Monday, February 23, 2009

The BIG envelope

WOW!!!! The BIG ENVELOPE came this weekend, and it's official. Matt has been accepted to Rutgers!!!!!

I knew he had applied, and I was telling everyone about it.... but still there is a quiet doubt that he wouldn't be accepted. Not ever, but maybe not for this year.... till the big envelope came!

You see, if you apply to a collage, and you get a small envelope.... that's a "sorry your not wanted" letter, the big envelope is "congrats your in!!"

For a boy who dropped out of high school, this is so FANTASTIC! I'm so freaking PROUD OF HIM!!!

And on top of that, I'm soooooo excited. He's going to be living at the dorm, so the FIRST TIME IN ALL MY LIFE, I WILL BE A L O N E!!!!!!! All Alone, I can do, say, dress, and just about anything I want to do, all by myself!!!!!! I went from my parents, to charlie's to living with the kids, so this is gonna be fun!!!!!!