Sunday, January 03, 2010

OK, and this is the new year????

This is got to be the weirdest beginning of a New Year I've EVER HAD!

First I got the bible thumping hate mail...

then I get a call from an old girlfriend.

We talked for a while, then she wanted to know if I wanted to go to BINGO with her!!! BINGO!!!!! Really, do I look like someone that goes to BINGO!!!

I explained to her, being nice as I could be (snicker) that I would love to go, but I'm having a meeting with one of my boyfriends that evening.

(yes, I said I'd never get married again...but I'm not planing to MARRY the cuties I'm seeing!)

And she went OFF on me!!!! I got a total lecture that I'm a "grandmom" and "grandma's" don't see men!!!! Or even worse "younger men", and worse then that..."having sex" with them!!!!

Oh my! What planet are you from?????

And this was from the woman, who used to be a girl, and did just about everything, with EVERY member of the football team in high school! (I'll be nice, since this is a public blog, and won't tell you of some of her escapades.... too... naughty!)

Why do people have an idea, that your old, and you should ACT old!

Any one else want to speak up and tell me I'm living my life wrong???? Go on, come and get me, cause I'm more then ready to take you down! GIGGLE

See, when I get mad, I don't say anything.... just ignore the person....

when I get REALLY mad, I may hang up the phone and refuse calls from you or I'll quietly walk away....

but when I get SUPER MAD.... it all starts out with..............."let me tell you something".... if I say that to you, run for cover, duck down, and pray I don't catch up with you!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Tell your friend you're off to play bingo -- Beach Blanket Bingo *wink*

Michelle said...

First off you are NOT old! You are beautiful, full of life and funny and yep, men are going to be attracted to that. Guess you'll have men around for the rest of your life and there's nothing wrong with that. I never understood women that were so "prude" like your girlfriend. Ugh...don't let her bother you. You are a Goddess...use it baby! Lol