Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm getting ready for this years plantings, and the decisions are killing me. LOL. Like I mentioned before, I have a graveled lot, and I like the clean look of it, so I don't want to make a bigger gardening space, by removing the gravel. The small patch I removed in the front, is perfect! I have the bamboo, and flowers, daylillys and some money plants, and peonies there, along with the arch that I bought.

I also picked up this huge plastic (but looks like ceramic) pot, that is split in two!!! You place it around poles, and I'm going to place it around my light pole in the front yard. What am I going to plant in it? So far no clue!!! I'ld like to put something that will come back year after year, but I can't think of anything good enough for that size pot, so maybe annuals are the best bet. Maybe just tons of annuals for the color. But again, can't think of a damn thing! Frustrating.

Along the other side of the house, by the shed not the patio, I'm going to plant some beach plums. I'll put them right up against the house, to minimize the amount of gravel I have to remove, I'll just remove enough for the planting hole, then replace the gravel around them to make it look neat. I had them in my house in east Brunswick, it's a bush plum, and after a year or two they are PACKED with small but sweet plums. The sandier the ground is, the better they grow, they are used to growing by the beach, and love the sandy soil! Good choice yes?

I want to get 2 or more of the half whiskey barrows that I'm using now for my blueberry plants. I want to plant one with asparagus, and I'm thinking some gooseberry plants in the other. LOVE GOOSEBERRYS!

For the new white arbor in front, I'm going to double my chances of getting a vine to grow, since I don't have much luck with them. On one side I'm going to put a honeysuckle plant, and on the other, clamentis.

I've grown honeysuckle, and it grows pretty well, but with the beach soil.... I'm not sure. And everyone says clamentis are easy to grow, but I haven't tried it before, so we shall see. I just want the arbor covered with flowers, so two tries are better then one! Right? Honeysuckle is yellow, so I'll have to get a clamentis that doesn't clash with the yellow.

And I'm getting a swing for the side yard, I'll put it facing the house, so I can sit and swing, or lay down and read during the summer. I'll get one with a top, so the sun will stay away. Other then that I decided not to get a picnics table. I just don't use them enough, and they just take up room. I'm going to get another hanging strawberry plant, that was pretty cool last year!

I think I'll get some of those tall poles that you hang plants on, and do it on either side of the swing.

I love planning this stuff. It gives me something to do over the winter (winter? We haven't had winter yet, but you know what I mean.) And gives me something to look forward too.