Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dead Furnature

As you can see, I'm sad to report that PART of my sectional has gone to the junk yard. But not bad, 2 years in East Brunswick, 2 years in PA, and 6 years here.... so it's lasted 10 years.

Well, the arm finally gave up on the part that I love to sit on. So we are putting the part with the sofa bed, out to the curb today! :(

But the other half is just fine. That's the part with the 2 recliners and the corner section. And It actually looks pretty good!!!! I'm surprised, but relieved since there is NO WAY I have money to buy a new sofa!!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sitting and relaxing

WOW August has been a busy month! Friends coming down, family too..... I've been busy almost every weekend, and during the week also!!! Kinda sorry to see the summer go!

Soon the Bennies will all go HOME!!!! And once again the roads will be clear, and traveling down past 9 and the parkway Will be good!!!!

But, school starts in 10 days, so that's a plus. Matt's all ready, we got his notebooks and papers and pens and pencils all ready...... and it's not going to be bad this semester, he has one day off, besides the weekend, so I have to drive back and forth only 4 days!!!! YIPPPPPIE

I know my daughter Jamie will be happy to see school starting!!!! Having four kids home for the summer must be horrible!!! Poor baby!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fall Dreams

She sits quietly in the forest
communing with the deer.
for she knows summers ending,
and her time is coming near.

She cools the evening breezes,
and muffles out the sun.
calms the blazing heavens,
to bring the fall to come.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some more LOL Cats.

Invisible daughter

My invisible daughter, Megon, who most of my friends haven't even met..... came for a visit this week. We took some pictures so I could prove I DO HAVE AN OLDER DAUGHTER!!!! GIGGLE

We went to the beach, and the boardwalk, and had a blast. She wouldn't let me take her picture in her bikini, but we got close in one of these, at least you can see some of the blue bikini. GIGGLE. She still looks fucking 14 years old... but she's in her 30's!!!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Thursday, August 07, 2008


This is the crazy growing bamboo!!!!!! 12 years old, and never past 3 feet tall, till we moved here..... I'm glad it's so happy..... but STOP ALREADY!

GIGGLE There is actually a window behind it all....... can't see it at all.... but it's just a bathroom window, so I guess it's OK to cover it, besides now I can open my bathroom window (it's right above the toilet) without people seeing my bootie when I sit to s****..... GIGGLE Pardon my french! GIGGLE

More Mums

Then I planted some different colored ones in the front lamppost planter.

They will contrast nice with the pink sedum in there.... that turns Burgundy in the fall.

All together I got 8 pots of Mums, but at $2.50 a pot, very affordable.

Thanks Wall-Mart!!!!!

I will get some larger pots later in the fall, to put with my pumpkins.

Cleaning out the Cauldron

I went to Wal-mart yesterday, and they had some Mums for sale. They had the big one's but also the smaller ones.... and that's what I wanted.... the small ones.

I had cleaned out my cauldron the day before. The Pansy's were way past their prime, and I decided, that no matter what the goddess wanted, I DID NOT WANT IRIS'S IN MY CAULDRON! When it comes to MY garden.... I have to assert control sometimes, don't I?

They are huge growers, and would fill the cauldron by spring, not giving me room for any other plants. And I wanted to have annuals in it!

So I dug them up, and replanted them somewhere else!!!! And for the fall, I planted the Mums in the cauldron. While small now.... by October they will be big and lush, and just the right touch for fall planting.

See, these are the replanted Iris. It's a really nice sunny spot where they can grow, and spread to their hearts content!!!!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

What happens when.....

This is what happens when I am board.

I clean.

Most of the time this summer, because of the heat, I sit and mope about being board..... but this morning I woke up to a nice COOL day............ and the cleaning part of my brain clicked on.... and off I went..............

First I went in the garden and picked tomatoes, blueberry's, and jalapeno peppers, brought them inside and went back out, got the weed sprayer out, and walked around the whole yard... spraying weeds!

Then back in the house, to freeze the blueberry's, and the jalapeno peppers.

Then I opened a kitchen cabinet to get a glass ..... and thought YUCK.... and preceded to remove EVERYTHING from EVERY cabinet. Then I sprayed every inside cabinet with cleaner, and scrubbed..... removing the shelves, and scrubbing them separately in the sink..................

And you think I would be done.... but noooooooooo, not when I'm in the cleaning mode!!!

I also opened my huge spice cabinet, and cleaned and rearranged that too, then when the inside of the cabinets were dry, I cleaned the OUTSIDE of the cabinets...... then I had to put the shelves back in, and since I was at it...... I rearranged all the STUFF IN THE CABINETS!

It's after 2pm now.... I started at 6am, and I'm sitting for a while, thinking about what else needs cleaning..... PLEASE STOP ME!!!!!!!!

AHHHHHHH, but I think that may be all for today, since everything else is pretty clean.... now I'm going to relax, drink my coffe.... and NOT CLEAN!!!!!

Friday, August 01, 2008

10 baby steps

Ten Baby Steps Out Of The Broom Closet

Author: Willow Grove [a WitchVox Sponsor]
Posted: July 20th. 2008
Times Viewed: 3,548

Come out, come out, whenever you can!

The statistics regarding how many Pagans choose to keep their religion a secret are difficult to obtain and any numbers that are calculated are certain to be somewhat flawed. We do tend to be a secretive bunch and we have good reason to be. Pagans have lost jobs, housing, even custody of children all because they practice an earth-based religion. People stare and shake their heads sadly while telling us we are going to hell. Even though the laws of our country clearly protect our religious freedom and our government officially recognizes Paganism as a valid religion, we still remain something that society would rather not see, something sinister to be kept hidden away behind closed doors. It is human nature to be leery of what is unknown and mysterious.

So why do we hide? The easy answer is that so many of us keep our religious choice private for fear of the consequences. Would we be fired? Would we be forced to move? Would the neighbor stop waving at us in the driveway? It is illegal to discriminate on the basis of religion and the law is on our side, but only if we use it.

Those who came before us did not have it so easy. Countless brave souls have fought and died for our right to practice our faith, yet so many Pagans hide it away as if they have something to hide. Our secretiveness gives the appearance that we are hiding something dark and sinister that society would not accept, when in reality if most people understood the Pagan religion they would realize that it is not something to be feared at all. We have nothing to feel guilty for nor be ashamed of, and yet we keep it hidden. What honor do we give to those who have sacrificed for religious freedoms if we do not exercise our rights?

It is not easy to come out of the broom closet, and in many cases being totally open in all facets of your life is just not feasible. But every time we hide, we hurt the Pagan community at large because we only strengthen society's tendency to believe that we have something to hide, which in turn leads more Pagans to remain hidden. It is a nasty and vicious circle of prejudice that will not end until more of us are open about our faith. When more of us hold our heads up proudly and stop acting as if we have some dirty little secret, only then will society begin to accept us as a part of it.

This does not mean that all Pagans need to run out into the street shouting the word of the Goddess. This does not mean we all should start wearing huge pentacles and engaging everyone we meet in a debate on theology. But every time one of us makes an effort to fit in with society without apology, without shame, and without a doubt that we are just as spiritually valid as anyone else, the whole Pagan community benefits. Those efforts do not have to be huge. Every one of us can take baby steps out of the closet to shine a little light on Paganism so that society can see us for what we really are.

10 Baby Steps Out Of The Broom Closet

1. Wear a pentacle in public. It need not be huge, just visible. If you need to be careful, wear it only when you will not see anyone who knows you. Even if you only wear it to the grocery store once a month, someone will see it. If you are asked what it means, smile warmly and explain simply. If someone glares at you, smile warmly anyway.

2. Next time you are asked for a poll/survey/census what religion you are, be honest. No one will hang you.

3. If you are raising your children Pagan, talk with someone at the school so that they understand what it means. For a great article about educating educators, visit the following site.

4. If a co-worker asks what plans you have for the weekend, don't leave things out. You don't have to say "I am going to go frolic naked and chant under the full moon in the forest", but if you simply say, “Some friends and I are going camping to hold a special ceremony to honor the earth", no one will burn you at the stake, and you might be surprised at the dialogue it opens up.

5. Support Pagan businesses, especially those with an actual storefront. Pagan stores that operate only online can keep the identities of their employees a secret out in cyberland, but when a store has a building and a big sign on the street, they are very, very exposed to public scrutiny. These are brave folks who deserve the support of the Pagan community and when society sees these businesses thriving, it gives validation to Pagans everywhere. If you do not have a local Pagan store, at least try to shop with an online store that also operates a real physical shop somewhere.

6. Attend or donate to your local Pagan Pride Day. Chances are there is one within driving distance of anyone reading this. To find out when and where, visit

7. Next time you are at a bookstore or library, march right up to the counter and ask where you can find books on Wicca and Paganism. Do not whisper.

8. Choose the most open-minded family member you can and tell them. Find out how they think other members of the family might react. For an excellent book that can help them understand, check out When Someone You Love Is Wiccan, available at the following website. and ProdID=410

9. Read a Pagan book in public.

10. Attend local discussion groups to connect with other Pagans who struggle with hiding their faith. Can't find one? Start one. Chances are there are other Pagans in your midst wishing there was one they could join, too.

The important thing to remember is that when you take these steps, you may be the only Pagan someone has ever come into contact with. You are representing all of us. You must be friendly, non-confrontational, and you must be able to explain what Paganism is (and is not) in clear and simple terms without being defensive. Hold your head up and know that you are within your rights to have your beliefs and should not be forced to hide it.

While it is necessary in plenty of cases to remain secretive when you are Pagan for some very real reasons, all of us can look at this list and see at least one step we can take. Every time society sees us, really sees us, we not only honor those who have sacrificed for our freedoms, we shine a light on every Pagan everywhere, and the whole Pagan community benefits.

Sorry about that folks

I got about 10 remarks that people couldn't see my blog good because of the new template.... so I decided to return to the basic one.

I'd rather you could read what I took so much time typing, then see pretty pictures! GIGGLE


This morning I realized something. I was in the kitchen making toast, and the cat was sitting at the front door, watching the birds hop around outside. The house was cool with the early morning breeze...... the TV was on, my coffee pot was whistling..... I realized how HAPPY I WAS!

Don't get me wrong, there is and was a lot of bad things in my life. Losing my husband, family, friends. But, people die, and that's a fact of life you have to learn to live with.

My health, while not bad right now, has been really bad in the past.... and I know it's going to get steadily worse as I get older. My hair has gone totally gray, my teeth ache most of the time, but I have no dental plan. My fibromyalgia sucks!

But still I'm HAPPY. I've never been one to want the big house and tons of money.... I'm happy in my little home, and just making it by each month is a triumph!

So, I can't buy things I want to buy, and sometimes I run really short on food, and sometimes I get envious of people with nice clothing, and stuff..... but I'm still HAPPY!

I couldn't ask for more in my life..... (well, extra money would be nice... but that's not gonna happen. Giggle)

It's the peace, the quiet, the fact that I've gotten where I want to be, and while to most people it may seem inadequate... I LOVE IT!

I'm down the shore. (yes, my freaking sister says 8 miles away from the water is NOT down the shore.... but to me It's perfect)

I have a small house, easy to take care of, I have almost enough money to pay my bills each month, I've got my small garden (again, easy to take care of) I've got friends and family (though my family isn't much to talk about.... they are selfish, and vain, and not really family... my friends are more of a family then they are)

I've got my books to read, my telly to watch.

But most of all I have comfort. The knowledge that I made the right decision years ago, and it's taken me on the path to love, children, comfort.... that's good enough for me any day of the week. Problems come and go, depression does the same, but in between.... I'M HAPPY!

Maybe it's because I don't have grand expectations.... a good book to read is like buying a million dollar home to me. A few hours working in the garden is like going to one of the most expensive restaurants in the city. And sitting on the couch, stroking my cat, is like wearing a mink coat!

When you know your where your supposed to be, peace comes naturally.