Friday, July 27, 2012

We now interupt this summer......

I can't help it!!!!!  I saw this for Christmas, and I just had to post it!!!!  What a fantastic idea for stocking stuffers!!!!!


1 package Oreos, 5 cups of marshmallows, 4 tablespoons of butter - just like rice krispies treats, except Oreos! "lumps of coal"

You can all kill me later for having something for Christmas so early, or course it will be while your munching on your lumps of coal!!!  LOL

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Magic ring ward


Place the ring in the North of the room you wish to cast the spell in.

Place around it stones and symbols of earth.

Take the ring and in a shell or crystal dish filled with water mix some salt in.

Say over this

"Creature of earth, I beseech of thee.

Protection from harm is what I wish for me.

In to you this ring I place,

Bind the protection well and to evil give chase."

Leave the ring in overnight in the light of the full moon and in the morning wash the salt

water off, clear everything away and wear it!

To remove the spell, place it in the south and say:

"With thanks for protection given

I now wish this spell riven!"

and leave it there overnight in a window during a new moon.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Vegan Gelatin

Prep Time:

10 MinReady In:

4 Hrs 10 Min

Servings (Help)


Metric Calculate

Original Recipe Yield 1 pint


1/2 teaspoon cornstarch

1 teaspoon water

2 cups cherry juice

1 teaspoon agar-agar


1.Dissolve the cornstarch in the water in a small cup or bowl and set aside. In a saucepan, combine 1 1/2 cups of cherry juice and agar-agar powder. Let stand for 5 minutes to soften. Set heat to medium-high and bring to a simmer. Simmer for 1 minute.

2.Remove from the heat and stir in the remaining juice along with the cornstarch mixture until no longer cloudy. Pour into small serving cups and refrigerate for 4 hours before serving.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I am darkness,
I am light,
Evil run from my very sight.
Darkness hold no fear for me,
for I shall shine.... for all to see!
As I will, so mote it be!

The Call

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tarot Protection Spell


Choose a significator and place in center of a cross with ten of pentacles or ten of cups

underneath, the four of wands forms the base, the chariot forms the top, the should

represent safety in traveling. Temperance and the star form the arms of the cross,

they invoke supernatural protection. Meditate on your needs. And say:

I call upon the power that is within me and the power that is around me!

I call upon the sentinels of the heavens!

I call upon all good spirits and all ministering angels!

I call for protection, defense, and safety! with white light, a force field is built around me.

I am shielded and protected at all times.

All negative disperse and dissolve at the touch of the radiant light that emanates from

the core of my being. All shadows flee.

All harm and danger is neutralized by the touch of my glowing aura.

By the power within me and the power around me, only peace, love and serenity

may exist within my protective barrier!

I am protected. My family is protected. My home is protected.

All modes of transportation and travel are protected/ so it is and so shall it be!



"By the dragons light, on this (month) night,

I call to thee to give me your might,

by the power of three, I conjure thee,

to protect all that, surrounds me, so mote it be!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

This is so cute!

My own personal bit of advice...

Handy Heath Hints!

Just for Giggle's!

What we are

How To Tell If Your Next-Door Neighbour is a Witch

How To Tell If Your Next-Door Neighbour is a Witch

Fifty sure-fire ways to detect paganism without having to resort to a dunking stool or wart-inspection.

1) Never puts any rubbish out on refuse-collection day. I mean, re-cycling and composting is fine, but you can take it too far.


2) You casually ask what phase the moon is in, and she tells you down to the exact number of days, hour and minute of rising, position on horizon, and current angle of declination.

3) All the stray cats in the neighbourhood tend to congregate in her garden (and use your own as their litter).

4) A screech owl has chosen the lamp-post outside her house as its favourite calling-post. That's just when it's getting warm at night and you like to sleep with the window open.

5) Doesn't cut down the weeds in her garden; in fact it looks more like she's cultivating them. Needless to say, you get the seeds wafting over onto your pristine lawn.

6) Most of her clothes on the washing line are black.

7) The local kids talk in whispers as they go past her house, then start running at the last moment.

8) Nobody trick-or-treats her house; not after the incident when the kids' costumes were less scary than hers when she opened the door to them. (She was embracing the Crone that year no doubt!)

9) Footprints on the roof. And the trees in her flight-path have been pruned down. I swear it's true!

10) She can't even make a simple sandwich without adding fresh herbs to it. And don't ask her for a cup of tea unless you want something yellow coloured and smelling of flowers.

11) She hardly ever gets junk mail. You ask her what her secret is and she confides that she returns it to sender after writing something on in strange curly writing.

12) When you pop next door for a chat, the kettle is always already on.

13) The Jehovah's Witnesses never call (not anymore; not after the last time! :-).

14) Keeps the local scented-candle shop solvent.

15) Has a pond full of frogs (and you haven't seen that bothersome double-glazing salesman around for a while).

16) She's always smiling, darn her!

17) She goes dressed as normal to a Halloween fancy dress party; and wins first prize.

18) Her house always smells of incense.

19) Has named her four cats Beelzebub, Kali, Diana, and Moonbeam. (Or her rats Devon and Cornwall)

20) Her bumper sticker reads "I brake for toads".

21) Frequently gets raided by the drug squad who confiscate large amounts of dried green leaves; they always return them with apologies after analysis.

22) At Christmas, it seems like half the garden has been moved into the house.

23) You sometimes hear the sound of singing and dancing through the wall. If you look out of the window, it is usually a full moon.

24) She was given a bodhram drum for her birthday. And she plays it at midnight in the fields. And she's got a blasted tamborine.

25) You discover that her realistic resin skull ornament in her living room, actually is real.

26) You catch her washing a crystal ball along with the dishes.

27) She wears a lot of silver jewellery, even when doing the gardening. And bat ear-rings for goodness-sake.

28) You knock on her door and she answers it naked except for a towelling robe. You apologize for disturbing her in the bath, but notice that her hair isn't wet.

29) Irritating tendency to hum a lot. What's she got to be so happy about, huh?

30) She has a tame robin that will eat from her hand in the garden. That can't be natural.

31) Never catches a cold, even though she walks barefoot most of the time. In the snow as well.

32) Doesn't kill spiders. Not even big hairy long-legged ones that suddenly appear from the waste-pipe whilst you're having a bath.

33) She listens to what you are saying like she really cares.

34) She has lots of female friends who come round every few months. When you ask what they get up to, she tells you that they just have cakes and ale and a good natter.

35) You catch her hugging a tree.

36) Her dinner-set is decorated with Celtic patterns.

37) She has a mail-order account with a semi-precious gem wholesaler.

38) You notice that the parish priest crosses himself whenever he walks past her house.

39) She never watches television. And she has shelves full of books with black spines and silver-lettered titles.

40) To your certain knowledge she has never set foot in the local church. In fact, you have heard rumours that she has been barred from it.

41) She makes jars of quince and mandrake relish for the Women's Institute coffee morning jumble sale.

42) You ask to borrow a pack of cards for an impromptu bridge evening, and there are 78 in the pack.

43) You have never known her to visit her GP.

44) When you talk with her, she maintains eye contact all the time.

45) Expectant mothers are forever visiting her. Also women who become expectant mothers a month after visiting her.

46) You ask her for suggestions for nice walks in the area, and they all go by way of stone circles and strange earth mounds.

47) She only buys organic. And you just bet that she's a vegetarian as well. (Well, maybe not stricly vegetarian....)

48) When you ask her about her vacation plans, she tells you she will be camping in a tee-pee in the Brecon Beacons.

49) There aren't any mirrors in her house. Or clocks.

50) She tells you that she is coming out of the broom closet, joins Witches' Voice, and erects a stained-glass pentacle window in her front door . Ooo what a give-away!

Thursday, July 05, 2012


I've been going over and over in my mind the meaning and means of Reincarnation. And I think I've finally figured it out.

Now, of course, these ideas are mine and mine can disagree with them, but this is what I think is the answer to our universal question...."what happens when we die"

I think life is like a perpetual "Ground Hog Day" Except the day is a life time, not just 24 hours.  It's explains so much.

When you die, you are born again in the same time frame, space, and place as before.  You can chose to continue just like before, but there are so many times you can change you fate and the fates of those around you, that it's like a cosmic jigsaw puzzle.... there's always a piece missing.

And a lot depends on your parents and grandparents re-living what they had.  Take for instance, my Grandmother on my fathers side.  She was a ladies maid in a very high social home in Russia. She spoke high Russian.  but somewhere along the way she was persuaded to move to the US.  What if she didn't? What if she married one of  young high social men in the family she worked for...... everything from then on would change!  She still would have the same children... but their lives would be forever changed to a different path!  They would also live the same life, but with many, many differences!

But people's mindsets, and fate, are hard to change, so she still may have fallen in love with a lower class man, and moved to the US.  But what if they had a choice where to move to... and instead of South River N.J. they moved to New York?  Again fate changes.... things remain the same, but in a different setting.

My mothers life was forever changed when she contracted a horrible disease when she was younger. They bearly managed to save her life.... but with that, her fate changed too.  She might have been a carefree, happy girl, but almost dying turned off her laughter, and in the future she seemed to lose her sense of humor, and was too serious in life from that day on! In her next emergence, maybe she will stay healthy and not have to face the effects of it.

Now the same thing happened to me when I was 7, I almost died... actually I did die for a short time.... but instead of making me afraid of everything, I grew up feeling free, and able to move on. That could have been because, somewhere, somehow, I knew that everything was fine and that I would move on.

Now we all have the right too,  and some of the information to change things in your next go around.  One of the things giving hints is DeJa vu!  You know that creepy feeling that you done and been to this same place before?  That's because you HAVE!  At times like that you need to stop...... check out what it was.... and don't act till you figure it out.

I also think that is why we have Psychics!  These are just people to managed to retain more of their memory's!!!  And with that they seem to be able to see the future, but are actually remembering the past!

And it also would explain the resurgence in bad things.  Serial killers, stalkers etc.

I have to tell you, doing the same thing over, and over, and over again.... can drive some people crazy!  They may not remember it all, only bits and pieces... but they know, deep down, that they are living the same thing again and again....... it can drive a person INSANE! 

They lose the feeling that this is a good thing, and the frustration, hatred and fear grow and grow till they act out in horrible ways!  But, it's OK, if they see, at last, what they are doing... when they die, they can go back and re-start. Make amends, and move on.

More on this later...................

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Am I nuts??

Am I nuts?   Just this week my sister and I were having problems with the hotel we booked for a convention in Aug.  The hotel changed names.  Used to be a Marriott, now it's independent.  But we had reservations for the convention in Aug, since January. 

So she called to check her reservations, and they couldn't find her. She called me in a panic, and I told her..."did you tell them your confirmation number?"
She couldn't find it!!!!  She had written it down on a tiny piece of paper, and she found like 3 confirmation numbers, but she didn't know what one was for the Aug. convention!!!

Now I keep these....... the above picture.  I've keep them since the day I found out I was pregnant for the first time.. about 35 years ago!!!

And, yes, I still have every single one of them!!!!!

Every year I buy a new 2 year or 1 year calender.  I mark appointments, special dates like birthdays, even sometimes what the weather is (especially if it's unusual) Also, if someone came for a visit, or if I went to a party or something at someone else's house.... lots of little things. 

Plus, if I have a convention, I number the dates at the bottom of each day, as a count down to the event or convention.

Like I know that TODAY, is 30 days to my Star Trek Convention in Aug.

And every day, first thing in the morning, I cross of the current day.

Every year for the conventions I mark it on my calender, and put the confirmation number on the dates.  This way I won't lose it!

So, while she, in the end, couldn't find the confirmation number, mine was right there on the date of the convention!

When I told her about this, she seemed to think I was NUTSO!  But, am I? Or am I just careful, organized, and have a really bad memory?