Thursday, May 10, 2007

Good Books!!!!

My sister told me about an author she liked....... she doesn't read books, she hears them on tape. Because of the long trip back and forth to work, hearing books on tape was her best option

Well, when I was in my used book store, I saw one of this woman's books............. and so the story goes.............. now I can't get ENOUGH!

The authors name is Janet Evanovich. And most of her books are set in New Jersey. It's soooooo funny to hear the person in the book going to the mall in East Brunswick (where I grew up!!!!) And talking about all the land marks I grew up with.

But that's not the main reason I'm reading her....... because her second set of books take place in the south...... the main reason is that's she's SOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!!!

The women in her books are funny, accident prone, nice normal women, with sometime outrageous problems. They suffer donut fetishes, dog and cat problems, and long with other things.

It's fun to sit and read and giggle all the way thru the books!

Her first series of book are about a female bounty hunter....... let me tell you, not a great one, giggle, she runs a lot, screams a lot, and complains constantly...... not to mention that she's always trying to get a new car, because the older one's have a tendency to be blown up!!!!! She lives in the burbs of Trenton, and comes to East Brunswick, South River, and all those local towns quite often. There are 12 so far, and I've read 8 of them..... with more sitting here. (took me a while to find the others, though you don't have to read them in order! I'm still missing #4, hopefully I'll find it soon!)

Her second series is with Charleotte Hughes, and set in the south. Funny as hell!!! I've read 6 of those so far. (this one has to be read in order, since its a continuing story)

And let me tell you that is all in 2 weeks time!!!!! I've read 14 of her books in two weeks!!!!!!!

People who know me know I read a lot, and read fast, but this has to be a record. It's like a craving, I finish one, and pick up the next right away!!!!

So, if your looking for a good read...... Try Janet Evanovich!