Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's not nice to fool with mother nature! giggle


Just when I start hoping spring is around the corner..........

Snow SUCKS!!!!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

And another, light sprikle

The one by Sylvia Sarpin, she's my mom, and believe me the soup is to DIE FOR! But, there is a warning: gas caused by this soup is explosive! Eat only when home for the weekend! GIGGLE

Dennis's recipe is health personified... a life long vegetarian... he has passed now... great actor!

No, I didn't forget about the cookbook!

I just didn't want to do recipe after recipe, so I'm going to "sprinkle" them gently into my blog!

Spring cleaning out of boredom!

I started my spring cleaning today, totally out of boredom, since it's too freaking COLD to do much else.

How I spring clean?

Step 1: get 1 gallon black garbage bag


In the back of my bedroom walk in closet I found this bottle. Where it came from I have no idea... but since it has a shot top (for pouring Jiggers) and I don't drink, I figured it was something a friend left here... sometime in the last 30 or so years!

Normally I would chuck it, but it's a FISHIE! Pretty glass FISHIE! And that explains why it wasn't chucked years ago. But what to do with it.... put it back in the closet and ignore it?....put it in the kitchen with the rest of the kitchen clutter?...or chuck it in the garbage bag?

Nope, can't do it!!! My whole bathroom is fishies, so I walked with it in the bathroom to wash it out. While running hot water in it, I started putting away thing on my bathroom sink... I tend to leave stuff out there, till it's too crowded to put anything else on there. giggle

When, with my little eye, I spied the HUGE mouthwash bottle! Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm

Now the bottle is all cleaned out, and filled with mouthwash, and sitting pretty on my counter... while the huge UGLY bottle of mouthwash is safe and secure in my cabinet.

Pretty glass fishie, now USEFUL glass fishie!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spell for Magic Renewal


Purify area, cast circle, etc. Burn a white candle for yourself, and say:

"O Lady of shimmering beauty,
For whom the stars are shining jewels
And the Universe Her creation and plaything,
Weaver of destinies and Protector's of things wild and free
Make me now, I do ask, to be thy daughter.

Make me one with thee and grant me thy far-flung power
Grant to this, thy Witch and Sorceress
Strength within and without.

As eternal as the boundless sea,
The calm assurance of my powers
To make any do my bidding,

And the winds, waters, and fires,
The hills themselves lend willingly themselves to me.

Give to me, who am of thy ancient Craft
The wisdom of ages, the lore of eons,
Knowledge of light, knowledge of dark.

Grant me beauty ever more perfect
That I may reflect thee better.

Build magic within me, build power within me.
Power be drawn and power come.

And make me one with thee.

Make me greater, make me better

Grant me strength and grant me power.

O Goddess who is my friend and mother,
I give you love and thanks

O Beautiful One, may the magic I have summoned
Return the stronger when I have need of it

May wisdom, strength, comeliness and compassion
Remain with me, growing ever finer.
So mote it be!"

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Get ready for Valentine's day

For Valentines Day! Spread a little luck!


You will need: a handful of candy; a white or orange candle

What to do: Light the candle, and put the candies in a pile. Make a triangle with your index finger and thumb of both hands, and them in a dorsal (clockwise) direction over the candies while chanting:

Charmed are these candy treats
Good fortune to all I merry meet!

Then give out the candies to friends and family and even people you don't know.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

combine together in a bowl:
1 cup mugwort 1/2 cup rose petals 1/2 cup German chamomile
1/2 cup of sweet hops 1/3 cup lavender buds 1/3 cup catnip crushed
1/4 cup peppermint

Mix the ingredients together make cloth bags from a 5x12 inch piece of material fill
cloth bags with your mixture sew the top of the bag shut and sweet dreams!

A SPELL FOR PEACEFUL SLEEP These are hung by your bed to encourage a restful sleep and sweet dreams.

10 Cardamon pods 1 tsp. Salt 15 cloves
1/2oz peppermint 1/2 oz rosemary dried peel of 1 lemon
Light a white and pink candle, place them on your work area (kitchen table, counter top).
Crush the cloves, cardamon and salt to a fine powder. Blend with the herbs and put in bags.

As you are making the bags concentrate on peaceful memories and beautiful thoughts.
When you hang the bags by your bed say out loud:
Sleep be with me Peaceful sleep Restful sleep
Let my mind be eased Let my body be calmed
Wings of darkness Let the sight of night and dream
be clear, be quiet Let my troubles drift away and let me dream

Items required:
- scarf (white or cream colors work best) 4 cloves pinch of basil pinch of ground sage
- lavender or vanilla oil (whatever you find more soothing) black marker white ribbon
Lay the scarf out. You will be putting spices into it.
Place the spices (ground sage, 4 cloves, basil) into the scarf and add 2 drops of oil.

Gather the scarf at the top (like a moneybag) and tie it with the ribbon.
On the outside of the scarf draw the nightmare that plagues you (e.g. spiders, falling, whatever).
Place the scarf under your pillow and sleep with it there.


I just had to copy and post this story by one of my wonderful bloggers It was so great, and I hope she doesn't mind, but it was too good to not share! Go check out her blog, you will LOVE IT!

Over the last 2 months, the police have recieved reports from 10 different horse owners across Sussex about mysterious plaits (braids) being found in their horses’ manes.

This has reportedly stumped the local police but help came to hand by an anonymous ‘warlock’ who informed the police is was the work of witches who were performing knot magick on the horses.

For further clarification on this matter the local newspaper, the Argus, contacted Kevin Carlyon who is the self-proclaimed High Priest of British White Witches (actually if you look on his out of date website he’s elevated himself to ‘The Living God of All Witches).

Mr. Carlyon told reporters that the plaits could be evidence of devil-worship or black magick. And the braiding could be used to precede ritual mutilation of horses. To balance the scale, Mr. Carlyon said ‘mostly the practice by white witches is harmless and intended for the witch to benefit from the horse’s natural powers’.

So how do you know if your horse has been marked for white or dark magick? Well, according to the ‘Hight Priest of British White Witches’ you can tell by the complexity of the plaiting. He said, “If it’s normal plaiting, like a girl’s hair, that is beneficial witchcraft. With more complex, more tightly knotted plaits, you’re looking down the darker side’.

Digging a little deeper, it’s not just Sussex which has seen horse mane’s being plaited. In the West Country, over 20 cases have also been reported to police. And, just like the previous mentioned case, it seems newsworthy to blame Pagan rituals. The West Morning News paper reported the case of the braids earlier this month and helped clarify why it might be a Pagan crime because ‘Pagan gods are thought to have a close connection with horses which adds strength to spells that incorporate the animals’.

This trend of plaiting horses’ manes might just have a non Pagan root. Horse theives often mark a horse by plaiting it’s mane during the day. Then they return under the cover of darkness to steal the horse they’ve already selected.

Of course, there is another explanation. It’s been said that horses with their manes braided have been taken for a midnight ride by the fairies! Now I bet the police haven’t thought of that!

Doing the happy dance!!!!!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Me and garfield had the same dream!!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Looks like I'm not alone!!!

Lurking around

I know a lot of you think I'm not checking your blogs.... but I am, I swear it!

I've just been lurking around, reading, and enjoying everyone!

But my brain hasn't been up to posting.... just sort of "dead air" caused by cabin fever.

I get like this in the winter, enthusiasm fades, slight depression sets in, and I find I can't find anything I want to do.... except for pouting (and I do that well!)

But as the sun stays out longer, I start perking up.... let's hope that's soooooooonnnnnn! I think I need one of those lights people use to help with winter blues!

A penny saved.... can be used for lots of things

7 New Uses for a Penny
Clever ways to repurpose an everyday item.

1. Curtain Straightener
Make an opening in the bottom hem, slide in a penny or two, and sew the hem back up to keep curtains hanging level and stick-straight.

2. Tread Checker
Insert a penny into a groove of a tire with Lincoln’s head pointing into the tire. If the groove covers part of his head, you’re safe to drive; if the head is in full view, it’s time for new wheels. (The distance between the rim of a penny and Lincoln’s head is 1/16 of an inch―the minimum suggested tread depth.)

3. Table Anchor
If you dine out and the table is unsteady, put a coin under the leg to restore balance.

4. Game Token
Misplaced the thimble? No problem. Sub in a cent.

5. Makeshift Screwdriver
Use a penny to screw open a toy’s battery pack.

6. Icebreaker
Hand out pennies at your next gathering and ask each guest to share a story that happened during the year his or her penny was minted. If the coin predates a friend, let the person improvise.

7. Birdbath Cleaner
To ward off algae, toss in a few pre-1982 coins; the high copper content retards growth. Works in ponds also, but you need more then one penny

more??? Cool

Since I'm......

at heart, an incredibly lazy person, I decided it's better to scan each page of the cook book, then to type all the recipe's in.

You will notice that REGULAR people also have recipes in the cook book, these were friends and family that helped to fill out the book.

You can click on the picture to enlarge the script, or click and save it as a picture and enlarge it in your photo place.

Hope you enjoy them!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Give away

Everyone should check out the cool give away on!!!

You all can enter, but I got to tell you I'm hoping to WIN!!!!! LOL


I was reading Mrs.B's blog ( and she was talking about the cook book she's putting together.... and that brought back memory's of a cook book I put together as a fund raiser for Pediatric Aids.

It was our Star Trek club doing the fund raiser, and I wrote a ton of stars, and authors, hoping against hope that they would send us some recipes for our cook book....

AND BOY DID THEY RESPOND!!!! It was amazing!!!!!

Now you have to remember that this was done more then 15 years ago!

A lot of the stars are now dead, and a few are from shows that you may not remember... but I got replies and recipes from:

Doris Day
James Earl Jones
Rene Auberjonois
Persis Khambatta
Sidney Penny
Tim Allen
Shadoe Stevens
Ann McCaffrey
Michael Jan Friedman
William Shatner
Jonnie Chow
Stephen King
Woopie Goldberg
Carol Spinney
Tommy Tang
Majel Barrett-Roddenberry
Roxann Briggs-Dawson
Simon Hawke
Alex Trebeck
Dave Coulier
Ben Murphy
Adam West
Barry Corbin
Marina Sertis
Dennis Weaver
Mickey Rooney
Billy Joel
DeDee Pfeiffer
Joel Siegel
Ethan Phillips
DeForest Kelly
Patrick Stewart
Sally Jessy Raphael
Thaal Penghlis
Rodger Ebert
Arnold Swartzenegger
Jackie Zeman
Terry Pratchett

So I figured that I'll post one recipe at a time on my blog, maybe you'll enjoy knowing what the stars loved to eat.... and some of them are a HOOT!!!


William Shatner (you all know him as Capt. Kirk from Star Trek

Italian Linguini Salad

Make some linguini; place in large bowl. Sit Italian on top; place olive in mouth!
(I swear to the Goddess, this is what he wrote!!! GIGGLE)

But, most of the stars reponded with real recipes.... I'll post some later!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Allegy Devils!!!

I have been quietly coping with my allergy devils for a long time now.... and I'm really getting pissed!!!

Let me tell you about food allergy's.... first of all I DON'T get rashes!!! I wish, I wish, I would get rashes, instead of this, but I don't

It starts out with my ears blocking up, then I get an increased heartbeat (thought it was anxiety attacks... almost the same thing..but it's not.)

Then I vesiculate between hot and cold (nope, sounds like hot flash's, but again... It's not.)

Add to that, no energy, feeling bloated, and tired all the time.

Really bad allergy's to food will make my mouth and throat swell.... those suck!

Now I know I'm allergic to Eggs, any poultry, potatoes and gluten.....

but I kept away from that shit, and still the increased heart beat..etc.

So 2 weeks ago I went on an allergy hunt diet.

In a nut shell.... I eat yogurt, a salad of lettuce, onions, cheese, and oil and vinegar. AND NOTHING ELSE!

Then after 2 weeks I add a tiny bit of something, one at a time... and check for reactions.

Well, found out fast that Apple Cinnamon yogurt is a no no (apples or cinnamon? don't know what one started it, but I'm keeping away from both!)
Rice too!!! Rice??? why freaking RICE??????

And this day......Avocado's, have just joined the no no list. (really bad reaction to this!)

But have to tell you being on the allergy elimination diet feels FANTASTIC!!!

Not only have I lost 8 pounds, but the energy and Vivie is back. I actually found myself bouncing on my sons bed while I hung curtains...

that is till I had the avocado... then I was sitting at my computer popping benadryles! And patiently waiting for my heart beat to slow to normal :(

I really don't understand why this all is happening to me.... no one in my family has ever complained about food allergy's! Why me??

But let me tell you, If I have to eat salad, and yogurt for the rest of my life.... it's much more enjoyable then the reactions I get!!!!

Now because of today's reaction, I have to wait a week to add something and test it out..... I'm not sure what to start with.

Oh and shell fish, and fish are safe for me... no reactions.. Yippee!!!! If I lost the ability to eat lobsters, I think I would die!!

Why don't I go to an allergist you say?

Well I did, that's how I found out about the eggs and such, but they are costly, and it's easier to just do the "elimination" diet and check that way.... though the allergists test would not cause all the symptoms... but they use needles, I HATE NEEDLES!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hanging my head in shame

I was "smacked down" recently by an old family friend who read my blog. He said that I "candy coated" spells that I post.

And I have to admit that's true.

You all know that I was raised a witch by my father and grandfather.... so it goes back in my family for generations.

And most spells from then are true spells, and not the candy coated ones I post or that you read in books.

Why do I do it "candy coated"???

Because that is the way most of you, who weren't raised in it, have learned to do it..... and truthfully, I don't want to offend anyone.

So, I continue to post my "candy coated" spells.... but here are some truths, to help you adapt your spells to suit yourself:

No spell has any strength at all unless you add yourself to the spell.

Blood is the best, but there are different ways to add yourself.... such as...
the pin bottle spell... you should actually pee in the bottle....
and Love spells are 100% percent stronger if you add virginal fluids to the spell.

Sorry if I offend, but it's true.

and every book says binding spells are bad, and actually they are not. If you love someone enough to try binding them to you, and after you bind them to you, you treat them with love and respect.... usually by the time the original spell fades...they are in love with you for real... and you have what you want.

Also spells against others... I know, I know, they say you get it back 10 times.... and this is true.... but like my grandfather said...

"if a man does wrong, and steals a loaf of bread because he is starving, knowing that he will be arrested... he does it anyway... for better to eat the bread and live to be arrested, then to crawl off in a corner and starve to death because he refuses to do a bad thing"

You all have to take the time to read about all the gods and goddess's.... you will find that their tales are full of them being violent, tricking others, and lusting. To be human is the same. And what the gods and goddess's do....they can't fault you for doing at one time or another either.

I'm not saying. be bad all the time, but to defend yourself and your family, or your right to live as you wish to.... do what you will. There are people and witch's out there that will "mow you over" if you get in their way.... PROTECT YOURSELF!

So, when you read my spells and want to try them, fine, but adapt, and change the spells to suit you... don't just copy them.

And I will continue to blog my "candy coated" spells. But if any of you have a REAL need, a need that consumes you... you can always write me... and I will take the candy coating off of a spell, and give you the real version. But, be aware, it must be a real need, and not just a fancy you have.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Wand blessing


Boil water in a copper cauldron and mix in sea salt.
Stir 3 times dorsal and say,

"May the goddess enter the water/May the goddess make it pure."

then leave to cool in the garden in a sunny spot...say,

"May Apollo's rays fill you with power"

Add a quartz crystal to the cauldron or pot. It should take an hour or so.

Take your wand-to-be on a full moon, outside, and place it in the cauldron with the water.

Take the quartz and smash it into a powder.
Drop, a small amount into the cauldron. And say:

"May Apollo's light be released"

Throw rest into cauldron. Stir 3 times dorsal with the wand. Say:

"Wand of willow/Wand (or oak, or whatever wood your using) of life/You shall me follow/Through all strife! So mote it be!"

Allow the wand to dry on your window sill...Now your Wand is blessed and ready to be used in place of an athame.

Before adding to cauldron, inscribe any symbols you want on you wand first.
And do it when it is the New Moon.

Finaly figured out how to download flyer

Friday, January 15, 2010


I tried to copy and paste the fl yer, but it's not cooperating. GIGGLE

For those trekie's out there like me in the NJ/MD/DL/VA/PA area, just copy and paste the above link to check it out!

What I like about the convention is that you need a membership for the talks and autographs.... BUT NOT FOR THE HUGE DEALERS ROOM!!!

And of course shopping is the most important part of the convention!!!!

You can go for the weekend, shop for free, and if you want to see the stars???....

most of the time they head for the bar in the evening.... so that can be free also if you go there. (and believe me, from massive experience, Stars at the bar in the evening can be really, really FUN!! GIGGLE)

In my opinion BEST convention held. Hotel is nice, and has indoor outdoor pool and HUGE hot tub.

But a word to the wise, rooms sell out super fast!!!!! So you have to call for reservations fast or they will be GONE!!!!!!

I actually got my reservations a few months ago, usually they are sold out by the end of this month!!! So if you even are THINKING about going.... make those reservations..... you can always cancel if you change your mind!!!! You have till July to cancel your reservations!!!

Oh I should mention, there are atleast 3 or 4 witch supply stores in the dealers room, lots of cool witchy stuff!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Protection Jar


Get a glass jar such as a Mason jar, or even a baby food jar, anything that has a lid to it.

Fill the jar halfway with small sharp objects such as pins, metal scrapings, broken glass, razor blades, etc. Be careful when you are filling the jar!

Once the jar is half full with these objects, fill the jar up with a mixture of sea salt and water.

Add 3 drops of your blood (this should be easy with all those pins!)

Put the top on the jar and be sure it's secured.

And say:

"Lord of Life, Lady of Light - Join me here for this rite
I have made this bottle for my protection
According to ancient ways and tradition.
Direct all harm sent my way - To this horrible grave I make today.
Return it three fold to the sender!
As I will, So Mote It Be!"

This jar should be buried in the ground at least twelve inches deep.
As long as the bottle remains in the ground, you will be protected from harm that is
sent your way.

You can place one in the front yard, and one in the back yard... make sure it's on your property, but as far from the house as you can bury it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



gonna be reading, and checking pictures, and planning my garden, and checking off things to buy, and so on and so on and so on!

(deep heart felt sigh) I HAVE HOPE THAT SUMMER IS COMING!!!! GIGGLE

I thought this was rather cute!

I wonder if her owner survived taking this pic?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

And some more for your bath


Materials required: Muslin bag/Dead sea salts/lavender herb/lavender oil.

Fill your muslin bag half way with the dead sea salts, add two teaspoons of lavender
and one drop of lavender oil. Tie up the bag and include in your bath.
Close your eyes and feel your body soak up the healing herb, salt and oil.
Chant the rhyme:

Pains and Aches and Evil Things
Fly from me on rapid wings!
Leave my body, don't return
For peace and quiet I do yearn.
Surround me in Her radiant light.
Magic power pure and white
Banish forces of the night!


1 tbls bicarbonate soda 5 drops essential oil juice of 1 lemon
1 tsp. good oil, such as sweet almond ½ cup sea salt

Stir the soda, essential oil, lemon juice and oil together and then blend in the salt.

Dissolve in the bath water.

Light 4 candles (colors of your choice) and place at the 4 corners of the tub.

Step slowly into the bath water, feeling it envelope around you. Close your eyes.
Visualize yourself laying on the surface of the ocean.

There is nothing around you, you are alone and at peace.
Feel the warmth of the sun beating down on you. Say either out loud or quietly to yourself:

Be comforted, All is well Now you are blessed.
You have life to nurture and nurture you.
Be calm. Be easy. Be comforted. You are blessed.


Fill your bathtub with water and scatter some fresh rose petals in it.
Light some vanilla candles and/or incense.
As you lie in the water, meditate on the image you would like to project and say these words:

Earth, Air, Fire, Sea
Let the Goddess' beauty
Shine through me


Take a lit silver or white candle, some salt, and a healing oil (such as carnation, violet,
sandalwood, or narcissus) into the bathroom. By the candle's light run a tub of very warm water.
Cast some salt into it, add a few drops of healing oil, and then step into the tub.
Relax. Feel the warm salted water sinking into your pores, through your skin, sterilizing the
sick portions of your body. Visualize the 'black worms' leaving it, if you wish, and when you
feel the water teeming with them pull the plug and let the water drain out. While it is draining, chant:

The sickness is flowing out of me,
Into the water, down to the sea.

Only when the tub is completely drained stand up. It is best to immediately splash your body with
fresh water (a shower is ideal) to remove the last vestiges of the disease of sickness-laden water.
Repeat as needed to speed your body's recovery.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Bath Magic

During the coldest part of the winter, my thoughts often turn to taking a hot soaking bath in the evenings.... as I'm sure a lot of you why not mix a little magic with your baths?


Take equal parts of lavender, violet, and rosemary. Empower them, and then boil them in a pot with about a quart of water over medium heat.

When the water is richly colored and the herbs are scenting your kitchen, drain
The water off into a jar. A plain coffee filter works great for this.

Place the jar in sunlight for an entire day to absorb the radiant energies of the sun.

It's best to do this on a Wednesday to add the healing powers of mercury to the spell

Just before sundown fetch the jar and hold it firmly between your hands Just below your naval.

Feel your desire to be well filling the jar and with your minds eye see it glowing brightly as the sun.

Chant these words until you have filled the jar with as much energy as it will hold.

By the herb and by the sun
Wellness and I are now as one
Strengthening energies now are merged.
Baneful energies now be purged

Anoint spots where illness lurks or on your belly if you are unsure where the source of discomfort lies.

Or pour contents into bath water


Steep a teaspoon of basil in a cup of boiling water, and strain out the herb.
Add it to you bath water for a protective and cleansing influence.
It is particularly useful to clean off the feelings left by contact with those who are negative or controlling.


This spell will refresh and cleanse you.

Blend, in a muslin bag, a teaspoon each of lavender flowers, chamomile flowers,
and dried crushed rosemary. Hang the sachet under the faucet, and draw your bath
water, allowing it to pour down through the herbs.

Add a half cup of lemon juice to the bath.

When you settle into the tub, lean back, relax, and take three deep breaths.
Close your eyes and focus on the excess tension and stress in your body.
Feel the herbs and lemon draw it out of your muscles and mind.

Thoroughly clean your tub when you are done to remove any residue
of negative energy from the bath water.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Healing with Crystals

Crystals are not hard to control once you know a few rules:

1. Size DOES NOT matter with them. A nice small crystal is as good as a huge one

2. Crystals must be kept in the sun. Not house light, or heaven's forbid...Fluorescent lights...But natural sunlight. Window sills are great for this!

3. All crystals must be cleansed before you use them. Either put them in salt for a few days, or soak them in salt water.

4. After use, always cleanse in salt and put back in the sun.

The size of the crystal isn't that important. I like a larger one for healing, and smaller ones adorn my window sills for protection. Most of the ones I bought I got at Michaels, or other hobby shops.

But, no matter what, they have to be kept in natural sunlight for as much of the day as possible. Even if you have to add a shelf to a nice sunny window and place them on it. Putting them away in a china cabinet isn't good for them, they become dead

Crystal's are special. Think of them as a type of animal. Their job is to sit in the sun, and dream the day away. During this dreaming, they can be used for healing, or just bringing luck. But they hate the dark!!!

Maybe because that is where they are first formed, in the dark inner spaces of the earth, and when they have the opportunity to see the sun, they relish it. (plus they are sooooo vain, they think they are super pretty in the sunlight....Which they are....But don't tell them that!!!!)

Also, this animal called a crystal, is a big pain in the ass!!!!! Once exposed to sunlight they tend to dream away the days....... And why should they help you if they are dreaming?

That's the whole secret to getting crystals to work for you. You have to treat them like a 2 year old. Threaten them with being locked in a dark closet for the rest of their lives, if they don't do what you ask. Or even worse....That you will bury them in the earth again....Deep!!!!!

If you want to use a crystal to help heal yourself or protect you, that's what you have to do to them first. Talk to them, even put them in a dark closet for a week, to let them know that you mean what you say. Then, and only then, will they do the work you ask of them.

For healing, after you threaten them, place the crystal at night while in bed, over the area you want healed. You can move it around to different area's, and chant HEAL while you hit the spots you want healed. Then picture their pure white light entering your body, and going after the bad and cleansing it away with pure light that turns the illness into dust!!! Then sleep with it that night, and in the morning return it to the window sill, thank it, and remind it that if they don't perform it's the dark, damp closet for it!!!

After a week of this, or even less if your really sick, cleanse the crystal in salt again, and let it rest in the sun for a few days, even a week, before you use it again.

Friday, January 08, 2010

NOT having fun in the snow!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Get Ready for your spring spells!!!


All participants should bring bunny-ears and/or slippers, one or more flowers for the altar, and a donatable item (That, of course, should be left with the person doing the ritual, so they can enjoy it later on!).

Responsibility for other items can be divided as the participants see fit, these items being:

plastic re-usable eggs

enough chocolate bunnies for all (all ears MUST be intact! No cheating!)

enough plain hard-boiled eggs for all

marshmallow peeps, jelly beans, chocolate eggs, and other obnoxious Easter candy

a basket big enough to hold all of the above

spring water for "wine"

pink "Sno-balls" or angel food cake for "cakes" (Remember, hot dog buns are forbidden!!)

dye for the eggs, egg dippers, non-toxic felt tip pens, and an egg carton
a ratty old towel for cleanup

Set up the altar (if it isn’t a permanent fixture), put the flowers in a vase on the altar, put cakes and water on the altar. Have the basket ready, with everything but plain eggs in it. Have the plain eggs and dying supplies set up in the circle area.

Tell everyone to put on their bunny ears. (very important step, don't skip it!!!)

Cast the circle: "We draw this circle as sacred space! Silliness we keep - we banish Grayface!"

Each participant decorates at least one egg. Eggs are set to dry in the carton, and when dry, are put in the basket. When the dying is done, a door is cut in the circle and the dying supplies are removed

Call the quarters: "Air! Bring us belly-laughter!" "Fire! Bring us unpredictability!" "Water! Bring us splashiness!" "Earth! Bring us chocolate!"

Call the deities: Oestara and the March Hare, Eris and Murphy, Roger and Jessica, Elmer and Bugs, Buster and Babs, Robin and Marion, Fred and Ginger,

Sing many rousing choruses of "Here comes Peter Cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail, hippity, hoppity, Oestara’s on Her way..."

Do the Bunny Hop as a Circle Dance: "Na Nana Nana Nana, Na Na Na Na, Na Nana Nana Nana, Hop Hop, Hop!" When everyone is pooped out, sit down and contemplate the Mystery of the Egg and the Rabbit.

It is optional to present the Mystery play, A Sermon on Ethics and Love

Consecrate the spring water and cake. Save some Angel cake for rolling into little balls for throwing at each other during the Sacred Jelly Bean Fight.

Distribute dyed eggs each participant giving their own creation to someone else.

Distribute chocolate bunnies to be eaten as lasciviously as possible. (much lip smacking and moaning is encouraged to attract the Goddess's attention!)

Distribute marshmallow peeps, which are to be used for sleazy Ozzie Osborn imitations.

Distribute the rest of the candy, which is eaten until everyone feels slightly ill, the rest being used for the Sacred Jelly Bean Fight.

Have the Sacred Jelly Bean Fight, using jelly beans, marshmallow peep bodies, angel cake, etc. Throw these at each other, trying to get the jelly beans down each others’ robes (if any), into laps, etc. AVOID FACES

At this point, the ritual generally degenerates. When people have calmed down again, thank the deities and say farewell, dismiss the quarters, open the circle, and clean up the Godawful mess

Monday, January 04, 2010

Spunking the trash

Yesterday my son wanted to go to Wall-Mart..... now it was COLD, WINDY, AND UGLY outside... If it were up to me I wouldn't go out till spring....

But, I figured for the boy, why not! It's better then hearing how board he is at home! How there's NOTHING to do, or eat, or people to talk to!!!! SIGH

School starts in 2 MORE WEEKS!!!! YEAH!!!!

So, I dragged out my boots and warm coat, and off we went. My boots were in the back of the closet.... and as I took them out.... I wondered to myself..."why haven't I been wearing these..they are so cute!"

After 5 minutes walking around in wall mart with them..... it came to me in a flash of light...THEY ARE TOO HEAVY TO WEAR!!!! Oh goddess, it was like having 20 lbs. strapped to each foot!!!!

Why then do I keep them?????.... and that of course lead me to my new project! CLEANING OUT THE CLOSET! No more ugly shoes, or boots that weigh a ton, or flip flops that have lost their flip.... gone, gone, gone.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Summer Dreaming

This evening, while sitting on my bed trying to meditate.... I could hear the wind howling outside, and feel the cold from out side surrounding me, even though I'm in my warm house.

My mind wandered to summer, and I started dreaming about the sun, the beach, the smells of the boardwalk.

And then I started thinking about my flowers, the taste of the fresh blueberry's, and spinach.... ahhhhhhhhhhh

I think the winter is starting to get to me! GIGGLE

So I decided that for the rest of this looooooong winter.... when I meditate, I'm going to be on the beach, under my beach umbrella........... warm yet shaded, hearing the ocean, and seagulls, and the sound of people talking... and the smells of pizza, and sausage sandwich's, and even the smell of Cotton candy!

Do you think I can will spring to come? I wish! But, even on cold windy day like today.... I know spring is there somewhere...coming soon...... SIGH

OK, and this is the new year????

This is got to be the weirdest beginning of a New Year I've EVER HAD!

First I got the bible thumping hate mail...

then I get a call from an old girlfriend.

We talked for a while, then she wanted to know if I wanted to go to BINGO with her!!! BINGO!!!!! Really, do I look like someone that goes to BINGO!!!

I explained to her, being nice as I could be (snicker) that I would love to go, but I'm having a meeting with one of my boyfriends that evening.

(yes, I said I'd never get married again...but I'm not planing to MARRY the cuties I'm seeing!)

And she went OFF on me!!!! I got a total lecture that I'm a "grandmom" and "grandma's" don't see men!!!! Or even worse "younger men", and worse then that..."having sex" with them!!!!

Oh my! What planet are you from?????

And this was from the woman, who used to be a girl, and did just about everything, with EVERY member of the football team in high school! (I'll be nice, since this is a public blog, and won't tell you of some of her escapades.... too... naughty!)

Why do people have an idea, that your old, and you should ACT old!

Any one else want to speak up and tell me I'm living my life wrong???? Go on, come and get me, cause I'm more then ready to take you down! GIGGLE

See, when I get mad, I don't say anything.... just ignore the person....

when I get REALLY mad, I may hang up the phone and refuse calls from you or I'll quietly walk away....

but when I get SUPER MAD.... it all starts out with..............."let me tell you something".... if I say that to you, run for cover, duck down, and pray I don't catch up with you!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

I got it!

I recieved a hate mail messeage today on my blog! First one, and this is the only time I'll address it, or respond to it.... all others will just be deleted.

If you take the Bible and put it out into the rain, wind, rays and snow, it will soon dissolve. My religion IS the rain, wind, rays, and snow."