! Less then a mile away!!!!!!!

I LOVE WALLGREENS!!!!! LOL pathetic isn't it, but I really do love the drug store, they always have such interesting things there! And the candy selection is fantastic, plus if you buy makeup there, and don't like it, you can return it, even if it's open! So, that's a good thing!!!!


Wednesday, January 03, 2007



Can you tell I'm happy??? Because I am!!! I'm gonna spend the next few months, relaxing and enjoying looking at all the pretty plants and veggie's! And planning what I'm going to put in my garden next year!!

I really do love doing that...... or maybe I'm just really, really board!!!!!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


I ran to wal-mart this morning. EARLY! I had gotten a gift certificate from my friend Matt, and I wanted to buy something.

My daughter had given me a DS for Christmas. That's the new Intendo Game Boy DS. She gave me 2 games, but the one I really wanted...... They couldn't find!

Soooooooo, I figured with my gift certificate I would go check out walmart. And they HAD IT!!!!! Now I got my Yoshi's Island for DS!!!!!! YIPPPPPPPPPIE

But, that's not the bad part. I got there so early, that the clothing department was packed with carts, new stuff they were putting out. AND THAT INCLUDED BATHING SUITS!!!

Now, last year I waited toooooooo long before I got a suit, and wound up in the "gradma skirty thingie!) YUCK!!!!!

They only had 3 suits on the rack, that's all they had time to put up. And let me tell you, being chubby is cool, but when it comes to bathing suits...... It's the PITS!!!

You can never find something nice in 2X! And if your not right there, right at the time they go up, they are GONE!!!! GONE, GONE, GONE!!!!

So one of the 3 was in my size. A tank tini. That's a 2 piece that covers everything!!! No skin showing. And it was my color. Black boy pants, the top is black and white, with a halter top. SWEET!!!!

And I passed it by. Why would anyone buy a bathing suit in JANUARY???? 5 Seconds later, I slapped my own face, turned around, and grabbed that sucker!!!!!!!

I am NOT wearing the "grandma suit" again next year!!!!!

I wasn't planning on going to Shore Leave, but since I got the free room, and free breakfast........ Why not go??? Damn, how often is it FREE!!!! So this bathing suit will be fine for the pool.

I'll go back tomorrow, when the rest is up, and grab another in my size for the beach. Always good to have 2 bathing suits!!!! This way, one is wet, and you put on the other..... And down the beach, that's a good thing!!!

SO COME LOCK ME UP!!!!! I BOUGHT A BATHING SUIT IN JANUARY!!!!! Goddess forgive me!!!!! GIGGLE!!!!!

Full Moon Magic

Here's some help, to make your spell casting better!
(Remember, full moon casting is the strongest, so don't waste it on something not really important!)

Here is a listing of all the full Moon names, as well as the dates and times for 2007. Unless otherwise noted, all times are for the Eastern Time Zone.

Jan. 3, 8:57 a.m. EST - The Full Wolf Moon. Amid the zero cold and deep snows of midwinter, the wolf packs howled hungrily outside Indian villages. It was also known as the Old Moon or the "Moon After Yule." In some tribes this was the Full Snow Moon; most applied that name to the next Moon.

Feb. 2, 12:45 a.m. EST - The Full Snow Moon. Usually the heaviest snows fall in this month. Hunting becomes very difficult, and hence to some tribes this was the Full Hunger Moon.

March 3, 6:17 p.m. EST - The Full Worm Moon. In this month the ground softens and the earthworm casts reappear, inviting the return of the robins. The more northern tribes knew this as the Full Crow Moon, when the cawing of crows signals the end of winter, or the Full Crust Moon because the snow cover becomes crusted from thawing by day and freezing at night. The Full Sap Moon, marking the time of tapping maple trees, is another variation. A total lunar eclipse will take place on this night; the Moon will appear to rise will totally immersed (or nearly so) in the Earth's shadow over the eastern United States. The rising Moon will be emerging from the shadow over the central United States, while over the Western U.S. the eclipse will be all but over by the time the Moon rises.

April 2, 1:15 p.m. EDT - The Full Pink Moon. The grass pink or wild ground phlox is one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring. Other names were the Full Sprouting Grass Moon, the Egg Moon, and -- among coastal tribes -- the Full Fish Moon, when the shad came upstream to spawn. This is also the Paschal Full Moon; the first full Moon of the spring season. The first Sunday following the Paschal Moon is Easter Sunday, which indeed will be observed six days later on Sunday, April 8.

May 2, 6:09 a.m. EDT - The Full Flower Moon. Flowers are abundant everywhere. It was also known as the Full Corn Planting Moon or the Milk Moon.

May 31, 9:04 p.m. EDT - The Blue Moon. The second full Moon occurring within a calendar month is usually bestowed this title.

Although the name suggests that to have two Full Moons in a single month is a rather rare occurrence (happening "just once in a . . . "), it actually occurs once about every three years on average.

June 30, 9:49 a.m. EDT - The Full Strawberry Moon. Known to every Algonquin tribe. Europeans called it the Rose Moon.

July 29, 8:48 p.m. EDT - The Full Buck Moon, when the new antlers of buck deer push out from their foreheads in coatings of velvety fur. It was also often called the Full Thunder Moon, thunderstorms being now most frequent. Sometimes also called the Full Hay Moon.

Aug. 28, 6:35 a.m. EDT - The Full Sturgeon Moon, when this large fish of the Great Lakes and other major bodies of water like Lake Champlain is most readily caught. A few tribes knew it as the Full Red Moon because the moon rises looking reddish through sultry haze, or the Green Corn Moon or Grain Moon. A total lunar eclipse will coincide with moonset for the eastern United States. The Central and Mountain Time Zones will see the Moon's emergence coincide with moonset, while the western United States will see the entire eclipse.

Sept. 26, 3:45 p.m. EDT - The Full Harvest Moon. Always the full Moon occurring nearest to the Autumnal Equinox. Corn, pumpkins, squash, beans, and wild rice-- the chief Indian staples--are now ready for gathering.

Oct. 26, 12:52 a.m. EDT - The Full Hunter's Moon. With the leaves falling and the deer fattened, it is time to hunt. Since the fields have been reaped, hunters can ride over the stubble, and can more easily see the fox, also other animals that have come out to glean and can be caught for a thanksgiving banquet after the harvest. The Moon will also be at perigee later this day, at 7:00 a.m., at a distance of 221,676 miles from Earth. Very high tides can be expected from the coincidence of perigee with full Moon.

Nov. 24, 9:30 a.m. EST - The Full Beaver Moon. Time to set beaver traps before the swamps freeze to ensure a supply of warm winter furs. Another interpretation suggests that the name Beaver Full Moon comes from the fact that the beavers are now active in their preparation for winter. Also called the Frosty Moon.

Dec. 23, 2:51 a.m. EST - The Full Cold Moon; among some tribes, the Full Long Nights Moon. In this month the winter cold fastens its grip, and the nights are at their longest and darkest. Also sometimes called the "Moon before Yule" (Yule is Christmas, and this time the Moon is only just before it). The term Long Night Moon is a doubly appropriate name because the midwinter night is indeed long and the Moon is above the horizon a long time. The midwinter full Moon takes a high trajectory across the sky because it is opposite to the low Sun.