Thursday, February 27, 2014

Flower Petal finding True Love Spell

What you need:

Rose petals
Jasmine petals

Mix all the ingredients in a wooden bowl
Stand beneath the full moons glow,
Speaking your truest desire out loud.
Your perfect love to be avowed

Now, remember... there is no bonding allowed.
You speak what you are looking for in a True Love... not a persons name! 
Let the spell find the right person for you...
the one you want may not be the one you need,
so do not personalize the spell.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

King Solomon Seals

Very good picture's of them. you can blow this up on your computer and trace it to make your own seal!!


I'm sorry, I had to post this!!!!!  I actually do most of this stuff!!!  Giggle

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Finding a lost object

Light a white candle.... staring into the flame say:

What I lost,
help me find :
so I may restore
my piece of mind

Bring it in to sight.
bring it this night!
As I will it
so mote it be!

Now, blow out the candle, close your eyes, and wait for a sign showing you were it is.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Spring painting

Spring is coming, and your probably getting thoughts of sprucing up your rooms.  If you decide to paint a room... take into consideration the reason for the room, and the color it will be....

Then using pencil... write a quick spell on the wall... taking in mind protection of the room, and what your going to use it for..... draw a pentagram too.... and paint away.

The paint will set the spell and keep it for that room forever.

Living room so large and nice
keep it free from family fights.
keep it safe from all who visit
Thieves and tricksters cannot win
safety first is not a sin

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I have a tendency to rub my hands together when I'm sick. I don't know why, I just do it.  This chart lets you know what point to rub to make you better!!!

Spiritual Helpers

This one I'm going to post as is.  I don't know who did it, but it's perfect!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Container Gardening

People always think that Container gardening has to have special precautions in the winter.  I just wanted to show you some pictures.

You notice that all around the planters is the ONLY place the snow and ice is melted!!!  That just shows you how much heat the containers radiate during the winter.  No special insulation is ever needed!

As long as the plants are winter hardy, they can stay in the containers, outside, all winter... without any damage.

 The only thing I do is mulch the plants..... and in the spring I remove the mulch so that the soil doesn't get super hot!  I reuse the mulch by putting it in a garbage bag and storing it for the summer, and re-using the same mulch in the winter

Ostara Blessings

This is another spell for the quiet sleeping garden. You need a handful of fertilizer (any kind will do) And hold it in your hand above the garden...Say this, then release the fertilizer to the ground

The earth is cool and dark,
and far below, new life begins.
May my soil be blessed with
fertility and abundance.
with rains of life giving water,
with the heat of the sun
with the energy of the raw earth!
May the soil be blessed
And the womb of the land becomes
Full and fruitful.
To bring forth the garden anew!
Blessed Be!

Garden Spell

Soon it will be time to get your garden ready for spring.  This is a great spell to do now, while the garden is still asleep and waiting to grow.

Pick a sunny day and go outside and stand in the middle of your garden. Take a handful of dirt and say:
(now if the soil is still frozen you can use soil from a bag of potting soil, or from a house plant pot)

Hail and welcome!
Green life returns to the Earth.
Blooming and blossoming
Once more from the soil.
We welcome you Goddess of Spring,
Eostre, Persephone,
Flora and Cybele1
In the trees
In the soil
In the flowers
In the rains.
And we are grateful
for your presence!

And release the soil in your hand to fall on the garden... with a "Blessed Be!"

Monday, February 10, 2014

Protection Home Spell

This is a simple spell to keep negative energy and spirits from your home.

3 cloves of garlic
handful of sea salt
handful of Rosemary (dried does just fine)

Stir everything together in a bowl, and leave on the windowsill during the night of the full moon.
Make sure it's a clear night so that the moon can affect the spell

Then take the bowl OUTSIDE, and spread the salt and herbs around the outside of your front door, and any other exit doors in your house

The main door should get the most.... also as an added protection you can sprinkle some on your windowsill's also!

And that's it!  No chants or spell's needed.... the herbs do all the work

Friday, February 07, 2014

Make a fresh start spell

Do this spell on the on coming tide... When the moon is new

Hold a coin, 2 shells, and some Bay leaves in your hand

and hold your hands towards the sea, and ask for the moons blessing.

Moon above
new and bright
grant my wish
this seaside night

Focus on your purpose for a new start, and what you want it to be.... and then throw the coin, shells and leaves out into the ocean as far as you can.


Time and tide receive my wish
and grant me new beginnings

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Spell to heal pain

 piece of amethyst (as clear as possible), or a piece of Fluorite. 

 Sit in a quiet place and clear your mind of everything you can.

Take the amethyst (or fluorite)and hold it in the hand that is closest to the hurt.(if the pain is in the center of the body hold it in your writing hand.

Imagine a soothing light collecting at your feet and draw it up slowly towards your head filling every part of the body.

Whilst doing this say silently the following verse:

"bright light, shining light
heal my hurts with all thy might."


Repeat this as you move the light up through the body.
When you reach the top of your head expand to fill outside the head with light for about a foot.

Then return to where the pain is most concentrated, push all your healing energy into this area.
If this doesn't work the first time, then repeat it. You should feel better soon.