Thursday, June 30, 2005

And for thoes Non-Believers

GIGGLE I saw this and couldn't help posting it!!!! Forgive me!!!! Giggle

You tend to be headstrong and deliberate in your actions. Basically you don't give a fuck about anyone. Most people hate you but you couldn't care less. You're the type of person who would masturbate at a wedding

Warm and caring are your most endearing characteristics. You get on well with most people because you're bisexual. You hardly ever wear underwear and you constantly smell of piss.

Your star sign denotes an air of duality in your character. Simply, you're a neurotic schizophrenic. A real fucking weirdo, the type of person who'd kill them self to win a bet.

You have a businesslike attitude to life and a knack for making money. You're an unscrupulous bastard who would sell relative's limbs to buy a mobile phone. You are likely to be murdered.

The adventurous type, always looking for thrills and willing to try anything. In other words, stupid. You have the IQ of a garden snail and will never amount to anything. Most Leos are living on the welfare.

You like the good things in life and you know how to enjoy them. But you're prone to bullshitting and you're a cheap bastard. Virgo men are usually queers and the majority of Virgo women are whores.

You are the forgiving type and you don't bear grudges. This makes you an asshole. For your entire life people will make a complete prick out of you. Nobody will go to your funeral.

You are sharp, a quick thinker and good at puzzles. However these are your only good traits. You screw small animals and love picking your nose. You should become a stunt performer with no helmet.

You are the romantic mushy type, soft-hearted and a lover of the arts. You are likely to import Dutch pornography and sex toys. Men even willing to rent Sleepless In Seattle to increase your odds for a romp in the sack.

You are deep and personal in your thoughts, the quiet type. A mean self-centered cunt and a closet homosexual. Your best friend is probably an altar boy.

You are the academic type and will probably end up working in the legal system. This means you are an absolute pervert, at the least a transvestite. Your ideal sexual partner is a Labrador puppy wearing fishnet tights.

You are the eternal optimist, seeing the best of any situation. You have no grasp of reality and live in a dream world. Most people consider you to be the greatest living moron. You will continually fail. You're a prick.

More Again Astrology

Zodiac Sign: The Virgin: (the embodiment of purity)Ruling Planet: Mercury Color: Green and Earth colors

Herbs:Fennel Valerian
Gemstones: Sapphire Jasper
Health Concerns:Digestion Allergies

Traits:Discriminating Modest Tidy Negative Traits: Overly Critical Fussy Worrier Keywords:"I study" Virgo is considered one of the more pragmatic signs in the Zodiac, and is associated with a drive for perfection. A Virgo can enjoy a good time as much as anyone. But these people usually feel more comfortable when they can combine the recreational with that which is practical. Less dedicated signs around them may sometimes urge Virgos to "lighten up", but in the long run most folks appreciate their knack for getting things done without making a big fuss about it.

Zodiac Sign: LibraThe Scales: (symbol of perfect balance)Ruling Planet: VenusColor: Shades of blue

Herbs:Pennyroyal Violet
Gemstones: Opal Diamond
Health Concerns:Kidneys Lower Back

Traits:Charming Diplomatic Harmony-seeker Negative Traits: Indecisive Frivolous Gullible Keywords:"I cooperate" Libras are committed to fairness and equality. People admire Libra's balanced approach to life. These men and women are often asked to render opinions and advise others on a wide variety of topics. They are able to express themselves with a quiet charm that makes others inclined to agree, Libra seeks harmony and thrives on it. This balance is applied both at home and at work. On a deeper level, they also seek harmony and balance the most within themselves. For most Librans, this is best achieved with the help of a loving partner, a life mate who can help them discover their inner peace.

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio (rose up to heaven and attacked Orion)Ruling Planet: PlutoColor: Maroon

Herbs:Basil Blessed Thistle
Gemstones: Topaz Amethyst
Health Concerns:Reproductive system Stress

Traits:Imaginative Detirmined Powerful Emotions Negative Traits: Jealous Resentful Secretive Keywords:"I desire" Scorpio has great intensity and personal magnetism. Those born under this sign have wonderful inner strength, which when properly applied, gives them the power to turn negative situations into positive outcomes, and to rechannel any destructive energy into constructive purposes. Scorpios are inspiring and dynamic. Through intelligence, determination and persuasion, they can be found in positions of leadership and influence. They are well-liked and admired. Scorpios are generally identified by forceful yet graceful bodily movements and an intense look.

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius (dual nature,the intellectual and the animal) Ruling Planet: Jupiter Color: Purple

Herbs:Sage Burdock
Gemstones: TurquoiseBlue Zircon
Health Concerns:Central Nervous System

Traits:Cheerfull Optimist Versatile Negative Traits: Tactless Reckless Irrisponsible Keywords:"I understand" Those born under this sign like to travel and are likely to change jobs fairly often, or to take up different interests at different times and then drop them in favor of something else. This should not be seen as inconsistency, but rather as a sign of tremendous vitality and a mind which has the ability to encompass many concerns. Sagittarians are known for high energy and a zestful spirit. Their tireless energy enables them to accomplish many great things.

Zodiac Sign: Capricorn(the seagoat) Ruling Planet: SaturnColor: Dark Brown

Herbs:Comfrey Thyme
Gemstones: Garnet Emerald
Health Concerns:TensionTeeth

Traits:Ambitious Reliable Detirmined and Careful Negative Traits: Pessimistic Miserly Conventional Keywords:"I use" Capricorn is often more knowledgeable than most others, but is too clever to be arrogant about it. The Capricorn personality succeeds through perseverance. Capricorn is symbolized by the Seagoat, an animal sometimes considered stubborn, but one with great endurance. This personality does not always achieve its goals immediately, but will win in the long run. Capricorns make good friends because of their discretion. They don't force themselves into situations where they aren't wanted although their help is always appreciated.

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius (watering and nourishing the earth) Ruling Planet: UranusColor: Turquoise
Herbs:Myrrh Barley
Gemstones: AmethystOpal
Health Concerns:Cirulatory system

Traits:Independent Original Tolerant and Inventive Negative Traits: Eccentric Rebellous Thoughtless Keywords:"I know" Aquarians love dreams and fantasy. Pragmatic types may accuse them of not knowing the difference between fact and fiction, but this is not true. Aquarians will be better understood by other creative people. Aquarians make good friends because they rarely judge anyone harshly, and because they are good at keeping secrets. They will get along best with people who respect their need for privacy.

More Astrology Information

Zodiac Sign: The Bull: (The emblem of Strength)Ruling Planet: VenusColor: Green or Pink

Herbs:Thyme and Coltsfoot
Gemstones: Emerald and Moss Agate
Health Concerns:Throat and Weight

Traits:Practical and Reliable Love of Luxury Negative Traits: Jealous and Possessive Self Indulgent Keywords:"I own" Taurus personalities are typically upfront and assertive, qualities that make it possible to do great things in short periods and still have the time and energy to thoroughly enjoy the recreational hours. Most other people are positively influenced by the Bull character, which can be an encouragement to be tenacious about the things that matter most in life. The Taurus man or woman can often be identified by clearly defined facial features and a forceful personality.

Zodiac Sign: The Twins: (the mirror images of self)Ruling Planet: MercuryColor: Grass Green
Herbs:Caraway Seeds Lavender
Gemstones: Beryl Pearl
Health Concerns:Nerves and Stress Lungs

Traits:Versatile and Adaptable Quick Witted Negative Traits: Changeable and Inconsistant Superficial Keywords:"I Plan" Gemini has many talents and interests, at times this person's attention gets divided between too many things at once and focus can be lost. It's just so easy for Gemini to start doing something, then get distracted by something that seems just as fascinating. Yet this lack of attention to one thing at a time will also be the root of Gemini's success, allowing Gemini the ability to accomplish much more than otherwise possible, often in a relatively short time. Symbolized by the Twins, Gemini celebrates the duality and the multiplicity of human nature. Gemini recognizes the complexity of life, and is always open to the possibilities that exist in a single moment.

Zodiac Sign: The Lion: (king of all he surveys)Ruling Planet: SunColor: Golden Yellow

Herbs:Hawthorn Rue
Gemstones: Ruby Peridot
Health Concerns:Heart Back Positive Traits:Generous Enthusiastic Broad-minded

Traits: Vain Pompous Dogmatic Keywords:"I will" The Leo personality is well known for its smooth charm. Most Leos have a persuasive smile that can get them just about anything they want. They like to take excellent care of their physical grooming appearance, and have an animal magnetism that gets attention wherever they go. Leo doesn't rely on it's charming personality alone. There is a lot of strength and creativity in Lion. Natural leaders, Leos are ocassionaly accused of being arrogant or stubborn, but in fact it is their confidence and persistence that produce success. Even when things don't go as planned, Leo's inborn grace may save the situation.

Astrology Information

Zodiac Sign:
The Crab: (scavenger of the seas)Ruling Planet: MoonColor: Silvery Blue

Herbs:Eucalytus Fenugreek
Gemstones: Emerald Ruby
Health Concerns:Abdomen Digestion

Traits:Kind and SympathicImaginative and Caring Negative Traits: Moody and HypersensitiveOverly Emotional Keywords:"I Feel"

People born under the sign of Cancer are intuitive and nurturing. They generally know what they want from life, But some are discouraged by temporary setbacks. People who come in contact with the Cancerian personality are usually impressed by its moody, serious outlook, such a person needs to cultivate important values early in life. Cancerian men and women can often be recognized by their physical agility, willingness to help and their mature outlook on life.

Zodiac Sign: The Mountain Goat (A survivor) Ruling Planet: MarsColor: Red

Herbs:Marjoram and Garlic
Gemstones: Diamond and Amethyst
Health Concerns:Stress and Headaches

Traits:Adventurious Direct,Freedom Loving Negative Traits: Selfish, Impulsive, Stubborn Keywords:"I exist"

Being the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries represents a beginning of all kinds. Aries people like to be first, and are often in a hurry. For all of that, their leadership qualities are well defined. They have a natural tendency to be assertive and single-minded. In a negative situation, this can lead to stubborn aggression, but when channelled positively, the Aries personality exhibits leadership and creative accomplishments. Endurance and loads of self confidence make it possible for an Aries to do things that might seem impossible to others. Very trustworthy, and even being a "me first" person they manage to put most everyones needs ahead of their own, especially friends and loved ones.

Zodiac Sign: Pisces(Two fish swimming in different directions)Ruling Planet: NeptuneColor: Soft sea green

Herbs:Rose Hips Seaweed
Gemstones: ChrysoliteAquamarine
Health Concerns:Immune system Feet

Traits:SympathicCreativeUnderstanding Negative Traits: VagueIndecisiveWeak-willed Keywords:"I believe" The Pisces personality is often less interested in practical, everyday things than with the emotional or spiritual side of life. Many people born under this sign have artistic and creative talent which will be expressed in nearly everything they do. Most Pisceans have a natural talent for understanding the emotional makeup of other human beings. The Pisces gift of insight into their motivations may seem like magic, but it is simply the product of natural sensitivity and intuition.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Herbs for you Zodiac Sign

This was posted on another site, but I think it's just great, and thought I would share it!!!

Herbs can be mixed and combined to produce a "recipe" that's just right for each of us. Since the Sun sign you were born under has such an amazing influence on your health and well-being, using the herbs that correspond with that sign alone can be a tremendous help in times of stress or illness. Here's a short list of herbs that seem to be tailor-made for each of the signs, due to their associations with both the planetary ruler and the positive qualities of that sign.

Aries - Mars Allspice, basil, cayenne, garlic, ginger, mustard, onion, pepper. It's no secret that Aries is the astrological equivalent of a bullet. It's a red-hot burst of energy that's capable of overcoming any obstacle by charging straight for it. The ruler of Aries is Mars, the "red" planet, the ancient god of war who was known for his equally fiery temperament. No wonder, then, the herbs that correspond with your sign are also a bit "hot" to the taste. Use them in cooking to raise your endorphins, the substance Mars loves best.

Taurus - Venus Apple, apricot, blackberry, cherry, heather, hibiscus, raspberry, rose. Taurus is the sign that's fondest of the pleasures that life inside these bodies can provide. Whether it's a blazing sunset, a symphony by Mozart, or a delicious meal, you folks are experts at enjoying the physical delights of the senses. It's no surprise that the herbs you'll enjoy most are the sweet ones, since your planet, Venus, is the provider of sweetness. Use each of them to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Gemini - Mercury Clover, eyebright, fennel, lemongrass, lemon verbena, marjoram, parsley. Your quick-witted, fleet-footed energy just loves variety - in fact, the __expression "variety is the spice of life" was written with you in mind. Each of these herbs provide a different type of taste, and most can be combined in a light, aromatic tea you can sip on the run. Use clove or slippery elm to protect against gossip and to keep your thoughts and actions grounded.

Cancer - Moon Aloe, lemon balm, chamomile, mimosa, lavender, lilac. Nurturing is your business, Cancer, and you distribute your soothing touch to one and all. There's nothing you like better than a home that smells good, too, whether it's because there's something wonderful simmering on the stove, a vase of fresh flowers on the dining room table, or a warm, fragrant bubble bath waiting for you upstairs. Each of the herbs listed above are known for their ability to calm, heal, or bring a wonderful aroma to the environment. Use aloe to soothe burns and scrapes and chamomile for a wonderful bedtime tea.

Leo - Sun Chicory, cinnamon, goldenseal, rosemary, St. John's Wort, sandalwood. Your planet is the Sun, Leo, the source of life and warmth that keeps us all alive and provides us with the energy we need to keep pursuing our life's quest. It makes perfect sense, then, that the bright, cheerful sunflower would be the perfect representation of your equally bright nd happy sign. Herbs like goldenseal and St. John's Wort are tailor-made for you, too, since their ability to keep the body resistant to illness and depression are well known. Mix a bit of chicory with your morning coffee to help remove any obstacles that come up.

Virgo - Mercury Caraway, dill, eyebright, horehound, lily of the valley, marjoram, savory. Your quick-thinking meticulous sign likes nothing better than a mental challenge, Virgo, whether it's organizing a pile of papers at the office, solving a puzzle, or learning a new skill. The herbs listed above are all well known for their subtle abilities to strengthen the mind, and many can be mixed together in teas to give you a boost you often need at the end of a long day. The lily of the valley seems perfect for you, too, with its subtle, "clean" scent and delicate flowers.

Libra - Venus Catnip, passion flower, persimmon, rose, sugar cane, violet. There's no sign as fond of pleasing others as yours, Libra, whether it's by saying just the right thing to bring warring factions together, or by using your polite charm to draw the object of your desires closer. Of course, catnip is famous for its effects on our feline friends, but its also traditionally used in conjunction with rose petals to bring loving relationships that last forever. Since you're ruled by Venus, you're capable of being every bit as sweet as the sugar cane - but if you need a bit of help to attract a beloved, use this potent plant (sugar cane) that's long been used to conjure love - sweetly.

Scorpio - Pluto/Mars Ginseng, dill, patchouli, pomegranate, saffron, vanilla. As fond as you are of intensity and intimacy, Scorpio, it's no wonder the herbs you'll love best are famous for their use in stirring up passion. Drink ginseng tea (or offer some to your beloved) to induce a agnetic physical attraction. Wear patchouli to arouse lust and silently conjure the magic of the Beltane rituals. Present the object of your desire with a pomegranate, the fruit raditionally associated with seductive Pluto, your ruling planet.

Sagittarius - Jupiter Anise, clove, fig, hyssop, mugwort, myrtle, nutmeg, rosemary, sage. There's no sign that hangs on to youth with more fervency and determination than yours Sagittarius. To keep that youthful appearance and disposition going as you travel the world in search of yet another experience, drink a tea made of anise, rosemary, and Vervain. To aid in making your dreams more prophetic than they already are, use mugwort. Burn clove incense to attract the wealth you'll need to pay for your travels.

Capricorn - Saturn Comfrey, horsetail, mint, poppy, sassafras, woodruff. You've always been described as a very "focused" sign, Capricorn, intent on self-sufficiency and material success. The influence of your planet, Saturn, gives you the ambition and self-discipline to attain those goals, and to ensure success and prosperity in business matters, too. Each of the herbs mentioned above are known for their ability to attract that success, and most can be mixed together in a tea.

Aquarius - Uranus/Saturn Anise, bittersweet, citron, dandelion, lemon verbena, rosemary, sage. Your sign is a cerebral one, Aquarius, and your ability to turn "odd" or eccentric ideas into strokes of genius is well known. Since communication (and mass communication in particular) is your specialty, the herbs above are all associated with the air principle, which rules the intellectual side of life. To increase your already powerful intuition, use citron, clover, or rosemary. Above all else, listen to that intuition. It will seldom prove to be wrong.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Now I'm beached out

So people for the third time in three days I was at the beach again. Mark and the kids came up to pick up Jamie, and we had to go to the beach again, because the kids wanted to go. :sigh: NOW I'm sunburned, and that stupid sand is creeping up every crevice that's in my body!!!!! LOL it was still a nice day, but a bit of overkill for me.

I took a cold bath, in reference to the sunburn, and now at least the sand is gone, except in my hair! That I will wash in the morning, since I'm just too damn tired to do it tonight.

I'm off for a cup of coffee, and a total VEG in front of the TV. I promise I will recover. LOL but NO MORE beach for at least a few days. LOL

Day at the Beach

I spent the Saturday at the beach with my Daughter Jamie, who was visiting me, and my girlfriend Mary. It was fantastic! Clear sky's, clear water, and lots and lots of sun! We went to the beach around 9am and stayed there till after 4pm.

Laying in the sun (all except for Mary, who stayed under her umbrella) and even went into the cold cold water a few times. Giggle. They are total wooses about the cold water, so mainly I went into the water. Cold doesn't bother me at all! We also walked the boardwalk till I was exhusted, but it was fun!!!

Jamie came down for the weekend, minus the 3 kids, and the hubby. She just needed some time by herself, before the kids sent her around the bend. Giggle She had on this pretty pink bathing suit, 2 piece (the top doesn't have a back at all!!!!)...Because even after 3 kids (the last one 4 months ago) she'll thin as a rail. Ahhhhh I remember those days. When I married my Hubby at 25, I weighed only 95 pounds! Of course I was anerexic. And really didn't look that great, but I thought I did. My hubby got me out of it, and now, all these years later...... Though I'm overweight, I'm much happier.

Miss Mary had on this Cherry Red bathing suit, that looks fantastic on her! Really suits her coloring...Which is pale, pale, pale.... As those of you who check her blog can tell!!
Me, I wore a Two piece (the type of 2 piece that actually doesn't show skin) tank suit, that's navy blue, dull but cute! And sooooo comphy!

I sometimes worry about going to the beach in a bathing suit, when I'm so chubby....But after 2 minutes of looking around at the other women there......... I feel great about myself!!! LOL Believe me, if you check out the others at the beach, most of the time you start feeling like the thinnest person in the world. But then, I just think that I'm 50, and a grandmom, and I still think I have the looks..... If not the body anymore. Giggle

that's of course if you don't look at the teenie boppers.......But just think, they haven't had KIDS YET!!! Their time will come. Giggle

Ohhhh, and the "eye candy" was totally FANTASTIC!!!! All those young hot black men, strutting around in skimpy bathingsuits. SIGH!!! I kept getting so distracted that I'm surprised I didn't walk into a wall or something!! And the OLDER ones were even HOTTER!!! Gads!!!! It was nice to see. Giggle There's something about a black man with tattoo's that drive me nuts!!!!

Not that many of the men had anything on my friend James. He doesn't think he's body is that great, but I'm here to tell you..........YUMMMMMMMM. And he's got the cutest butt in the world!!!! Besides, he cooks for me!!!!! Can you get anything better then that!!!

Everyone is still asleep. Mary stayed over and joined Jamie and I in a slumber party last night. Today Mark, Jamie's hubby, will be down to pick her up with the kids. He wants to go to the beach again, so though a tiny bit sunburned, I'm all for it!!

I have 3 grandchildren. Sabastion who's 5 going on 6...... Morganna who's 3, and Elizabeth Paige who's 4 months old. And they LOVE the beach. So it should be fun! Mary is probably not going to join us....She can't take all that sun. Plus on the weekends it cost money to go to the beach, and we're are all tapped out after yesterday!!!!

But there was fun for all, relaxation, yummy chocolate, clams on the half shell, shrimp, crabs.... and don't forget the eye candy!!!!! What more could a women ask for!!!!!!

Friday, June 24, 2005

Upcoming dissapointment

LOL Well, I guess that as good a title as I can get. My "fun" convention is only 14 days away, and again I'm going alone. It was quite nice for a while, nice, but frustrating. I had 9 people in the room at one time, now I'm down to me, and maybe Mike, my friend.

What did I do wrong, well..... first I decided that I didn't want my slave to go with me, he's just too much work at times, and I wanted someone with me that would help me relax, not cause me to do work. So I pissed him off by telling him to stay home, he's still in a snit about it, but, well really, I don't care!

Then I was hoping my sometime playmate James would come. Now that would have been fun!!! He's the guy in charge, giggle, and I'm sure I would have had major relaxation (wink) during the weekend. Giggle But James had to work. And I refuse to let him know how dissapointed I am, so I just joke about it. After all, it's not his fault that he can't come, so why take it out on him.

And the other people found that they could afford a room of their own, so, except for Mike (and I'm not sure if he will be there or not) it's just me. LOL Typical, typical. You know, I hate to say this, but I think I'm getting depressed a little too often, maybe it time to find out about taking some meds before I get all bogged down again in the blackness.

Not that it lasts long. Anything can snap me out of it. But being alone, who's going to help me with that. LOL Last time I looked, merlin didn't care if I was depressed, as long as I feed him.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


If your moving into a new house, you know you have to cleanse it. But, just moving is a huge energy drain, you don't want to do any cleansing till your all moved in and settled.

So in the mean time there are a few easy things to do. Pick out one of your favorite crystals and plant it outside the front door. Just a few inches under the soil, so that you don't loose it. This is only temporary and you will dig it up later when you have a chance to do a real cleansing.

You can also put some crystals in the bedroom (this is a must, you have no idea what aura's can be in there. Giggle) and on your window sills. Just remember to air out the house, settle in and enjoy

When you have people over for a house warming, some one must bring the "new house" items. You can tell people to bring one of each, or assign someone to bring an item. This is what you need to have:

A ham................So you'll never be hungry
Salt....................To add spice to your life
bread................To share with friends

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Troll News

The Troll's have returned the Knob!!!

Yep, it was found out in the open, right where I had searched 20 times before. They are real fun loving, hairy, little fellows!!! LOL

Well I'm all relaxed tonight, the drawer knob is back, I had a long hot soak in a gardenia bubble bath, had some " interesting" conversation with a very nice Man.... And on top of all that, I managed to clean out my bedroom closet!!!! Yippie for me!!!!!!!! Now that I'm all relaxed its time for bed, tomorrow I'll post more spells

Good friends of mine are moving into a new house, so maybe I'll go over how to cleanse a new place, and the different traditions associated with it. Nite nite!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I just bought 6 really pretty knobs for a dresser that I just re-painted. They were over $5 each!!! But, I couldn't resist. They are round, faceted, and glass...But they look like expensive crystal. I just loved them!

Now the dressers done (all of this in less then a day!) and all the knobs are on..........Except one!!! Which has disappeared, left this plane of existence, gone away, went thru a time warp..... Whatever! But gone!

So this is my Troll Rhyme


The trolls are coming hear them squealing, running.
Always scheming, while we dream.
Searching out the pretty things!
shiny bobbles, glitter rings
Take them home and horde them now,
let the humans wonder how,
they lost that damn thing anyhow?
Watching Troll's giggling so gay
Play with it, put it back another day

Anyone know of any recipes for Roasted Trolls!!!!!!!!


O Mother Goddess, thank you for the love you show me every day
I see your face in every leaf of every tree, and in the dew on a butterfly's wing.
Thank you for the joys and pains I have experienced,
and will experience, this summer.

O Father God, thank you for all of your gifts.
The gift of sunshine and the gift of rain.
The gift of happiness and the gift of pain.
Thank you for life itself, the most precious gift of all.
My heart is forever with you.
Please keep me faithful in your service

Sunday, June 19, 2005

From my Daughter

My daughter Jamie sent this one on to you guys

for a good nights rest.

Lord and Lady god and goddesses above, hear my plea, grant to me a good nights sleep..
as i close my eyes to rest, let my mind clear of all thoughts and stress...
lord and lady, god and goddess above here my please grant to me the restfull sleep i need.

Chant Three Times

Chant this 3 times over
Open mind, and gain new life,
Gone from you, all stress and strife.
Open heart, gain life anew,
Accept all love that's offered you.
Positive thought and word and deed
Enter now, of bane I'm freed.
Anchients, hear me, grant my plea
To new relationships, open me.

Keeper of what disappears,
Hear me now, open your ears.
Find for me what I now seek
By Moon, Sun, Wind, Fire, Earth, and Sea.

Venus, Queen of Love, divine
Bring the love to me that's mine.
Perfect, she/he, and perfect, me,
Together we are meant to be.
Venus, Queen of Love, so warm
Bring my love to me without harm.
Let nothing keep us now apart,
Bring perfect love to fill my heart

Place a small bowl or cup in a place you can get to it. Every day add three coins of any denomination, and say"

Trinka five, trinka five
Ancient spirtis come alive.
Money grow and money thrive,
Spitits of the Trinka five.

continue each day to you recieve the money you need

Little Blessing

The Goddess is my guardian, I shall not want.
She surrounds me with perfect love and perfect peace.
She leads me beside still waters to drink,
She restores my soul.
She guides me on my spiritual path.
Yea, though I walk through a life in the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil; for She is with me.
Her love and protection, they comfort me.
She prepares me with strength, courage, and knowledge in the presence of mine enemies.
She anoints my being with incense.
My Love runneth over and I am filled with an abundance of health and joy.
Surely goodness and luck shall follow me all the days of my life,
And I will dwell in the arms of the Goddess forever.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Sandy but Happy

Couldn't sleep last night.

No, no problems, but I always seem to be on the verge of insomnia. :Sigh: but I manage to cope.

Was going to work on my blog, (I have some great spells for you!) but instead said, "what the Hell!" and decided to hit the beach. This is at 5:30 in the morning!!!!! My car is always packed with my beach stuff, so I put on my suit, and took off. 10 minutes later I'm sitting on the sand at the beach, watching the waves, and seagulls, and then ZONK fast asleep. Giggle But it was nice, I stayed till around 11:30 toasting in the sun, and dipping in the water. Yummmmm

Then I packed up, and went to my friend Marys for a bar-B-que. Which by the way was totally great!!! Her hubby Dave sure grills a mean hamburger. Double Yummmm. Now I'm home, but too tired to do much. LOL A little burned, but that never lasts long with me, I'm tan within a few hours.

Tomorrow I promise more spells. Hummmmmmm could use a good one for some money!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I'm Baaaaack!

Hi everyone, I'm back, and managed to survive the funeral and relatives with just minor physiological damage. But, as far as I can tell, only a few brain cells have died, most of them are still in tact....But probably damaged. I really don't want to start talking about it, unless you want to hear the ranting about my step-father, my step-sister and her family, and my Drama Queen Sister, sooooooo on to more interesting stuff.


For those of you who love raising herbs, but have no idea what to do with them afterwards, here's a few tips.

When growing herbs, make sure you don't grow them near, or use pesticides on them. Keep the growth natural, not even using fertilizer on them.

When they are grown, and BEFORE they flower, cut them close to the ground, bundle them up (please use natural twine to do this, and tie them about half way down the stems) and hang them, stems up, in a dry, cool, shady place.

You can use your back porch, or basement, or even just a inside room away from the windows. You don't need to use sun to dry herbs, it causes the properties to break down. Shade is best. Let them hang for as long as it takes to dry, this could take months, and time won't make a difference, so make sure they are well dry. Then, break them up, and store in jars or tupperwear. I love tupperwear for this!!! Keeps them air tight, and I can stack the containers on shelves till they are ready to use. MAKE SURE YOU LABEL THEM!!!

I've forgotten that before, and have to play a "sniffing" game trying to figure out what is what.

this is when you take the dry or fresh herb, (mostly the leaf part of the herb) and pour boiling water over it, and let it steep. Make sure the pot is covered. You don't want the steam to escape. After it cools, bottle it up and keep in the fridge, or drink it hot.

This is used for woody herbs or stems or roots. They have to be chopped up, you add them to a saucepan, and bring to a boil, and allow to simmer for 15 minutes. Again, bottle, and refrigerate... And Label the bottle!

They can be tricky. You have to use a mixture or water and alcohol in a 5 to 1 mixture. I find using vodka or brandy is totally dandy. Add the herbs, close the bottle, and let it sit for 2 weeks or more.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Off for a few days

hay guys, I'm going to be off for a few days, due to the passing of my Mother. I'll be attending the wake and funeral till this weekend.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Did I mention I write poetry????

I like to write sometimes, not just spells:

He led her By the collar, he led her by her hair.
And she responded Ilove you dear,
And he responded Bitch Im here.
And late at night, after passion was done
Home he went, for he was a solitary one.
But, she laid there, deep within the night,
Alone and confused, which was her right.
For she served him with no thought of herself.
And gloried in her pain,
But with the first light dawning
He left her disdainain.
To live her life, by herself,
Till darkness brought him back again.
Her pretty lips would tremble
Her sea blue eyes would tear
But he wasn't around to see it
To comfort her, and her fears
And soon she turned to another
One who used her as his dear,
Spanked and abused her, pulled her long blond hair.
But at the daylight dawning, next to her he lay
And stroked her cool pale body,
And loved her fears away
For when you serve another, No matter how you love,
A slave is just a slave at dawn, Unless she's blessed with love
Judith Oliveri

Little bunnies hopping round
as I smash them in the ground
spring is here I hear them say
but those bunnies are too gay
smash them down, and grind them up
bunny butter for my sup

I am tired,
And I don't know why.
It seems the fates have passed me by.
Lonely, sad, forgotten now.
Why did I come here, and how?
By all that's real and all that's right
I hope to pass thru this dark night
To light and love,
And longing true.
My one true love will see me thru.
Judith Oliveri

some people go to sleep at night and dream a happy dream.
Surrounded by the ones they love
In bliss forever seen.
Some women dream of handsome men,
who love them to the end.
And men will dream of shapely girls,
With raven silky dressed curls.
But when I sleep at night,
those happy dreams don't come
Living with out love for so long ,
has brought my world undone.
Not that I live in sorrow,
Or heartache by the ton.
I just live my life day by day
From rising to setting sun.
No flowers from the favorite one,
No candies or cards
No warm embrace late at night
To keep my heart warm
And people often say,
how happy I always seem
But none see the emptiness at night, when I try to dream.
Judith Oliveri

sometimes the world treats you badly,
and you say
I wish for death today.
sometimes the world treats you grandly,
and you say
I wish for death today.
makes no difference in you mind,
when love is gone,
your left behind,
the world is bleak in black and white
colors fade with the night.
so sorrow comes and burrows in,
and all you friends
no nothing of your sin.
for in the light, you laugh and sing
and in the dark,
there is, again, nothing....
Judith Oliveri

For I am old now,
the witch would sigh.
My cauldrons empty,
my herbs are nigh.
all the spells and potions
wither in the light,
and no longer prolong
the darkness of the night.
for I am old now,
no more spells for me
the oldness of my magic
isn't what it seems
I wish to cast one last spell
to keep the night at bay
but I am old now,
there is no longer the day.
So dampen the blazing fire
free the souls I keep
for I am old now
and all I wish for,
is sleep.
Judith Oliveri

Love from your cat

You feed me when I’m hungry, you keep water in my dish
You let me stare at you all day long, or longer if I wish
You don’t get mad whenever I leave fur about the place
You let me sleep most anywhere,
Your room your bed, your face
Ack ack ack
You cope with coughed up hairballs
That are covered with my spit
You always fill my litter box
So I can take a……… well you know
You always have my loyalty
Untill the bitter end
Cause after all it’s plain to see
Your truly my best friend!

The care and feeding of Crystals

Crystals are not hard to control once you know a few rules:

1. Size DOES NOT matter with them. A nice small crystal is as good as a huge one

2. Crystals must be kept in the sun. Not house light, or heaven's forbid...Fluorescent lights...But natural sunlight. Window sills are great for this!

3. All crystals must be cleansed before you use them. Either put them in salt for a few days, or soak them in salt water.

The size of the crystal isn't that important. I like a larger one for healing, and smaller ones adorn my window sills for protection. Most of the ones I bought I got at Michaels, or other hobby shops.

But, no matter what, they have to be kept in natural sunlight for as much of the day as possible. Even if you have to add a shelf to a nice sunny window and place them on it. Putting them away in a china cabinet isn't good for them, they become dead

Crystal's are special. You can almost think of them as a type of animal. Their job is to sit in the sun, and dream the day away. During this dreaming, they can be used for healing, or just bringing luck. But they hate the dark!!! Maybe because that is where they are first formed, in the dark inner spaces of the earth, and when they have the opportunity to see the sun, they relish it. (plus they are sooooo vain, they think they are super pretty in the sunlight....Which they are....But don't tell them that!!!!)

Also, this animal called a crystal, is a big pain in the ass!!!!! Once exposed to sunlight they tend to dream away the days....... And why should they help you if they are dreaming? That's the whole secret to getting crystals to work for you. You have to treat them like a 2 year old. Threaten them with being locked in a dark closet for the rest of their lives, if they don't do what you ask. Or even worse....That you will bury them in the earth again....Deep!!!!!

If you want to use a crystal to help heal yourself or protect you, that's what you have to do to them first. Talk to them, even put them in a dark closet for a week, to let them know that you mean what you say. Then, and only then, will they do the work you ask of them.

For healing, after you threaten them, place the crystal at night while in bed, over the area you want healed. You can move it around to different area's, and chant HEAL while you hit the spots you want healed. Then picture their pure white light entering your body, and going after the bad and cleansing it away with pure light that turns the illness into dust!!! Then sleep with it that night, and in the morning return it to the window sill, thank it, and remind it that if they don't perform it's the dark, damp closet for it!!!

After a week of this, or even less if your really sick, cleanse the crystal in salt again, and let it rest in the sun for a few days, even a week, before you use it again.

Not as crankey!!!

I'm not as crankey this morning. My feet feel better, but then I don't have work I have no idea how long that will last. LOL But I'm hungrey. So how about some Wichie recipes?
This is one of my favotes. I often just make it for the grandkiddies:
1 3/4 C. oatmeal
1/4 tsp. Baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. cream of tartar
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
7 Tsp. sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons melted butter
7 tsp. hot water
Combine the oatmeal, baking powder, salt, cream of tartar, cinn. and sugar in a bowl. Stir in the melted butter adn then add the hot water, one spoon at a time, stir good with each addition untill mixture becomes smoothe, but firm paste. Roll it into a ball, sprinkle with extra oatmeal, then roll it out on a board. Cut out with cookie cutters or just use a glass. Bake at 350 degrees fro 15 minutes. Done!

2 quarts apple cider
1/2 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp. nutmeg
1/4 tsp. ginger
1/2 cups confectioner's sugar
after heating
add 1/2 cup (or so, according to taste) apricot brandy.
Now you SLOWLEY simmer on LOW HEAT for a while. DON'T LET IT BOIL. Then add the brandy. YUMMMMMY

Saturday, June 04, 2005

I'm sooooooo tired!!!!

It has been a truly exhausting day. I had to go back to work part time, my income needed a boost. But standing on my feet for 5 solid hours is PURE HELL!!!! Bad part about being a witch, I can't do a spell to call money to myself. :sniff, sniff:

Good part of being a witch with witch friends, I can ask THEM to cast a spell to bring me money. LOL Always good to have friends in the craft. Or, hummmm, I could ask them to bring me a "sugar daddy" !!!! I've never had one, but I've heard about them. Giggle. I wouldn't be expensive..... All I need is about an extra 300 a month, so my sugar daddy would be grateful. LOL I'll pay the bills, every last one of them..... And he can buy the groceries and give me spending money. How does that sound? LOL

So if any of you know of a nice, handsome, older sugar daddy. Let me know! Giggle
I'll go back to spell crafting tomorrow....... I'm just too pooped today.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Stay tuned after these messages............

LOL couldn't help it, for those of you who know the older version of TV, that's how they always announced commercials. I just wanted you all to know that I sell some supply's at my e-bay site. If you would like to see them your welcome too. I'll be offering even more supplies as the weeks go on, so if you do E-bay put me on your favorites. Go to and go on a seller search, and you'll find me under "Drgncoll" I only list a certain amount of stuff each week, but I have tons of Wiccian stuff that isn't up on the site yet, besides some other weird stuff. LOL

Here's some spells for Home and Hearth. This one is a mantra that I say every morning. I just have it typed up and posted on the wall by my computer. I love to read it every morning just for added protection:

By the light and heart of the earth.
I forbid all evil spirits my bedstead and couch.
I forbid you my house and home:
I forbid you my flesh and blood and body and soul.
I irrevocably forbid you entrance to my mind,
and my thoughts.
My fears and my strengths.
until you have traveled over every single hill
and vale:
Forged every stream and river,
counted all the grains of sand on all the shores:
and every star in the sky,
I forbid you!

Just a little something to start of my day, which, sometime is hard to do, like this morning....... I'm trying to write my blog, drink my coffee, and at the same time Merlin is in my face, between me and the keyboard, purring and rubbing, and nibbling on my shoulder. But, I keep typing even with this fuzzy interruption trying to get my attention. My computer desk is his second most favorite place to be. LOL If I don't pay attention to my Familiar, he will gently bite my face, shoulders, and any other place he can reach. Doesn't hurt, but sure can make you jump if he hits a sesative spot.
I guess I should give you the story of Merlin..... Or "a major spell that went sort of wrong". You see, I'm single, and I do love my men to be strong, tall, and light to dark chocolate. Yepper, It's a personal preference, but I do love chocolate men!!! Well, my daughter, who is a way stronger witch then I am, decided to do a spell to get me a lover. (isn't she sweet!) She asked for someone black, loving, strong, slightly domineering, and who would love me forever!!!!

Now here's the bad part of spells. She wasn't SPECIFIC!!!!!! She forgot to mention in the spell that it should be a MAN!!!!!! And Merlin is black, strong, slightly domineering...... But he's also neutered and a CAT!!

Like I said before, the gods, and goddess's will mess with you, if you give them the chance. Giggle, and she left her spell wide open for misinterpretation...... And they had fun with it!! Guess I can't complain. Merlin doesn't complain about my cooking, I can lock him out of the bedroom at night, and he still loves me in the morning. And I can go away for the weekend and he doesn't trash the house while I'm gone, and he never trys to steal the romote! (all things men will do) So I'm grateful, now, if she would only do the spell over!!!!!!! But, now she refuses, because she's afraid she will mess it up even more. Giggle

So do a lot of planning before you do a spell, and remberer: The first few sentences of your spell should be what you want: State it out clearly. Then the last few verses should be how to get what you want:

Something's wrong around here,
bad luck plagues me like the gout:****************"this is the problem"
Clean my aura,
Shine my shields.****************************** "what you want done"
Bring good luck back,
with out a doubt!
As I will so mote it be! **************************"your ending"

Make sure with your spells that your NOT putting any kind of limits on another person, or hurting them. Like with LOVE spells, you can do a spell to bring love into your life, or to open someone's eyes so they will look, and notice you............But you can't make that particular person love you!!!!

Binding someone is bad, and they (the gods and goddess's) will make you suffer with it.

Another thing, if the spell is just to get some sex (you know you've thought of that, didn't you! Giggle) Make sure it has a time limit on it. A few nights, a few weeks, just one night. Also don't mention a persons name! You can describe who you want, to the tee, but just don't say the name. After all, sometimes what you want, isn't what's the best for you. Trust your goddess to take care of it.

Sometimes the ending is funny, like Merlin, but all in all he was the best man for me at the time. And though I laugh about it, I'm grateful for him every day......Even if he insists on trying to drink my coffee, and eat my cookies, he makes me laugh, and that's a "good thing"

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Apathy a Tea for me

One of the good spells I use is for Apathy. Apathy is when you start not giving a shit. You don't want to go out, do things, basically depression. I suffer from this on occasion, have since I was a child. Don't know the reason, it just comes and goes. I found this quick remedy, a slow working one, but good.

Make a nice hot cup of peppermint tea, either using the bag kind, or fresh dried peppermint. As the tea steeps, lean over the cup and chant:

Add excitement, herb of spice,
Restore my interest in the life.
Indifference, please, now chase away.
Remove this villain now, I say!

Like I said, it works pretty good, but for a sure fire cure for depression, you have to have a cat or dog as a pet. This is weird, but you have to try it before you laugh at it. When your home alone, make sure your pets in the room with you, shed your clothing, and do a silly dance in front of the animal. Let me tell you...... Their expression while seeing you do this, will send you into gales of healing laughter!!!!!!! I tried it, and while it think the act has permently cause brain damage in my cat..... I laughted for hours, it's was hysterical!!!!! Depression disappeared really fast. Giggle


Whenever we buy something, or even pick up a rock from the ground, we are coming in contact with other people who have handled it. Especially something from a store. You have no idea what kind of BAD aura's a simple item from the store can contain. The best way to clear them of this aura is with salt. There are a lot of ways to do this. You can place the item in a dish, and cover with salt. If the item is made of glass or stone, you can place it in salt water. If it's clothing, or other washable items, place a handful of salt into your wash with your soap.

Even washing your hands, add a pinch of salt to your hands and wash with that.
I ABSOLUTELY HATE anti-bacterial soap!!!!!! It causes more problems then it cures. It can cause you to be come resistant to antibiotics, and it prevents you from coming into contact with germs..... Coming into contact with germs daily is what keeps you immune system up to date, and in good condition.

If you have an abrasion or cut, try washing it out with salt....Of course if it become infected you would have to use a cream, or see your doctor, but if you wash it out with salt that shouldn't happen. If you garden a lot, here's a nice wash to put in a bottle and keep on your window sill.

Add water to a bottle, 2 nice heaping tablespoons of salt, and some crushed Rosemary. Let it sit on the window sill in the sun. If you get a cut or scrape, use the water to wash it clean. Rosemary has anti-bacterial properties, and the salt of course, has it too. So together it works great!

I always go to a doctor if I'm sick, but that doesn't mean I don't also try natural remedies along with what he suggests. Like for my ashma, I use an inhaler, but I will also go grab a cup of coffee before I go for the inhaler. Coffee dilates the bronchial tubes, so it helps.