Thursday, January 21, 2010

Allegy Devils!!!

I have been quietly coping with my allergy devils for a long time now.... and I'm really getting pissed!!!

Let me tell you about food allergy's.... first of all I DON'T get rashes!!! I wish, I wish, I would get rashes, instead of this, but I don't

It starts out with my ears blocking up, then I get an increased heartbeat (thought it was anxiety attacks... almost the same thing..but it's not.)

Then I vesiculate between hot and cold (nope, sounds like hot flash's, but again... It's not.)

Add to that, no energy, feeling bloated, and tired all the time.

Really bad allergy's to food will make my mouth and throat swell.... those suck!

Now I know I'm allergic to Eggs, any poultry, potatoes and gluten.....

but I kept away from that shit, and still the increased heart beat..etc.

So 2 weeks ago I went on an allergy hunt diet.

In a nut shell.... I eat yogurt, a salad of lettuce, onions, cheese, and oil and vinegar. AND NOTHING ELSE!

Then after 2 weeks I add a tiny bit of something, one at a time... and check for reactions.

Well, found out fast that Apple Cinnamon yogurt is a no no (apples or cinnamon? don't know what one started it, but I'm keeping away from both!)
Rice too!!! Rice??? why freaking RICE??????

And this day......Avocado's, have just joined the no no list. (really bad reaction to this!)

But have to tell you being on the allergy elimination diet feels FANTASTIC!!!

Not only have I lost 8 pounds, but the energy and Vivie is back. I actually found myself bouncing on my sons bed while I hung curtains...

that is till I had the avocado... then I was sitting at my computer popping benadryles! And patiently waiting for my heart beat to slow to normal :(

I really don't understand why this all is happening to me.... no one in my family has ever complained about food allergy's! Why me??

But let me tell you, If I have to eat salad, and yogurt for the rest of my life.... it's much more enjoyable then the reactions I get!!!!

Now because of today's reaction, I have to wait a week to add something and test it out..... I'm not sure what to start with.

Oh and shell fish, and fish are safe for me... no reactions.. Yippee!!!! If I lost the ability to eat lobsters, I think I would die!!

Why don't I go to an allergist you say?

Well I did, that's how I found out about the eggs and such, but they are costly, and it's easier to just do the "elimination" diet and check that way.... though the allergists test would not cause all the symptoms... but they use needles, I HATE NEEDLES!


Laura said...

how horrible. i had to do a food diary at one point to figure out triggers to migraines, but found none. now every time i eat or drink anything (including water) my sinuses close up. i need to see the allergist myself, but this kind of scares me. :)
good luck!

Zedral Z said...

Rice too? That's terrible! I would recommend the ELISA allergy test thingie to find out exactly which foods you need to avoid. There are a lot of different grains out there if you can't have the ones most people consume (i.e. wheat and rice). What about fish? Can you have soy at all? Let me know if I can help!

Judith said...

Fish is good, and so is soy