Thursday, July 05, 2012


I've been going over and over in my mind the meaning and means of Reincarnation. And I think I've finally figured it out.

Now, of course, these ideas are mine and mine can disagree with them, but this is what I think is the answer to our universal question...."what happens when we die"

I think life is like a perpetual "Ground Hog Day" Except the day is a life time, not just 24 hours.  It's explains so much.

When you die, you are born again in the same time frame, space, and place as before.  You can chose to continue just like before, but there are so many times you can change you fate and the fates of those around you, that it's like a cosmic jigsaw puzzle.... there's always a piece missing.

And a lot depends on your parents and grandparents re-living what they had.  Take for instance, my Grandmother on my fathers side.  She was a ladies maid in a very high social home in Russia. She spoke high Russian.  but somewhere along the way she was persuaded to move to the US.  What if she didn't? What if she married one of  young high social men in the family she worked for...... everything from then on would change!  She still would have the same children... but their lives would be forever changed to a different path!  They would also live the same life, but with many, many differences!

But people's mindsets, and fate, are hard to change, so she still may have fallen in love with a lower class man, and moved to the US.  But what if they had a choice where to move to... and instead of South River N.J. they moved to New York?  Again fate changes.... things remain the same, but in a different setting.

My mothers life was forever changed when she contracted a horrible disease when she was younger. They bearly managed to save her life.... but with that, her fate changed too.  She might have been a carefree, happy girl, but almost dying turned off her laughter, and in the future she seemed to lose her sense of humor, and was too serious in life from that day on! In her next emergence, maybe she will stay healthy and not have to face the effects of it.

Now the same thing happened to me when I was 7, I almost died... actually I did die for a short time.... but instead of making me afraid of everything, I grew up feeling free, and able to move on. That could have been because, somewhere, somehow, I knew that everything was fine and that I would move on.

Now we all have the right too,  and some of the information to change things in your next go around.  One of the things giving hints is DeJa vu!  You know that creepy feeling that you done and been to this same place before?  That's because you HAVE!  At times like that you need to stop...... check out what it was.... and don't act till you figure it out.

I also think that is why we have Psychics!  These are just people to managed to retain more of their memory's!!!  And with that they seem to be able to see the future, but are actually remembering the past!

And it also would explain the resurgence in bad things.  Serial killers, stalkers etc.

I have to tell you, doing the same thing over, and over, and over again.... can drive some people crazy!  They may not remember it all, only bits and pieces... but they know, deep down, that they are living the same thing again and again....... it can drive a person INSANE! 

They lose the feeling that this is a good thing, and the frustration, hatred and fear grow and grow till they act out in horrible ways!  But, it's OK, if they see, at last, what they are doing... when they die, they can go back and re-start. Make amends, and move on.

More on this later...................


Linda Wildenstein said...

Oh my goodness, you need to have a discussion with my granddaughter. When she was a little over two and had the gift of speech of a 6 yr old. We went into a metaphysical store, to which we had never been. She began to talk to one of the ladies there about their time together in winter on a sled. I was like wth??? They carried on this conversation for at least an hour. It was so wonderful to watch both who had not "met" in this go round, recount an event from another. GK and I then had a reading from another woman who owned the shop that afternoon and GK and I have been together for at least 3 go arounds....and that is why we feel so close. I'm with you on this one. Good post. Oma Linda