Thursday, June 30, 2005

Astrology Information

Zodiac Sign:
The Crab: (scavenger of the seas)Ruling Planet: MoonColor: Silvery Blue

Herbs:Eucalytus Fenugreek
Gemstones: Emerald Ruby
Health Concerns:Abdomen Digestion

Traits:Kind and SympathicImaginative and Caring Negative Traits: Moody and HypersensitiveOverly Emotional Keywords:"I Feel"

People born under the sign of Cancer are intuitive and nurturing. They generally know what they want from life, But some are discouraged by temporary setbacks. People who come in contact with the Cancerian personality are usually impressed by its moody, serious outlook, such a person needs to cultivate important values early in life. Cancerian men and women can often be recognized by their physical agility, willingness to help and their mature outlook on life.

Zodiac Sign: The Mountain Goat (A survivor) Ruling Planet: MarsColor: Red

Herbs:Marjoram and Garlic
Gemstones: Diamond and Amethyst
Health Concerns:Stress and Headaches

Traits:Adventurious Direct,Freedom Loving Negative Traits: Selfish, Impulsive, Stubborn Keywords:"I exist"

Being the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries represents a beginning of all kinds. Aries people like to be first, and are often in a hurry. For all of that, their leadership qualities are well defined. They have a natural tendency to be assertive and single-minded. In a negative situation, this can lead to stubborn aggression, but when channelled positively, the Aries personality exhibits leadership and creative accomplishments. Endurance and loads of self confidence make it possible for an Aries to do things that might seem impossible to others. Very trustworthy, and even being a "me first" person they manage to put most everyones needs ahead of their own, especially friends and loved ones.

Zodiac Sign: Pisces(Two fish swimming in different directions)Ruling Planet: NeptuneColor: Soft sea green

Herbs:Rose Hips Seaweed
Gemstones: ChrysoliteAquamarine
Health Concerns:Immune system Feet

Traits:SympathicCreativeUnderstanding Negative Traits: VagueIndecisiveWeak-willed Keywords:"I believe" The Pisces personality is often less interested in practical, everyday things than with the emotional or spiritual side of life. Many people born under this sign have artistic and creative talent which will be expressed in nearly everything they do. Most Pisceans have a natural talent for understanding the emotional makeup of other human beings. The Pisces gift of insight into their motivations may seem like magic, but it is simply the product of natural sensitivity and intuition.