Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spell to prevent thieft

Now that the crocuses begin to carpet lawns with their color, it is a good time for a spell to protect against theft. Ancient magicians burned crocus petals, hoping the smoke would reveal the face of thieves. To protect your home against a thief, in a small dish combine the flowers of three crocus flowers, a teaspoon of dried basil, and a generous dash of black pepper. Sprinkle this mixture outside your home, moving around the building in a clockwise direction. Repeat this charm three times as you go:

Crocus for protection, Basil to purify,
Pepper to sting.
Let no thief penetrate this ring.

Repeat this fair charm again in one year.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My birthday is coming up again, and again I'm asked what I want..... so here's some suggestions:

1. I like frogs, fat, funny, cute frogs... garden or house frogs, but funny frogs

2. I need a set of steam rollers.... you know the old fashioned ones you heat up, use, and like 10 minutes take them out.

3. I could use solar lights for the garden.. I love copper, but any color is good.

4. waterproof pillows for the swing... pretty colors

5. wind chimes.... LOVE wind chimes, especially if they are like beach themed

6. gift certificate at borders books

7. Money, money's always good, and I promise to spend it on something totally frivolous and pretty

8. Gift certificate to "Dots", or Wal-Mart! Love dots

And that's about all I can think of..... use your imagination. GIGGLE


Sometimes people think they can mess with me.

Knowing I'm a witch sometimes has it's disadvantage. They know that we feel that everything we do, comes back to us 10 times over... so they feel safe!

You shouldn't feel safe.

Yes, we can do spells that do bad things to you! But only if it's a "life's lesson" to you. But bad is bad, and the only luck you have is that being a "life's Lesson" curtails the amount of time you will have to suffer from it.

My goddess is my backup, and while she doesn't look like the wolf above... she can be a wolf in her protection of me. Goddess's can be tricky. They are sweet, and loving, earth mothers.... but we have all see the horror that mother earth can inflict on us, so know that there is always a second face to her love.

Besides the fact that I also have a "second face". You all see me as sorta sweet, a little ditsy, being told I'm "too nice" to do things like "that", and just a touch of coldness and bossiness..... My second face is one you hope you'll never see..... believe me!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Found this on the wiccian list serve, and it sounds like such a GREAT idea!!!! I'm going to plant a "MOON GARDEN" this spring!!!!

Magical Moon Garden
What could be more -enchanted- than to cultivate your own Moon Garden.

Honoring the -Silver- Goddess in all her glory with a fragrant & luminous
evening garden.

A wonderful offering which you will benefit from as well.
Many night-blooming flowers are white and rely on strong fragrance, rather
than bright colors, to attract insects. Plant night-bloomers near a bedroom
window, where the breeze can carry the fragrance indoors right into your

Plant some in a circle to mimic the Moon, they look terrific alongside
silver-foliaged Lambs ears and Artemisia. Illuminated only by moonlight,
pale flowers and foliage add a dreamy, ethereal feeling. You don't need to
have a big space, potted plants work too, just remember to add a trellis or
place where viney plants can grow onto, as, unless they feel secure they
will not bloom.

You can save and dry flowers to use in Amulets, Talismans or -dress- a Moon
candle. Add fresh flowers to a -special- oil you have fashioned on the Full
Moon or to water for magical workings. Press flowers and leaves into a -Book
of Shadows- or make magical bookmarks for special journals. Following a Moon
planting calendar will add a magical touch and keep you in the flow of her
cycles. You can place Moonstones and or Crystals in the dirt of these -pale-
beauties to energize them for meditations and spells. Don't forget when you
take from a plant, to ask it�s permission and give thanks, an offering of
water of food (plant) is a perfect

Try these night-bloomers in your Moon Garden:

Angels trumpet (Datura innoxia)- This viney annual has giant, trumpet-shaped
white flowers. You may need to discipline this rambunctious plant to keep
it in line.

Moonflower (Ipomoea alba)- Related to morning glory, this annual may climb
to 10 feet. Tightly closed by day, its white flowers unfurl at dusk to
release a lemony aroma.

Four o'clock (Mirabilis jalapa) - In late afternoon, this annual's flowers
pop open in often-speckled shades of red, yellow, white or rose. It grows
bush-like to 3 feet.

Yucca (Yucca filamentosa) - Flowers of this spiky perennial are open all day
but at night the droopy blossoms lift and release a soapy smell. Hardy in
zones 4 to 9.

Evening primrose (Oenothera speciosa 'Pink Petticoats')- This fast spreading
perennial is hardy in zones 5 to 9, and its pale flowers release a sweet
scent in the evening.

Monday, February 23, 2009

The BIG envelope

WOW!!!! The BIG ENVELOPE came this weekend, and it's official. Matt has been accepted to Rutgers!!!!!

I knew he had applied, and I was telling everyone about it.... but still there is a quiet doubt that he wouldn't be accepted. Not ever, but maybe not for this year.... till the big envelope came!

You see, if you apply to a collage, and you get a small envelope.... that's a "sorry your not wanted" letter, the big envelope is "congrats your in!!"

For a boy who dropped out of high school, this is so FANTASTIC! I'm so freaking PROUD OF HIM!!!

And on top of that, I'm soooooo excited. He's going to be living at the dorm, so the FIRST TIME IN ALL MY LIFE, I WILL BE A L O N E!!!!!!! All Alone, I can do, say, dress, and just about anything I want to do, all by myself!!!!!! I went from my parents, to charlie's to living with the kids, so this is gonna be fun!!!!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spring spell

Dress in green clothes and place four spring-colored candles (pastel, yellow, rose, and green) on your altar. Bring in a blue bowl and place in it snow from outside or ice from your freezer. Light the candles and walk in a clockwise circle while you chant:

Winter´s snow, born of the blue cold, the time is fast and fading.
Soon the springtime comes renewed
Life return! Your time is waiting!

Keep the candles lit and let the ice or snow melt. Once it has, take one of the candles to each of the four directions and blow it out. This spell is even better if you can do it outside or through an open window. Use the water to nurture a houseplant or to water starter seedlings planned for your spring garden.

Star Trek Convention

Found this old photo of me, dressed up as a "Klingon Holodeck Hooker" for a Star Trek convention!!!! GIGGLE They had to get me drunk to go out on stage in that get up, but we won 3 awards!!!! GIGGLE

A witch's garden

A Witch's Garden
1. Peace of mind
2. Peace of heart
3. Peace of soul

1. Squash gossip
2. Squash indifference
3. Squash grumbling
4. Squash selfishness

1. Lettuce be faithful
2. Lettuce be kind
3. Lettuce be patient
4. Lettuce really love one another

1. Turnip for meetings
2. Turnip for service
3. Turnip to help one another

1. Thyme for each other
2. Thyme for family
3. Thyme for friends

Author Unknown

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My creado

I am who I am, and accept my feelings wholeheartedly.
Those that mind, don't matter, and those that matter, don't mind.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

profile picture

This is kinda cute. Like being done in a cartoon pic.

Me as a cartoon! GIGGLE


I want to go to English Town Market..... but it's too cold!

I want to go to the Beach.......but it's too cold!!!!!

I want to work in the garden.....BUT IT'S TOO FREAKING COLD!!!!!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

5 weeks till spring, making my list

So far that's all my list holds..... nothing!

But, I have to start making a list of what I need to buy for my garden..... with my income, I have to buy little by little, and with 5 weeks till spring springs.... I need a ton of stuff!!!

1. Potting soil big huge bags of soil, I do container planting, and I'm putting in tons of stuff, so I need at least 4 BIG bags of soil

2. Three big pots! I have 2 empty pots, but I need 2 more to replant the palms that Barb gave me, and one for the tomatoes. Barb wants the pot back that she gave me with the palms in it (she loves it! It looks like a coconut. giggle) so I have to separate, and re-plant the 4 palms UPDATE: DID IT, AND IT'S DONE!!! What a bitch to do, Barb planted all the palms togeather, and did a crappy job of it. Took me hours to seperate them!!!!)

3. Two or three wooden stakes. I have the containers to grow the cuks and beans in, but I need some large wooden stakes to allow them to grow up.... since they are both vining veggies

4. Two fig bush's. I'm going to try growing figs.... they have to come indoors in the winter, but the juicy sweetness is too hard to resist! I have the pots for them all ready.

5. At least 2 Shepard crooks, tall iron holders. Something to hang my hanging baskets off of, since I don't have a single tree in my lot! These aren't bad, only about $10 bucks each. And I want to put at least one bird feeder on one of them.... entertainment for the cat of course!

6. at least one gallon of China Red medal paint! I've lived without a red front door for 6 years now, and it's just not right. Front doors should be china red, for luck. So I'm gonna paint the two doors on my house..... since my house faces the road sideways, I'm going to paint both doors, just to be safe.

And there is more, I'll list them as I remember them.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chocolate Ritual GIGGLE


Copyright 1993, John Shepard,
Performed at Dragonfest, August 1993

Materials required: On the altar there are brown candles; a Tootsie Roll (the great big one -as the athame;) a large glass with milk in it, (the chalice;) A small dish of Nestle's Quik and a spoon; a small dish of chocolate sprinkles; a plate of cupcakes and some Yoo-Hoo along with a goblet;


(Take the small bowl of chocolate sprinkles)

Chocolate sprinkles where thou art cast
No calories in thy presence last.
Let no fat adhere to me,
And as I will So Mote It BE!
Nestle's Quik where thou art cast
Turn this milk to chocolate, fast.
Let all good things come to me,
And make my milk all chocolaty!

CAST THE CIRCLE (using a tootsie roll):


Mousse of the East, Fluffy one!
Great prince of the palace of dessert.
Be present, we pray thee,
And guard this circle from all moochers
Approaching from the East.

Fondue of the South, Molten One!
Great prince of the palace of decadence.
Be present we pray thee,
And guard this circle from all diets
Approaching from the south.

Cocoa of the west, Satisfying One!
Great prince of the palace of thirst.
Be present we pray thee,
And guard this circle from all carob
Approaching from the West.

Rocky Road of the North, Cold one!
Great prince of the palace of crunchy.
Be present we pray thee,
And guard this circle from all cheap imitations
Approaching from the North.


HANDMAIDEN (Henceforth known as the Swiss Miss):

Listen to the words of the Mother of Chocolate; who was of old called;

Godiva, Ethel M, Sara Lee, Nestle, Mrs. See, and by many other names:

HPS: Whenever you have one of those cravings, once in a while and better it be when your checkbook is full, then shall you assemble in a great public place and bring offerings of money to the spirit of Me, who is Queen of all Goodies.

In the Mall shall you assemble, you who have eaten all your chocolate and are hungry for more. To you I shall bring Good Things for your tongue.

And you shall be free from depression, and as a sign that you are truly free, you shall have chocolate smears on your cheeks, and you shall munch, nosh, snack, feast, and make yummy noises, all in my presence. For mine is the ecstasy of phenylalanine (FEEN-EL-AL-A-NEEN), and mine also is Joy on Earth, yea, even into High Orbit, for my law is "Melts in your mouth, not in your hand."

Keep clean your fingers, carry Wet Ones always, let none stop you or turn you aside. For mine is the secret that opens your mouth, and mine is the taste that puts a smile on your lips and comfy, padding pounds on your hips.

I am the Gracious Goddess who gives the gift of joy unto the tummies of men and women. Upon earth, I give knowledge of all things delicious, and beyond death........well, I can't do much there. Sorry about that.

I demand only your money in sacrifice; for behold, chocolate is a business, and you have to pay for those truffles before you eat them.

SWISS MISS: Hear now the words of the Goodie Goddess, she in the dust of whose feet are the cheap imitations, whose body graces candy racks and finer stores everywhere:

HPS: I, who am the beauty of chocolate chips, and the satisfying softness of big bars, the mystery of how they get the filling inside of truffles, and fill the hearts of all but Philistines with desire, call unto thy soul to arise and come unto me. For I am the soul of candy; from me do all
confections spring, and unto me all of you shall return, again.....and again..........and again..................and again
Before my smeared face, beloved of Women and Men, thine innermost divine self shall be enfolded in the rapture of overdose.

Let my taste be within thy mouth that rejoices. For behold, all acts of yumminess and pleasure are my rituals. Therefore let there be gooeyness and mess, crispness and crackling, big slabs and bite size pieces, peanut butter and chocolate covered cherries all within you.

And you who think to seek me, know that your seeking and yearning shall avail you not unless you know the Mystery;

"We will sell no chocolate until you pay for it."

For behold; I have been with you since you were just a baby, and I am that which is attained at nearly any shop in the land.

Messed Be.

SWISS MISS: Hear now the words of the Chocolate God, who was of old called Ghirardelli, Milton Snavely Hershey, Bosco, Fudgesicle, and by many other names.

HP: I am the strength of the candy rack, and the piece that fell on the floor, but looks like it might not have gotten too dirty, and the deepest bitterness of dark chocolate. No matter how you try to resist the call of chocolate, I will hunt you out and I will become your sacred prey. I am the
warmth of hot cocoa in the dead of winter, and the call of the road that leads you to that really expensive Godiva store downtown.

I give you, my creatures, the fire of love of chocolate, the power of jaw strength to bite off a piece of that frozen Milky Way bar, and the shelter of Haagen Daz when that big date didn't work out. You are dear to me, and I instill in you my power; the power of a piece of chocolate that you had
forgotten you had hidden, and the power of vision and magickal sight with which you can spot a candy counter a mile away.

By the powers of the half melted bar in the glorious sun, I charge you; by the darkest depths of the bottom of the cocoa pot and the lingering smell of bittersweet chocolate, I charge you; and by the beauty of a perfectly swirled vanilla butter cream, I charge you:

Follow your heart and your instinct, wherever they lead you. The wealth in your pocket can buy you treats that a Mayan king would envy. Take joy in that first bite of lecithin emulsified cocoa, and in the last satisfying slurp of Yoo-Hoo.

Yet you must be wary of deceit. Eat not of that which is
called "Baking Chocolate," for it is vile and bitter.

Lastly, always remember to leave some chocolate behind you. Be not greedy, but let yourself be known as a connoisseur. Leave a little for someone else.

I am with you always, just over your shoulder, or around the next corner. I am the Lord of Chocolate, and when you have reached the end of your hoard, I will never be farther away from you than that 7-Eleven on the corner. I am
the spirit of the Wild Child; the Inner Child who can never get quite enough. If you are a true chocolate lover, then your soul and mine are intertwined.


(The blessing of the Yoo-Hoo)

HP: Be it known that milk chocolate is not better than dark chocolate.

HPS: Nor is dark chocolate better than milk chocolate.

HP: For both are better than the falsely named 'white chocolate,'

HPS: And neither one is carob.

HP: As the frosting is to the cupcake,

HPS: So the creamy nougat is to the Milky Way Bar.

BOTH: And when they are eaten, they are yummy in truth, for there is no greater snack in all the world than one made of chocolate.

(The blessing of the cupcakes)

HP: Frosting is keen,

HPS: And the filling is neat.

BOTH: Great Goddess! Let's eat!

Feasting and drinking (chocolate liqueur, if possible,) music and dance.

Dismiss Quarters.

HPS: Oh, ye mighty goodies of the ______,
We thank you for attending our rites and guarding our circle
And ere you depart for your sweet and sticky realms,

We say unto you, "N-E-S-T-L-E-S, Nestles makes the very best."

ALL: "Chooooc-laaate."

(After all quarters have been dismissed, give a final, satisfying belch at the East.)

Close circle.

copyright 1993, John L. Shepard.
Permission is given to post anywhere as long as the
content is not altered and this notice is attached.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Spring Spell and Help!

The Christian feast of Easter, which is held in the spring, has retained the name of an Anglo-Saxon goddess who may have been associated with the spring season. This is the goddess Eostre, whose name is connected to the word for “east,” and probably also to the concept of dawn. Springtime, dawn, and the New Moon are often associated with growth and new beginnings. Elsewhere in the Germanic world, a goddess known as Erce was invoked for the abundance of the land, and these two goddesses may be connected. Here is part of an ancient magical invocation to the Earth goddess in spring:

Erce, Erce, Erce,
Mother of Earth,
Fields growing and flourishing,
Bringing forth and strengthening
Bright fruits and wide barley-crops.
Hail to you, Earth,
Mother of human beings.
May you spring up in the Embrace of the Sky God
And be filled with food
For the use of mortals.


You will need: suntan lotion carnelian or red jasper crystal orange candle Light the candle, rub suntan lotion into your hands and toss the crystal from palm to palm seven times as you say: "Goddess Sol bless and decree that the sun shall shine on me" Do this every morning leading up to your holiday or event that you want sunshine for.

Come Sun
To make the sun lighter or to make it shine. This spell will take a couple of minutes to make the sun shine. Use this spell when the sky is dark. Or when the sky is not that bright.

Look up in the sky and move your hands now say the spell: Make the sun shine So I can feel fine I want it to light But not fight

By this time of the winter you may be experiencing “winter blues” from dreary days, too much snow, or being cooped up in your house too long. Chase the blues away by making the house springlike. Get “daylight” bulbs and replace your standard bulbs. Fresh flowers or even artificial ones can add a springlike feeling. Floral scents such as lavender or lilac will make the house smell like spring. Wash curtains, bed linens, and towels with a fabric softener that has that “spring fresh” scent. Add a new picture that brings spring to mind, or paint one. Maybe add some new, brighter colors around the house to help lift the winter doldrums. Change your surroundings: add color and brightness and scent to bring those “winter blues” under control.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


In the fall I had cut some of the bamboo in front of my house. Some of it was swishing and rubbing against my bathroom window, that's connected to my bedroom, and driving me nuts all night long!

I didn't cut it down to the root, but just trimmed it, and I checked yesterday, and the cut one's were still green and good..... sooooooo

I decided to trim all the rest so that I could get some sleep! Besides the fact that it was blocking all the sun from my bathroom window, and I love the sun! So, I went out and chopped it down to about 5 foot. Enough to clear my window, stop the rubbing when the wind blows, and let the sun shine in!!!!!

If it behaves it self, I'll just keep it trimmed and in the garden. Now that I know that trimming it won't do any major harm, I guess I won't dig it up like I was planing.

I may do it a bit shorter. The other bamboo I have is a black bamboo, and it only grows around 3 feet tall, no one could see it because the other bamboo grew over it and hid it, but I'm liking the look now, and I can see the other bush, so I may trim the big bamboo to the same size and live with it!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

O. K............

Now, I'm sorta glad I did make reservations at Shore Leave! Yeah I know I said I wouldn't..... but then some friends sounded like they were interested, so I did call and reserve a room.

I'm not going to do the dealer thing this year.

First off, Eileen ruined it for me, like she does just about everything! Why she even keeps going to shore leave, I have no idea, since she does all the horror cons..... I think she does it to just piss me off..... but, I still tried to include her, and asked her to share a dealers table with me.... with disastrous results!

That's not gonna happen this year. I have till June to cancel my room if anything goes wrong. But I just saw the guest list........... ohhhhhhhhhhh yummmmmmmmmy!

So, I may just have to go, hopefully with some friends! And I'll sit by the pool, and have fun with my friends, and NOT have to bother with Eileen's superior attitude,and snobbishness!!

I can talk to anyone I want, with out her being pissy that I'm doing it. LOL She just hates when people want to talk to me, and ignore her.

Well, they wouldn't ignore her if she SMILED once in a while! She's not a friendly person!

Monday, February 09, 2009


I AM SO TIRED OF WINTER!!!! I don't mind the cold, but the static shocks from the hot air heat... are killing me!!!!

Every time I touch a switch, or the cat, or the refrigerator..... SHOCK CITY!!!! I feel like I'm sticking my hand in an electrical socket!!!!

I can't wait till spring, and the heat goes off, so that I can get rid of all this shock shit!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrr

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Crazy plants and summer dreaming

I had to show you this crazy plant that my daughter gave me. It's an aloe, and it's just grows nuts!!!! I'm surprised it hasn't busted open the glass container it grows in!

And I did go out and get some seeds! I couldn't resist, even though it's too early to plant, I just FEEL better having them in the house. GIGGLE

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


We actually had some snow this time!!! Not the little dribble like before, but a good 4 inch's!!!!!!! Soooooooo COOOOOOOOL!!!

Monday, February 02, 2009

So it is said.....

Do not believe anything because it is said by an authority
or if it is said to come from angels
or from gods
or from an inspired source
Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart,
mind, and body and found it to be true
Work out your own path, through diligence.

Guatama Buddha

Sunday, February 01, 2009


Thank the Goddess!!!!! Filling out all that paperwork WORKED!!!!

I not only got assistance with my gas bill, but my electric also!!!!!!!

I don't know why I was turned down last year, but this year I qualified!!!

So I can crank up the heat, and air conditioning!!! YIPPEE!!!!

GroundHog day!!!!

This groundhog isn't stupid! He's getting ready for all the irate people he'll have to face if he goes back underground when he see's his shadow!!!!!