Thursday, January 19, 2006

Some new spells

See, I promised you some new stuff, so since I had a few I needed to perform, I decided to write them down for you too.

This morning I re-did all my protection spells, and shined my shield till it gleams. And while I was at it, I did a few new ones.

I promised you some new spells, and here is one I just used:

I cast my spell, so hear it well.
what was done is now undone
power given, teaching taught
now no longer give a thought.
Witch who learned, but did not earn
all your power now is turned.
Live your life the mortal way
luck and goodness gone away!

This is a rather strong spell, and can only be used on some one you initiate into the craft. They can continue practicing, but nothing will happen. All the luck you bestowed on them during the learning time, goes away or turns bad.

See most people don't realize that when you take on a student you bestow them with parts of your power... Till they can grow their own. If they don't bother to practice, and get their own powers... Or after they have succeeded. You have to call back your powers that they have been using. After all you loaned them in the first place. Sometimes you don't take any back. If the person is gifted enough, your happy with what they do... You allow them to keep it.

As with this person, there was no growth, and no support, so I rescinded all my power that I used. This doesn't cause them any personal harm.... Their life goes on the way it always does, they will just find that any spells they cast, won't work at all.

They may find someone else to sponsor them, and hence get some of their power back. But it takes away what they have, even what they earned by themselves, and prevents them from using it on you.

Powerless, they now have to find someone else to agree to teach them so they can build up some power again.

I don't like doing this, but some times life's lessons have to be learned the hard way.

Here's another good one, good if you have a gossip or someone that talks about you in a wrong way. It makes people question what the person is doing, and lets them see that there is no truth there.

Vail that hides the minds eye
lift so that all may see
the wrongness deep within thee
Let the world know what you see,
in a world of no reality

and this one is pretty good also, this one is great if your moving... It makes sure good luck will be able to find you:

Boil and bubble, on the double
potion mix and make the fix
change the view, and start anew
luck will follow you!

Newest Update

I know I haven't had time to post witchy stuff in the last month.... But I promise I will return! Just have to get all this house shit done and over with!

Found a company with a dumpster. It's gonna cost me $350 dollars for 5 days and I only need it for one day, but it's worth it.

This weekend I'll go up and sort thru stuff again, see what I want to keep and what needs to be chucked out. Then next weekend when the dumpster comes, my son, 4 or his friends, and some other friends and I will just chuck EVERYTHING OUT!!!!

I should have the house up for sale by the end of the month. THANK THE GODDESS!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006


You know, I can never understand how strong people can't cope with what life sends them?

I lived thru my father passing away when I was 14, and then the following 10 years suffering from an eating disorder from the stress.

21 years of marriage to a man who treated me as if I wasn't even there, never a present or gift even for birthdays or Christmas, though he expected them from me.

raising 3 kids, each with their own unique problems that would have driven a lesser women MAD! Managing to pay the bills, buy food, and take care of the kids on less money then I get a month now.... And I'm retired!

my hubby passing away. and leaving me with 3 kids, a huge house in the mountains with a equally huge mortgage, and NO LIFE INSURANCE.

I've lived thru, my daughter having a major accident, that took months to recover from.

My son losing his eye, the surgeries, and doctors appointments.

I've lived thru moving around trying to buy house's and fix them up and selling them.

I've lived thru finding out I had Aplasic Anemia... And that I would probably die in less then a year... Then all the treatments, and recovery, and more.

I've lived thru Men who used me and abandoned me, because of their own mental problems. And I did love just one, loved him more then life itself, and he also left me

I've lived thru my friends problems, and the consequences that followed.

I've suffered thru not having money to buy food, or gas, or pay my bills. Having the electric turned off, phone turned off, and the water turned off also, and still managing.

I live thru Fibromyalga, something that makes every day a day to live in pain... But I refuse to take pain pills, and suffer, and cope, and live.

I live thru both my parents, mother and step father passing away with months of each other.

Each day I suffer, cope, and prosper, ALONE. No man to care for me, or help with the bills or anything. BUT I COPE, I MANAGE, I SMILE!

When other people tell me they are stressed, and it's causing all kinds of mental anguish.... I hear them, and sympathize with them... But then COPE!

Life hands you shit sometimes..... But baby, shit makes wonderful fertilizer, and fertilizer makes the Rose's bloom, the vegetables grow, and puts down a nice foundation for life!!!!

Like the Rose's, you cope with the shit, and use it to GROW and become the most beautiful rose you can be.

For those of you who can't cope, that the shit burns instead of feeds.... If you can't laugh at the pitfalls, and giggle when the garbage piles up... Then you just don't deserve your life. You'll spend years wishing for the "what if's" and "I should have" and not see the Rose's blooming in the snow.

I've seen Christmas days when I went outside and saw Rose's blooming, nights where the stars seem to be with in touching distance, days where the sun and ocean are like something out of a dream!!! What more can you ask for???

I've had love, good sex, good books, good friends.... If I die tomorrow, I will go with the knowlage that I WILL be reborn, and I WILL live another life, filled with the same things this one held for me. And you know what????? I WILL REJOICE IN IT!!!! In the pain, the love, the sorrow.... Because that's LIFE! And most of the time it's good, and when it's bad, it's really bad, but when it's good it's really good.


Sunday, January 15, 2006


Arghhhhhhhh!!!!! I feel like I'm drowning here! LOL I could get this all done in just a day if I could round up about 5 or 6 friends, and work them to death. LOL As it is.... I can't do the heavy lifting, and moving that needs to be done, or even help with it.

Not that there is much... Just a few things that need to be moved around.... And a LOT OF GARBAGE that needs to be bagged and sent to the curb. Sigh Where are all your friends when you need them?????? Well maybe if I bothered to ASK. Giggle I think half the time I ask in my mind, but don't open my mouth.

But in some ways it's a little true, at least with me. I'm always there for my friends, supporting, cohorting, and helping....But when I need help, it seems they know it's coming and get all involved with other things. I guess it's all my fault... I'm always the strong one

When I got sick, I didn't tell anyone till I was sure I was on the road to recovery. Why? Because I didn't want to upset anyone. All those fucking medical procedures... I sure could have used a hand to hold... But I didn't bother anyone. So It's no body.s fault but my own.

Now with the house, just 4 or 5 people would take less then a day to get it all fixed up. Some nice strong men to help out and some women to mop and vacuum.
Jamie offered to help...But she's got the kids... And how can you clean up with 3 little one's running around. LOL As she well knows.

Hummmmm, I didn't ask Barbara. I'm sure her hubby, Charlie, would come over and help.... He's good at that. Mary and Dave would help too.... But Mary is ingnoring me right now. Sigh And it's nothing I can fix, it's up to her.

I'm going to try to get Matt to gather some of his friends together and go to the house, and get it ready to sell. My sister isn't any help at all!!!!!!

If I could get it clean, and staged, and ready, I'm sure the house would sell within days! Best area in East Brunswick, nice big house. I have the realestate agents drooling.

And all the goodies!!!! There is TONS of goodies in the house, just ready for picking. Shit that my Mom got as gifts, and never even opened!!! She was saving them, just in case. And TOOLS..... MAJOR TOLLS. In the shed, the garage and the basement! Every kind of tool you can imagine. Some of them really old, but still in perfect condition.

The fucking place is a treasure trove! And I don't' have the space to store it all. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr FRUSTRATED!!!!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Time is turning backwards

Well, I went and got the paper work done, to be my Mom's Estate Manager. All I have to do is wait for them to come in the mail.... And then the work really starts. Sigh

Yesterday I went to the house, and did some packing, and chucking of stuff...But there is still so much more to do!!!! My step-fathers grandkids didn't do much at all...So there is still some major work to be done, but I can handle it.

While I was there, I took home the kitchen table. Now, that table has been in my Mom's kitchen for as long as I can remember. She never changed it in all those years!!! There was a little nook off the kitchen, where the table sat. In the back of the nook was a huge radiator built in to the wall. I always sat in the chair next to the radiator. I guess being so little I needed the heat the most.

Well, I took the table home....... Now you have to know, I hate sitting at the kitchen table. The one's I've had have either been too low, to high, the chairs to hard, just plain uncomfortable.

I set up the table and chairs, got a cup of coffee... And sat, and sat, and sat. The chairs, I guess from all the years I've sat on them... Just fit my tush to perfection. Almost cradling it. LOL Major comfortable.

I sat there, looking out the window, eating lunch, and I was just so content. I'm sure my mother is up there somewhere .... Maybe smiling .... Because it seems the future has turned backwards into the past, and maybe I'll spend my last days, sitting at that table, just like she did. Happy

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Interesting times

Now things are going to get interesting! My Step-Father passed away the day after Christmas. What does that mean? Well, it means that now I'M IN CHARGE oF my Mothers will!!!!!! Which means I GET TO SELL THE HOUSE!!!! No more, for sale by owner crap, that my step-fathers grand kids were trying to do...... NO BABY!

I already have a realestate agent, and as soon as I get the keys on Wendsday......that house if up for sale!!!!!!!

Can you tell I need the money, well I do, and they kept futzing around with the house, and it was going nowhere...... now, thanks to me....... a women who has bought, fixed up, and sold 4 house's.... this one should sell within weeks!!!!!

I FEEL THE POWER! GIGGLE I know, I'm bad, but hay, it does feel good! GIGGLE