Thursday, May 31, 2007


1. my birdbath, with the solar frog sitting in the middle. It's surrounded by lavender and rosemary.... had to add a fence around it because the rosemary tends to sprawl all over the place.

2. Second year blueberry in planter..... mega amounts of blueberry's there (still green of courser)!!!!

3. Two planters full of artichokes! The plants are doing fantastic, should be bumper crop this year... last year we got 9 out of it!

4. My herb trio..... Chamomile, then in the second pot I have pineapple basil and chocolate mint together, then lemon balm. SMELLS YUMMMMMY!

5. My pretty hanging Fuchsia. Found the secret..... shade...... loves to be under the swing canopy, but still had to poke holes in dirt and add some of those moisture pellets. Now I only water once a day, instead of 3 times a day.

You can also see my beans in the background in front of the car. They are snap snow peas, and in the middle of the pot is my ONE (told you I'd only plant one!) tomato. It has bunches of baby tomatoes on it!!!!