Thursday, May 31, 2007


1. my birdbath, with the solar frog sitting in the middle. It's surrounded by lavender and rosemary.... had to add a fence around it because the rosemary tends to sprawl all over the place.

2. Second year blueberry in planter..... mega amounts of blueberry's there (still green of courser)!!!!

3. Two planters full of artichokes! The plants are doing fantastic, should be bumper crop this year... last year we got 9 out of it!

4. My herb trio..... Chamomile, then in the second pot I have pineapple basil and chocolate mint together, then lemon balm. SMELLS YUMMMMMY!

5. My pretty hanging Fuchsia. Found the secret..... shade...... loves to be under the swing canopy, but still had to poke holes in dirt and add some of those moisture pellets. Now I only water once a day, instead of 3 times a day.

You can also see my beans in the background in front of the car. They are snap snow peas, and in the middle of the pot is my ONE (told you I'd only plant one!) tomato. It has bunches of baby tomatoes on it!!!!


LONDON (AP) -- Universal Studios is opening up a Harry Potter theme park in Florida - complete with the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Forbidden Forest and Hogsmeade village.

"The Wizarding World of Harry Potter," will open in late 2009 in Orlando, officials said Thursday.

"The plans I've seen look incredibly exciting, and I don't think fans of the books or films will be disappointed," said author J.K. Rowling, who has been working with a creative team to make sure the park resembles the books and films.

More than a dozen artists and designers lead by Stuart Craig, the production designer of the movies, have set up house in the studio where the movies are being filmed to make sure every detail is considered, according to Scott Trowbridge of Universal.

"We're really going to the people who know this world best to ensure that level of authenticity," he said.

The Potter park will allow visitors to view the iconic locations in Rowling's magical world, like Dumbledore's office in Hogwarts and the shops in Hogsmeade. Some locations may be in upcoming books, Trowbridge said.

Trowbridge said while there would not be any character lookalikes at the park, fans wanting to see Harry Potter and his magical friends wouldn't leave disappointed.

"This is Harry's world," said Trowbridge. "Most every fan wants to have an encounter with the star of the show."

The Harry Potter book series has been translated into 65 languages with more than 325 million copies sold in over 200 territories around the world.
The fifth film in the series, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix," will be released in theatres on 13 July. The seventh and final book of the series will be released on 21 July.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Finally, got rid of my AOL!

I've been keeping it, for one reason only..... their security programs. They give you FREE security site when your on AOL. Does everything the paid ones does...... at least I thought It did............ boy was I wrong!!!

I downloaded Verizon's security suite..... Yes, it costs money, about $4.99 a month, but it all in my DSL bill, so it's like nothing at all, and it's constantly updated.......... something AOL didn't seem to do.

Once I downloaded it, I went and ran a virus check, and it found 6 VIRUS'S THAT AOL DIDN'T FIND!!!!! That says that AOL's virus checker was pure CRAP!!!!

Now with the Verizon one, all the computers in the house are covered, and it works like a dream..... and AOL who constantly fucked up my computer is gone!!!

Not only did it constantly fuck up my computer, but half the time I couldn't even connect to it, and when I did, it froze and shut down. So I'm all yahoo now, and happy to be rid of it!!!!!!

Monday, May 28, 2007


Gosh! It's a fucking mad house down here at the shore!!!! Good weather, beginning of summer....... YIPES!!!

I made the mistake of going past the Parkway and Route 9 to go to K-Mart....... not gonna do that again!!!!!!!

Up here by me, not so bad, as long as I stay away from that part of the shore, it's cool. The store's aren't crowded (any more then usual. giggle) and the roads are pretty free of traffic...... but go down a mile to the intersections of the major route's to the shore, and it's CROWDED!!!

You know, people down here complain about the "Bennies" ( I actually like that name for the tourist's..... hay it's much better then saying, "Mother fucking idiots!!!, isn't it????) all year round.

But without them coming in the summer, half the business's wouldn't be still up and running. It's how they make their money, that's the restaurants too. A lot of shore places close down during the winter because local sales aren't enough to keep them going, but at least here every things open year round. Pretty lucky I think!

But, I'm glad the summer is off to a bang!!!! By next week, only the weekends will be hairy. During the week it should be fine. Can't wait till my first sunbathing day at the beach!!!! Yippee.

I'm going down on Wednesday and lay in the sun, and for those of you who know me, know that the cold water doesn't stop me, so I'm planning to go swimming too!

Time to work on that nice brown tan, so when I go to shore leave I won't look like a white fish belly!!!!!

Though being a dealer, probably means not much time in the pool, but I'm going to try for at least an hour or so if I can get Eileen to watch the table, and the same goes for her. We'll just take turns going to the pool. GIGGLE......

hay at least we'll be right there in the dealers room, so we won't have far to go to shop!!!!! ALL RIGHT!!!! GIGGLE

Thursday, May 24, 2007

By the sea

I went for my last walk down the beach yesterday........ at least the last one WITHOUT the Bennie's coming for the summer!!!

It was so peaceful, and warm, and the water is so clear. I know that after this weekend it's going to be a giant madhouse with all the summer people...... but for the day, it was wonderful!!!

I was the only one on the beach, except for a fisherman who was doing the deep sea thingie, and the seagulls. I walked along, gathered shells, and smelled the ocean. SIGH

Major relaxation.

Now this weekend starts the summer thingie, and all the people will be crowding down here, but it's still not bad. I like laying on the beach with other people there. Though peaceful, still kinda spooky to be all alone out there. GIGGLE

Next week, all the arcades and games will be open 24/7. During the winter most of the arcades are open, but not many of the games..... and I do LOVE trying to win a box of candy, or a stuffed doggie. And all the rides will be open too, and the food places!!!!! Yippie!

And cool news, right on the boardwalk where I get on...... Hamilton Avenue, they put a DUNCAN DONUTS! Right on the middle of the boardwalk!!!! COFFEE GOOD!

I'm all set for the summer. I have a new beach bag, first time for a beach umbrella, bunches of bathing suits, and the beach is free on Wednesdays and Thursday's, so I'm all set to toast into a deep dark tan!!!

Once the rush of Memorial Day weekend is over, it will return to a nice quieter pace. Lots of people, yes, but not the mad rush like over the holidays!!!!

Thank the Goddess that Matt decided NOT to go to school during the summer. It would have been a major bummer having to drive him back and forth to school instead of going to the beach!!!!

I've also got my crabbing nets all ready, so I'm set for some yummy crabs all summer. Hopefully this season will be better than last summer! Usualy if you don't catch much crabs one year, the next year they are huge!!! So, here's hoping!!!!


Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Boycott Kraft Foods!!!!!!!!!

I just spent an hour on the phone, reaming out the Kraft company.

I've always drank Tang, their orange flavored mix drink. It's good, yes, lots of suger, but also lots of vitamin C. You can drink orange juice and get the same effect, of course, unless your one of thoes people, like me, who can't stomic orange juice! Tang has the same Vitamin C, but it mild and not upsetting to the stomic.

Well the store's came out with a NEW Tang, The front lable say "HALF THE SUGAR" Thoes of you with kids, sounds good doesn't it??? Don't want the kiddies getting too much sugar.


For thoes of you NOT allergic to artifical sweetners, no big deal, but to thoes of us who are allergic.............. fucking A!!!!!!!

FALSE ADVERTISING!!!! Not letting people know, by having it on the front lable..... is FALSE ADVERTISING!!!! Just because you put it on the ingredients lable, doesn't mean people are going to read it!!!!!!

Not everyone is big dummies that sit and read all the ingredients on all the lables, to check for stuff like that. I do, yes, because of my allergies, and to tell you the truth.... I DIDN'T NOTICE IT! It was the very last ingredient, and I passed it by without noticing it!!!!!

Now I'm worried............ how many other Kraft products have artifical sweetners in them>>>
How many that we DON'T notice. Like their cheese, they could have put it in that too!!!!


False advertising, taking away our choice of products (you can't buy the real sugar product anymore) is bad. Enough is enough with the skinny bitches who run company's!!!!!!!!!



I FINALLY got E-Mail conformation that I have a table at Shore Leave!!! Took them 2 fucking months to respond to me.................. but at least I have it. Eileen and I will go down on Thursday, since I have a free room and meals for one day, and that makes it easier to set up on Friday afternoon.

I'm pretty set with stuff, besides my mortar and pestles, and copper cauldrons, I have the magnets, and other assorted witchy stuff, and I even made up some special bottles of my herbal massage oil. Plus some candle holders, wooden boxes, and my special surprise "mystery items".

Now I have no idea if the "Mystery items" will sell, but I love them, they are so cute, and fuzzy and I worked really hard making them "unusual", I should say. GIGGLE. At least they will appeal to the kids...... though It's really not a "kid" thing. Well, I hope to sell at least a few of them.

Eileen has bunches of other stuff for her side, her homemade jewelry (and I really HATE to admit it, but it's all made out of real pearls of all kinds, and fucking gorgeous!!!!) and she has the "unusual" rubber duckies...... giggle, not gonna tell you......... but cute as could be!

So we are all set!!!! I already have applied for, and have gotten my MD vender's permit. And that's all we need! Shore Leave should be interesting!!

Just need a name for our store, and haven't come up with one yet........... My old store was called the "Happy Cauldron" so I may keep that one, Eileen says that's fine with her.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Yes, I'm still on the wheat free diet. No I haven't made a mistake since the first day, and it's good.

I'm feeling 100% better, the swelling in my hands and ankles has been gone since day 3, and the energy is abounding all over the place!

I'm much less tired, seem to be sleeping better, all round a big improvement. Living without bread isn't as hard at I thought it would be, with the finding of the rice bread, I still have toast each morning, and can have sandwiches. The wheat free cookies are actually pretty good, so I still have my sweets when ever I want them.

I'm not craving anything, since I'm on my normal diet, with just some things missing.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, thank you Dr., you were right! and I've elevated her to Semi-Goddess. GIGGLE

Friday, May 18, 2007

Spring is Tinkling all over us!

This has been, people are saying, an unusually windy and rainy, and cold spring. I've heard that from tons of people...... but they are wrong!

This is a NORMAL spring! In the past few years we've gone from spring to summer in like one day!!!!! Cool and rainy to 90 degrees with out any transition at all!!!

This year it actually how spring should be. Some warm days, some colder days, lots of rain, and wind. It's refreshing to have this break between spring and summer.

going from 3 days of spring to full summer is NOT normal.

It may not last, but while it is, enjoy it!!!! For the hot days of summer are around the bend waiting to fry us with high temps and sunshine.

Spring should be like this, giving us time to adjust to summer, before ramming it down on us.

People who think the weather is unusual, should think back to child hood, and remember how it used to be. And this is it!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Copy of Party announcement

What’s to do: Spend the day or the weekend at the beach. (only a short drive from my house!!)Lay out in the sun all day, swim
Walk the huge boardwalk, full of Arcades, Games,
(spin the wheel and win a stuffed doggie, use the claw machine to snatch a toy!!!)
Tons of store’s, and of course Food, Food, and More Food
(sea food, sausage sandwich’s Pizza, Ice Cream, Beer!!! And much more!!!)
Tons of RIDES! From the huge to the small.
Or just stay at my house, and barbeque on the patio
Spend the day Crabbing off the dock, or deep sea fishing!!!(I have some crab nets, but bring your own fishing gear)
NIGHT LIFE? WE GOT IT!!!! Clubs, and bars galore. Including the world famous "Yakitie Yack" There’s always a recording star or two hanging out there!!!! (cover charge to get in the clubs)
Put Sea Side Heights, NJ. Into your search engine, and check it all out!!
Disclaimer: Beach cost is $5.00 a day for an all day pass.
There are large bathrooms, and rentals of umbrellas, boogie boards, and more.
Parking in large lot cost from $10 - $20 per day, but it is for all day parking (I do have an 8 passenger van, so some of you can ride along for free)
There are also tons of Metered parking spaces, for those of you who just want to spend a few hours at the beach, or walk the boardwalk at night!
Bring money to spend on the games, and rides and store’s at the boardwalk!!!
BRING FOOD!! My house is free, but you have to bring FOOD, bring booze, snacks, soda’s….
Love to cook? Make or bring a dish or two and share with all of us!!!!!!
Sleeping spaces are first come first served, bring your pillow, sleeping bag, or blow up bed.
Do whatever you want to do for the day, or stay the whole weekend!!!
Bring your friends!!!
Please RSVP to this e-mail address ASAP


Well, I sent out the e-mail invites for my Beach Party yesterday. And so far I've gotten 5 replies of YES, YES, YES. But most of the e-mails haven't reached everyone yet, and some friends are posting it on the Thagard, that is a PA based Star Trek Ship, known as the PARTY SHIP.

My sister belongs to it, so while some of the people will not be known to me....... I figure... what the hell, I'll get to know them. GIGGLE!

Ty and Seph, and Sunny, and Matt (coming all the way from VA.) are all coming. My sister of course, and some of her friends. Should be a weekend long BLAST!!!

And you know what's good...... and this is petty I know, but the other group I hung out with...... most of the people were ............. gonna be nice....... but WEIRD is the only word for it. Giggle. Not only weird, but sometimes down right destructive and vindictive. I can live without that!

I used to be so afraid of going to their meetings, because something always happened, and most of the time is was too stressful. The captain of the ship is violent and verbally abusive, most of the time his a nice fellow, but then he cracks and his real self comes out. Last time I met with him for dinner at a restaurant, I playfully punched him in the shoulder for being late, and he WAILED on me! Hitting me many times with his fist on my shoulder!!! And he's like 6'3" and big!!!!!!

Only the fact that I was there for a friends birthday prevented me from calling the cops and pressing charges....... something I now regret NOT doing. I should have. He tried to say it was because his dad was sick, but my mom had just DIED, and that didn't turn me violent. His wife makes excuses for him, I wonder if he hits her too? Probably not, because she would slit his neck if he did.

And his wife (and her not so newly acquired fake boobies) flipped out once or twice, insisting that people had wild, uninhibited sex at my party's?????? I WISH!!!! I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A ORGY!!!! Unfortunately, most of my friends aren't like that. GIGGLE

But, all that is past me now, and I'm surrounding myself with positive, fun, and reasonably SANE people. And that's a good thing! GIGGLE!

Any one that goes over the line in to the insane side, I'll drop like a hot fish. I worked to hard with one friend, trying to keep her above water, and reasonably sane, just to be dropped like a hot poker when she didn't feel I was going along with her DRAMA!

Now, I know, that nothing I did helped, and she enjoys the drama and lived and breathed to bring more drama into her life, and wanted people thinking she's insane..... but I did try for a long time because she could be the sweetest, nicest, most loving women at times. And when she wasn't faking illness, and taking major meds for it, she was just wonderful, and a great friend. But being normal wasn't for her, it wasn't any fun. And who was I to try and prevent her from fulfilling her needs.... no matter how insane they were?

I guess, what I learned it that people can only help THEMSELVES. And you can support them, or ignore them.... but never, ever, change them.

So this party is a new beginning for me. Nicer friends, more fun and waaaaaayyyyy less drama. Just what I need!!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Doing the happy dance!!!!!!!!!


How does your garden grow?

As you can see, quite good!!!! That's a Fuchsia on the swing, found the trick to them..... filtered light, no direct sun. It's doing really good hanging from the inside of the swing!
By the car, that's my snap beans along with a tomato plant, and some radishes all in the same pot.
Also the blueberry's I planted last year made it thu the winter, and are full of flowers!!! That means a mega crop of blueberry's soon!
Next to the house I have the artichokes! They are really growing fast! The orange flowers are for bug control, keeps the bugs off my plants.
And that big pot of green stuff, by the front of the house is Spinach. As you can see it's overflowing the pot, and doing fantastic.
Also the asparagus is up, can't eat them the first year, have to wait till the second to get nice big ones, and the pot with the horseradish in it is HUGE! WOW horseradish just takes off and fills the pot!!!! In the fall you dig the roots, and grate them up for the winter.
Everything looks good, and the patio is nice and comfy with the swing, and rockers and the fireplace.
I'm a happy gardener!
Now BOTH house's next to me are up for sale!!! I'm going to be surrounded by empty house's. The one lady and her hubby moved to Georgia, and I was surprised to see the other one by the patio up for sale...... but I know, from hearing the screaming, that they were having big problems.... so maybe they are splitting up. Both really nice house's.... hope I get some good neighbors!!!!!


I read an article in the paper today that reports that people are losing interest in the TV shows...... and they were puzzling as to why???

They were blaming CD's and the fact that people are watching DVD's more, and less TV!


I'll tell you why people are losing interest in the TV shows.

People's interest is held by the story's the shows tell. And each week they look forward to seeing what happened the week before

but all of a sudden the networks are doing this fucking skip thing!!! You see one show, and then two weeks of reruns, then one show, and then off for 4 weeks, and so on!!!!!!!

How do you keep your fucking interest when they shows aren't on each week!!!!! What was the idea behind that???? Maybe making less shows, saves them money, but they are LOSING VIEWERS!!!!!

Even my favorite shows are starting to bore me, because there is such a looooooong time between new shows!!!!!!!!

Someone needs to get a hold of those people, and slap them silly!!!! How duhhhhhhhh can you get?????

Put the shows on each week, fine, a holiday or something, skip a week, but that's it!!!!!!

Don't skip so many weeks and fill in with reruns, and expect us to keep interested in what's going on!!!!

Boy, how dumb can they be!

Rant concluded, thank you for your interest. GIGGLE

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good Books!!!!

My sister told me about an author she liked....... she doesn't read books, she hears them on tape. Because of the long trip back and forth to work, hearing books on tape was her best option

Well, when I was in my used book store, I saw one of this woman's books............. and so the story goes.............. now I can't get ENOUGH!

The authors name is Janet Evanovich. And most of her books are set in New Jersey. It's soooooo funny to hear the person in the book going to the mall in East Brunswick (where I grew up!!!!) And talking about all the land marks I grew up with.

But that's not the main reason I'm reading her....... because her second set of books take place in the south...... the main reason is that's she's SOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!

The women in her books are funny, accident prone, nice normal women, with sometime outrageous problems. They suffer donut fetishes, dog and cat problems, and long with other things.

It's fun to sit and read and giggle all the way thru the books!

Her first series of book are about a female bounty hunter....... let me tell you, not a great one, giggle, she runs a lot, screams a lot, and complains constantly...... not to mention that she's always trying to get a new car, because the older one's have a tendency to be blown up!!!!! She lives in the burbs of Trenton, and comes to East Brunswick, South River, and all those local towns quite often. There are 12 so far, and I've read 8 of them..... with more sitting here. (took me a while to find the others, though you don't have to read them in order! I'm still missing #4, hopefully I'll find it soon!)

Her second series is with Charleotte Hughes, and set in the south. Funny as hell!!! I've read 6 of those so far. (this one has to be read in order, since its a continuing story)

And let me tell you that is all in 2 weeks time!!!!! I've read 14 of her books in two weeks!!!!!!!

People who know me know I read a lot, and read fast, but this has to be a record. It's like a craving, I finish one, and pick up the next right away!!!!

So, if your looking for a good read...... Try Janet Evanovich!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Frogs, frogs, frogs

I went over Barb's this weekend, and returned with 2 frogs. Now for those of you who remember the "great cow giving" hopefully, Barb will be satisfied with a few frogs, and not go totally nutso like with the cows!!!! GIGGLE

We can always hope, but knowing Barb, I'm sure it going to be raining frogs for quite a while!!!!!

This one is a solar frog, he's sitting in the sun, getting his batteries charged, and at night will glow a soft green. I really love this one!!!!

The other frog is a weather frog (picture will be posted later) he has an umbrella, and a rain gage. I'm going to put him where this one is for his regular home...... His color matches the bird bath.

But I'm not sure where the solar froggie will go, I have to walk around and check out a nice sunny spot for him. Hummmmmmmmmmm

Well, I'll figure out something later. LOL

Both froggies are part of my birthday present from Barb, she also got me a huge planter..... planted with Rhubarb and some pretty creeping white flower thingies. I was going to buy it, and she grabbed it. Really nice.

I also picked up some nice Chocolate Mint, and planted it in a pot with some Pineapple Sage!!!!! SMELLS YUMMMMY!!!!!!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Comcast Sucks Eggs!!!!!!!!

I tried to warn people in my blog. Quite a few months ago about the poor service from Comcast..... but it seems people are still falling for the hype, and cheap programs they offer.


So far there are 4 people I know with it, and it SUCKS!!!! Constantly disconnecting during phone calls, constant!!! Even after having Comcast there a million times to fix it, the phone still disconnects at the worst moments! And it's a constant thing.

I call Barb to talk, and I can guarantee that at least 3 times during the conversation, the phone will go dead, and you have to re-dial again and again. Jamie had them to her house like 3 times, and the phone still goes dead, or you get this horrible noise on the line.

Oh, and the best is when they can hear you............... but you can't hear them!!!!! That's fucking annoying.

That's why Comcast offers such a great deal for a short time. Because they have so many complaints, they have to keep going cheaper and cheaper. Also, the lower rates are just for a short time, then they jump up really high!!!!!

All the people I know with them, were stuck with it, because of the penalties for trying to switch. Your stuck with them for at least a year, and sometimes more!!!!

But, now that that time is up, almost everyone is SWITCHING BACK TO SOMEONE ELSE!

And as Karen found out, when the computer goes down because of Comcast, so does your phone!!!! (something they said wouldn't happen!) LOL She was mostly pissed because they cut of her ability to complain to them that the computer was down. LOL Wound up using her cell phone to call and ream them out!!!!

Besides, I always feel it better to hedge your bets...... being someone with tight money. This way if I can't pay my phone bill...... hay at least I have TV and the computer. With Comcast...... if you can't pay your bill, EVERYTHING is cut off!!!!!!!

Not good when your like me, and sometimes you have to pay peter instead of paul, during a rough month. LOL

Maybe sometime down the line, when they perfect the service, it'll be OK, but right now COMCAST SUCKS!!!!!!

I wrote about this before on my blog...... but no one seems to take my advice. Wait till your in the middle of an important phone call, and it disconnects like a dozen times!

When will people learn, that cheap deals don't mean GOOD deals!!!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Chinese / English Spells

Chinese Love Potion

A traditional Chinese Love Potion consists of a handful of coriander seeds crushed and stirred into a glass of white wine while chanting the term "Warm seed, love run strong; warm heart, let us never part". The lovers are then to drink the wine, and their love is assured.
Compared to the English version, with uses the same ingredients, but you drink the glass of spelled wine, outside, by the full moon, and you then say:
Hear this spell and say it well,
over every hill and dale
night and day, month and year
love will travel swiftly here.
True of heart, lips that don't lie
strong of health, and sane of mind.
For your heart yearns for me
you can't rest till we meet
swift and silent like the moon
love to me now, before I swoon

Spell Apple

The Spell Apple spell is a spell for banishing. The apple is cut in half sideways. One half is rubbed with mint while the bad habit or problem to be banished is said out loud. The halves are then rejoined with a skewer, tied with ribbon, and buried. As the apple decomposes, the problem will go away.
Compared to the English version:
Cut an onion in quarters, and place each quarter in the corner's of your room. Every morning you chop them up and bury them in the back yard..... do this for 3 days and your problem will be banished.

This love potion you add to your bath water and it is suppose to make you irresistible. This potion consists of rosemary and thyme, steeped in boiling water preferably placed inside an earthen jug, with powdered orris root and lovage root added later. This mixture is then strained and stirred before being poured into the bathwater.
Again, compared to the English version.....
all the petals from a red rose
Put them in your bath along with a handfuls of fresh sea salt
Make sure you wash all over, including your hair and say:
Fragrant water, hear my plea
Make me irresistible to (he/or she)

Magical Symbols: For those of you who don't know the difference.........

Amulets - Objects that hold magical properties that can protect against bad luck, illness and evil.

Charms - Magical words, phrases, chants and incantations used in spellcraft. They can be verbal or inscribed.

Talismans - objects that possess magical or supernatural power of their own and transmit them to the owner.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Merlin was helping me with my "special Project" for Shore Leave, and I couldn't help but ask him to put on a costume and pose for this picture.

A contrast in differences.

One black cat with white wings..... or if you think of it, the devil with angel wings!!!! GIGGLE

Either way, he, once again, was NOT amused!!!! GIGGLE

Week gone bye

So, it's been a week on this wheat free lifestyle. I'm not calling it a diet, because it's not to lose weight but to lose the allergy's.

I did fall off the wagon once, when I had a bowl of cereal, without thinking, but that's it.

And the difference is??????....................


The swelling, that I didn't even know I had, in my fingers and feet is gone!!! How do I know? Because for the first time in years I can crack my knuckles!!!!!!! Yeppers, my fingers actually bend!!!! Isn't that cool?

I had just thought it was because of age, but guess I was wrong and the Doc was right.

I also have MUCH more energy, and I'm sleeping better. I feel lighter, and more cheerful, and so on.

So I'll keep in informed as the wheat slowly works it way out of my system, Doc said it should be at least a month, If I behave!!! YIPPPPIIIIIIIEEEEEE