Wednesday, August 25, 2010

...and so, the time has come.....

Ms. B's contest!!!!!

I just opened my package this morning from "" The artist who gave a tile to Ms. B for her contest!!!!!

I can't even describe how nice it is!!!! Just take a look at the picture, and know I'm floating on air!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I just realized that while very pretty, the quartz wasn't major witchy.... so I'm putting another one up. This one is sterling silver also, with brass, pretty goddess on one side, pentagram on the other!


Please excuse the picture, my camera is being a spoiled brat! She's refusing to take close up pictures for some odd reason!

This is a nice piece of heart shaped Rose Quartz! Bound in genuine sterling silver, with a "tree of life" symbol on both sides!

Rose Quartz Gemstone meaning

Your marriage can have more sparkle and fire when you keep a rose quartz under your pillow. You will look younger too.

Rose quartz is known as the love stone. It helps the user feel a strong sense of self-worth, therefore being worth love. Rose quartz is the stone of universal love. It is also the stone of love in marriage. When worn in jewelry the wearer feels a sense of self-worth, calmness, and love

Healing properties of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz has a gentle vibration of love for the owner. It gives inner peace and helps in all matters pertaining to love in all its forms. Rose Quartz opens the heart to love. It also helps rejuvenate the skin. It is a lovely stone for a young person.

It is said washing the face in water charged by rose quartz will help fade wrinkles and keep the skin young.

Now to win this:

1. comment on the blog

2. follow me on facebook

3. post about the give-a-way on your blog (this one will give you 2 extra entrys!)

Each one gives you one entry. And I promise NOT to have Merlin pick the winner this time.... he loves the taste of paper too much!

The winner will be picked on the first week in September


Changed the setting for this one give-a-way, if you don't have a blog or google account, you can still post.... just make sure you put your name in the comment!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


May the Gods and Goddess's bless Rutgers University!!!!!

My the University keep my son educated, healthy, and AWAY FROM HOME!!!!!!

12 DAYS!!!!! JUST 12 DAYS!!!!! And I drop the "boy" off at collage, and sing yippppppppppieeeeeeee, allllllll the way home!!!!!

No more constant chatter about video games, no more constant TV noise coming from his room, no more of him commenting on EVERY phone call I get.... and no more disappearing FOOD!!!!

I can once again sit quietly in my living room, my TV at a NORMAL volume. I can go to the store... ALONE!!! I can eat what I want without having to buy mega stuff for him.....

and I could go on, and on, and on!!!!!

It was a nice summer vacation....just a bit too long.... but nice. I do enjoy him when he's home, but I've gotten so used to him being gone that It can be a bit trying having him here all the time.

Besides the fact that after the first 3 weeks, he was board to tears being home with nothing to do!

So, if you don't hear from me for a while, just know we are doing the final packing up of his stuff, and final shopping.... but know also that when I go into my room in the evening that .... I am doing the JIGGY DANCE OF JOY!!! GIGGLE

Monday, August 16, 2010

Salt Magic, the household type!

Aside from all of the alchemy that salt performs in terms of baking chemistry and food flavor, salt has a number of other great applications in the kitchen.

Test egg freshness.
Put two teaspoons of salt in a cup of water and place an egg in it -- a fresh egg will sink, an older egg will float. Because the air cell in an egg increases as it ages, an older egg is more buoyant. This doesn't mean a floating egg is rotten, just more mature. Crack the egg into a bowl and examine it for any funky odor or appearance -- if it's rotten, your nose will tell you. (Bonus fact: if you have hard-boiled eggs that are difficult to peel, that means they are fresh!)

Set poached eggs.
Because salt increases the temperature of boiling water, it helps to set the whites more quickly when eggs are dropped into the water for poaching.

Prevent fruits from browning.
Most of us use lemon or vinegar to stop peeled apples and pears from browning, but you can also drop them in lightly salted water to help them keep their color.

Shell nuts more easily.
Soak pecans and walnuts in salt water for several hours before shelling to make it easier to remove the meat.

Prevent cake icing crystals.
A little salt added to cake icings prevents them from sugaring.

Remove odors from hands.
Oniony-garlicy fingers? I like soap and water, then rubbing them on anything made of stainless steel (it really works), but you can also rub your fingers with a salt and vinegar combo.

Reach high peaks.
Add a tiny pinch of salt when beating egg whites or whipping cream for quicker, higher peaks.

Extend cheese life.
Prevent mold on cheese by wrapping it in a cloth moistened with saltwater before refrigerating.

Save the bottom of your oven.
If a pie or casserole bubbles over in the oven, put a handful of salt on top of the spill. It won't smoke and smell, and it will bake into a crust that makes the baked-on mess much easier to clean when it has cooled.

mosquito bites

Personal Care
Extend toothbrush life.
Soak toothbrushes in salt water before your first use; they'll last longer.

Clean teeth.
Use one part fine salt to two parts baking soda -- dip your toothbrush in the mix and brush as usual. You can also use the same mix dissolved in water for orthodontic appliances.

Rinse your mouth.
Mix equal parts salt and baking soda in water for a fresh and deodorizing mouth rinse.

Ease mouth problems.
For cankers, abscesses, and other mouth sores, rinse your mouth with a weak solution of warm saltwater several times a day.

Relieve bee-sting pain.
Ouch? Immediately dampen area and pack on a small pile of salt to reduce pain and swelling. More bee-sting tips here.

Treat mosquito bites.
A saltwater soak can do wonders for that special mosquito-bite itch -- a poultice of salt mixed with olive oil can help too.

Treat poison ivy.
Same method as for treating mosquito bites. (Salt doesn't seem to distinguish between itches.)

Have an exfoliating massage.
After bathing and while still wet give yourself a massage with dry salt. It freshens skin and boosts circulation.

Ease throat pain.
Mix salt and warm water, gargle to relieve a sore throat.

Around the House
Deter ants.
Sprinkle salt at doorways, window sills, and anywhere else ants sneak into your house. Ants don't like to walk on salt.

Extinguish grease fires.
Keep a box of salt near your stove and oven, and if a grease fire flares up, douse the flames with salt. (Never use water on grease fires; it will splatter the burning grease.) When salt is applied to fire, it acts like a heat sink and dissipates the heat from the fire -- it also forms an oxygen-excluding crust to smother the fire.

Drip-proof candles.
If you soak new candles in a strong salt solution for a few hours, then dry them well, they will not drip as much when you burn them.

Keep cut flowers fresh.
A dash of salt added to the water in a flower vase will keep cut flowers fresh longer. (You can also try an aspirin or a dash of sugar for the same effect.)

Arrange artificial flowers.
Artificial flowers can be held in place by pouring salt into the vase, adding a little cold water and then arranging the flowers. The salt become solid as it dries and holds the flowers in place.

Make play dough.
Use 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup salt, 1 cup water, 2 tablespoons oil, and 2 tablespoons cream of tartar. Stir together flour, cream of tartar, salt, and oil, and slowly add water. Cook over medium heat stirring frequently until dough becomes stiff. Spread onto wax paper and let cool. Knead the dough with your hands until it reaches a good dough consistency. (Read about juice dyes here.)

Repair walls.
To fill nail holes, fix chips or other small dings in white sheet-rock or plaster walls, mix 2 tablespoons salt and 2 tablespoons cornstarch, then add enough water (about 5 teaspoons) to make a thick paste. Use the paste to fill the holes.

Deter patio weeds.
If weeds or grass grow between bricks or blocks in your patio, sidewalk, or driveway, carefully spread salt between the cracks, then sprinkle with water or wait for rain to wet it down.

Kill poison ivy.
Mix three pounds of salt with a gallon of soapy water (use a gentle dish soap) and apply to leaves and stems with a sprayer, avoiding any plant life that you want to keep.

De-ice sidewalks and driveways.
One of the oldest tricks in the book! Lightly sprinkle rock salt on walks and driveways to keep snow and ice from bonding to the pavement and allow for easier shoveling/scraping. But don't overdo it; use the salt sensibly to avoid damage to plants and paws.

Tame a wild barbecue.
Toss a bit of salt on flames from food dripping in barbecue grills to reduce the flames and calm the smoke without cooling the coals (like water does).

Salt works as an effective yet gentle scouring agent. Salt also serves as a catalyst for other ingredients, such as vinegar, to boost cleaning and deodorizing action. For a basic soft scrub, make a paste with lots of salt, baking soda and dish soap and use on appliances, enamel, porcelain, etc.

Clean sink drains.
Pour salt mixed with hot water down the kitchen sink regularly to deodorize and keep grease from building up.

Remove water rings.
Gently rub a thin paste of salt and vegetable oil on the white marks caused by beverage glasses and hot dishes on wooden tables.

Clean greasy pans.
Cast-iron skillets can be cleaned with a good sprinkling of salt and paper towels.

Clean stained cups.
Mix salt with a dab of dish soap to make a soft scrub for stubborn coffee and tea stains.

Clean refrigerators.
A mix of salt and soda water can be used to wipe out and deodorize the inside of your refrigerator, a nice way to keep chemical-y cleaners away from your food.

Clean brass or copper.
Mix equal parts of salt, flour, and vinegar to make a paste, and rub the paste on the metal. After letting it sit for an hour, clean with a soft cloth or brush and buff with a dry cloth.

Clean rust.
Mix salt and cream of tartar with just enough water to make a paste. Rub on rust, let dry, brush off and buff with a dry, soft cloth. You can also use the same method with a mix of salt and lemon.

Clean a glass coffee pot.
Every diner waitress' favorite tip: add salt and ice cubes to a coffee pot, swirl around vigorously, and rinse. The salt scours the bottom, and the ice helps to agitate it more for a better scrub.


Attack wine spills.
If a tipsy guest tips wine on your cotton or linen tablecloth, blot up as much as possible and immediately cover the wine with a pile of salt, which will help pull the remaining wine away form the fiber. After dinner, soak the tablecloth in cold water for 30 minutes before laundering. (Also works on clothing.)

Quell oversudsing.
Since, of course, we are all very careful in how much detergent we use in our laundry, we never have too many suds. But if someone overfills ... you can eliminate excess suds with a sprinkle of salt.

Dry clothes in the winter.
Use salt in the final laundry rinse to prevent clothes from freezing if you use an outdoor clothes line in the winter.

Brighten colors.
Wash colored curtains or washable fiber rugs in a saltwater solution to brighten the colors. Brighten faded rugs and carpets by rubbing them briskly with a cloth that has been dipped in a strong saltwater solution and wrung out.

Remove perspiration stains.
Add four tablespoons of salt to one quart of hot water and sponge the fabric with the solution until stains fade.

Remove blood stains.
Soak the stained cloth in cold saltwater, then launder in warm, soapy water and boil after the wash. (Use only on cotton, linen, or other natural fibers that can take high heat.)

Tackle mildew or rust stains.
Moisten stained spots with a mixture of lemon juice and salt, then spread the item in the sun for bleaching -- then rinse and dry.

Clean a gunky iron bottom.
Sprinkle a little salt on a piece of paper and run the hot iron over it to remove rough, sticky spots.

Set color.
Salt is used commonly in the textile industry, but works at home too. If a dye isn't colorfast, soak the garment for an hour in 1/2 gallon of water to which you've added 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/2 cup salt, then rinse. If rinse water has any color in it, repeat. Use only on single-colored fabric or madras. If the item is multicolored, dry-clean it to avoid running all of the colors together.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Did you know that Butterfly's are SUICIDAL????

Perfect day outside, breezy, sunny, and cool..... so I thought I would go out and paint this large shelf my son found in the garbage, somewhere. (Love dumpster diving, find all good stuff!)

I want to put it up, on the living room wall, between two black bookcase's, so I have to paint it black.


I just had this picture of putting up a shelf covered with stuck, live butterfly's!!!!


Finally, after bothering me for a few minutes, they went away!

I AM NOT A FREAKING FLOWER!!! Hummmm, maybe my red hair confused them???

Friday, August 13, 2010

Banging my head on the table.... ouch!

A lady on e-bay made this toooooooo cuuuuuuttttte outfit for my doll!!! It's on sale, and I WANT IT, WANT IT, WANT IT!!!!

But, I know it's going to go for way to much, but I can't help checking out the auction every few minutes... and watching the price shoot up as the auction is ending in a few days!!!


I'm sooooo excited!!!

Ms. B (

just informed me I'm the winner of this wonderful signed tile from!!!!!!

I'm so excited to get it!!!!! YIPPPPPPIEEEEEE

Thursday, August 12, 2010



You will need: a picture of your enemy, or a drawing if a photo is not available.
Make sure no one else is in the photo if you use one.
Vanilla incense.
Take the picture of your enemy and pass it through the smoke of the vanilla incense.

say the following 3 times:

Enemy, enemy, turn into friend
let all ill will now come to an end.


Two candles with the astrological color correspondences of both your signs.

Light both candles. Chant:

Candle shining in the night
With your flame enchanted,
By the powers of magic might
May my wish be granted.
Winds of friendship blow this way, from now until our final day.
This spell that I send is now at an end.

Let the magick I've laid, go forth and not fade! So mote it be!

Sprinkle cinnamon over the candles, watching as it crackles.

Blow out the candles in the direction of your friend's house, so the smoke wafts in his/her direction.

Each morning the following week, have cinnamon toast for breakfast.
And if you can, sprinkle cinnamon on your cappuccino.

And if you like it, chew cinnamon gum. (Are you sensing a theme here?)
If it's in the best interests of the universe, your friend will agree with you during the week.


small piece rhodonite assorted flowers
cauldron filled half-way with water (preferably spring or filtered)

Before the spell begins, decorate your altar with fresh cut flowers in a manner that will allow them to witness your work. Call upon you're the appropriate deity/spirit of your tradition and ask them to witness your spell.

Place the stone in the center of the cauldron with water.
Open yourself and allow yourself to feel peaceful.
When you are relaxed, take a step back and while concentrating on the quarrel say.

The time has come for his quarrel to end.
Let anger be released and begin the mend.

Repeat this until you can feel any anger or hurt about the argument floating away.
Collect the flowers and put them in a vase using the water from your cauldron.
Keep them in a place in your home that you go to often and allow then to remind you that all will be well soon.

Give the stone to the other person as a gift.
Try to resolve your differences rationally and if you feel yourself getting angry repeat the chant to yourself.
Your argument should be well on it's way to being over by the time the flowers wilt.


To be done after an argument has occurred between you and a loved one.
Draw two figures on separate sheets of paper-one representing you and the other representing the other person. Personalize the figures as needed (e.g.. Draw yellow on the head for blond hair, draw glasses , etc.)

Place an unbroken bay leaf on one figure and lay the other figure
face-down on top, creating a sandwich type thing. Say:

"Let the bay leaf take the energy and anger that is between us."
Separate the figures. Pick up the bay leaf and crumple it in the palm of your hand.
While doing so, say:

" As this leaf is broken and blown away,
Let the anger contained within also break and blow away."

Place the figures again on top of each other and say,

"Now there is no anger between us."
Blow the leaf to the wind. Wrap the figures up with a pink ribbon and put in safe place.


Take a brown candle and write your enemy's name on it three times.
Place it a bowl of brown sugar. Light the candle and affirm;

"Your hostility, I'll overcome.
In days of nine, your friendship is mine."

Do this before you go to bed.

In the morning take what is left of the candle wax and the brown sugar and throw
it in your enemy's yard. Do this for nine consecutive days without fail.


Inscribe a pink candle with your name, then anoint the rose quartz with sunflower oil.

Light the candle. Hold the stone in your hand, and visualize friendships coming your
way and a new relationships forming. Chant three times

open mind, and gain new life,
gone from you, all stress and strife.
open heart, gain life anew.
accept all love that's offered you.
positive thought and word and deed.
enter now, of bane I'm freed
ancient, hear me---grant my plea
to new relationships, open me.

place the stone by the candle, and leave it there until the candle burns down.
carry the stone with you.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Witch's ladder


If you want to do a spell to comfort a sick friend, try making a witch's ladder.
Take a long blue cord or ribbon, and collect 7 symbols to hang from it --

things like Grey feathers for protection during sleep, sprigs of healing herbs, garlic for healing and protection, small talismans, conjure bags, charms you get the idea.

The important thing is that the symbols should represent comfort, protection, and healing.

Tie them to the cord and charge it with comforting power.

A witch's ladder is one of those nifty things we sometimes hear about but rarely see. Its purpose is similar to that of a rosary - it's basically a tool for meditation and ritual, in which different colors are used as symbols for one's intent.

It's also used as a counting tool, because in some spell workings there is a need to repeat the working a particular number of times.

You can use the ladder to keep track of your count, running the feathers or beads along as you do so.

Traditionally, the witch's ladder is made with red, white and black yarn, and then nine different colored feathers woven in.

Here's How:

It makes more sense to use yarn colors that have a significance to you and your working. Also, finding nine differently colored feathers can be tricky if you're looking for them out in the wild -- you can't just go plucking feathers from local endangered species -- and that means a trip to the craft store and some oddly tinted feathers.

I'd recommend using either found feathers of any color, or something else entirely -- beads, buttons, bits of wood, shells, or other items you have around your home.

Cut the yarn so that you have three different pieces in a workable length - usually a yard or so is good. Although you can use the traditional red, white and black, there's no hard and fast rule that says you must. Tie the ends of the three pieces of yarn together in a knot.

Begin braiding the yarn together, tying the feathers or beads into the yarn, and securing each in place with a sturdy knot. Some people like to chant or count as they braid and add the feathers. If you wish, you can say something like this variation on the traditional chant:

By knot of one, the spell's begun.
By knot of two, the magic comes true.
By knot of three, so it shall be.
By knot of four, this power is stored.
By knot of five, my will shall drive.
By knot of six, the spell I fix.
By knot of seven, the future I leaven.
By knot of eight, my will be fate.
By knot of nine, what is done is mine.

As the feathers are tied into knots, focus your intent and goal. As you tie the final and ninth knot, all your energy should be directed into the cords, the knots and the feathers.

The energy is literally stored within the knots of the witch's ladder. When you've completed the string and added all nine feathers or beads, you can either knot the end and hang the ladder up, or you can tie the two ends together forming a circle.



When presenting your house spirits with offerings of incense,
candles or what not you can say this little chant:

"Wraith of the house, Take heart and live,
To every chamber This light I give,
To every corner This breath I send
Approve and favor my willing hand."


" Oh Great Ones, My Goddess and my God, I call upon you, In need of your help,
Bless this water, (Hold up small bowl of water.)
Bless this water, With you power, With you purification, With you healing powers,
Bless this water (put bowl down, and now use the water for power, purification and healing)
With the water you so blessed, May this harm none,
The spell is done, So mote it be and blessed be ."


Dwelling of Stone, Metal, Wood and Earth
Silent One, Protective One, you of the four winds
Dwelling of Health, Wealth Joy and Peace:
Guardian Sustained you of the Earth
Dwelling of Stone Metal Wood and Earth
Secure One Peaceful One
You of the Guarded and protected you be
Cleansed and pure you be
Peaceful and loving you be
It is finished in Beauty
It is finished in Beauty
It is finished in Beauty

Friday, August 06, 2010

Being silly

But I swear, my hubby said almost ALL of these things!!!

Thursday, August 05, 2010


I think I'd better eat these pickles!!!! They have been in the pantry waaaaaaaayyyyy to long!

Cute but a pain in my ass!

This is my resident Ground Hog. I call him GETTHEFUCKAWAYFROMMYTOMATOES!! It's an old Indian name. giggle

Wednesday, August 04, 2010


Sigh, it's almost time for school to start, and my son is board!!!

I walked in to seeing poor Merlin, covered with cat toys, looking at me pleadingly for rescue from the boy!!!

Monday, August 02, 2010

Say A H M E N!!!