Monday, March 27, 2006

New Spell

Undo bad energy, bad fortune & get rid of a bad situation
To undo a hex, bad energies, bad fortune, and get rid of bad situations from your life . . .

Get a fresh red chili pepper,

a red ribbon,


a smooth medium stone,

& brown paint

"When stars do fail the planets morn, their mother, no more children born. Escape the bonds through fractal geometry, catching the curves, enchanting the
dichotomy." - Open with this.

"Where deal was made and vow was broken, seize his tongue that truth be spoken. What words of ill come from his mouth, let them to his belly travel south." -
recite 3 times while preparing the next part.

Take his name and bind it in red, with a hot chili pepper place it under your bed.

Before you sleep, his name invoke, by the morning of the third day turn the bundle to smoke. Do this out of doors in the dawn's early light, facing South speak
out for what is right. Declare your wounds be healed before dusk, lest his words to a shrink he in trust.

Then with your stone and brown paint write his name on the top, a symbol of the problem on the back (Money - $; Love - heart; etc. . . .) and an X circled upon
them, do not slack. Bury quickly far away and out of site, rest assured it will be visited in the night!

Call out to Akianshasar to aid in your plight, once done be happy to sleep one good night. By morning, from dream, you'll be well aware of all that will happen
in this misfortune you share.

Beautiful day!!!

Oh what a wonderful day today was!

I went out side, and worked the dirt in my containers to get them ready for planting.

I also dug up some peonies and planted them in a better place. It was just wonderful to get out of the house for a while!!!!!!

OK, I'm mean! GIGGLE

I got my daughter going to shore leave with me!!!!! Yippie!!!!! I bullied her into it, but she needs a vacation, and she's gonna get one, even if she doesn't like it. Giggle But, I think she does like it. She's already gotten her suitcase, and started planning her clothing.

I know, the Con isn't till July, but think of it this way....... If you wait till July to get your summer clothing ready, you won't find any in the stores!!!! I know, I've tried it before. It's better to get your stuff when it first hits the shelves, like this month, then to wait and wind up with crummy left overs. LOL

I already have most of what I'm taking with me ready. Just a few things I need to get. A few blouses, and maybe a new swimming suit, not that I need one, but just because I want one. One must look nice you know. LOL

I'm not quite sure who's in my room yet, except for Jaime...... Steph and Ty might join us sharing the room, and that would be great, they do have a room, so they are keeping it till they decide what to do. Either way I'm going to really enjoy this shore leave!!!!

The last couple of years I've gone with <<>> friends, they never wanted to sit by the pool or swim, like I love too, and the group they hung out with were total loosers!!! Plus having to walk around the con with a huge fat man huffing and puffing around behind us (my friends friend) So I was stuck socializing with people I'd rather not!!!!!! So this year I'm going to be with my old friends, and it will be 1000 times better!!!!! Can't wait to go!!!!

I can do all the stuff I used to, and not be tied down with someone that doesn't know how to have any fun!!!! LOL It should be great. Jaime was always a fun kid, and even though she's grown and has 3 kids of her own, I still love hanging around with her. So we are getting ready, checking our clothing, making sure we have all the stuff we need..... And Oh, planning the food!!!!!!

Now the hotel we always stay in has a nice restaurant, and a pizza hut, and a bar menu... All in the hotel, but you gotta have snacks. I'm bringing bagels, lox, and cream cheese (for breakfast)

The others always forced me to go to breakfast at the hotel, now It was nice, and cheap buffet, but there is never anything but bacon and sausage there that I can eat!!!!!! Why spend the money to have two things, while everyone else is eating Swiss waffles and such.... It's a bitch being allergic to eggs!!!!!,

Jaime is making quacolmolie (I know I spelled that wrong!)...... So snacks are set. Coffee machine is in the room, so all I need is to bring some REAL milk...... Never did like that stupid powdered creamer.

We'll also probably bring caviar and cream cheese and crackers for snacking at night. I'm hoping to get a nice poolside room.... Which is pretty much a given since I talked to the hotel about it...... But if no, I'm cool with that too. Just as long as it's on the 1st floor and not far from the dealers room.

Oh and for Steph, I'm bringing hot coco, whipped cream and Godiva Chocolate liquor.

Ohhhhh, and the dealers room!!!! I'm not a star trek fan, funny since I go to the conventions.... But the dealers room have tons more stuff then just star trek shit. Lots of silver jewerly, minerals, and crystals..... And much, much more! Hope I have a ton of cash to spend!!!!

Friday, March 17, 2006


Saw this picture of spring, and couldn't resist posting it.

That's me in the lower right hand corner, NOT a good thing when you live at the beach!!!!!!
I dread the first time I have to put on a bathing suit!!!!!!! ARRRRRRRHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


3 Days later

OK, it's 3 days later, and sometime this evening the weather is going to turn cold again....But I'm done! Got all my windows cleaned, the whole house, the shed, and even had time to rearrange my kitchen cabinets. Also cleaned up the yard, fertilized the rose bushes and bulbs, and so on, and so on, and so on. See what a little bit of nice weather does to me!!!!! LOL

Jaime, Mark, and the grandkids will be down on Saturday for a birthday visit. I'm looking forward to it!!!! They just live too damn far away!!! But, it's going to be fun!! I'm hoping to take them to the boardwalk, and into some arcade's for some fun. It's pretty cool that the boardwalk stays open most of the winter!

Got a FISH!!! Yepper, went out and bought 1 gold fish, actually he's a black popeyed goldfish. And I filled the huge brandy glass with pretty blue glass stones, set in my huge chunk of crystal, and a plant, and set him on the coffee table so both Merlin and I can enjoy it. Merlin's not sure what the damn thing is!!!! But, he likes to watch it swim around, so far, he hasn't tried to grab it..... Water is NOT MERLINS FRIEND. GIGGLE

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Little old me

Oh Goddess!!!! I found this old picture of me!!!!! I guess I was around 4 yrs old. Aint I cute!!!

Ugh, Spring!

Ok, spring fever has hit me big time. Or should I say spring "cleaning" fever. The sunlight was pouring in this morning, and highligted the DUST! Yeck! So I opened the windows (it's almost 60) And started to clean, and clean, and clean, and just a little more.... Clean! LOL It's nice to get all the winter filth off the windows, and dust and vacuum, and generally clean up after a long, closed in winter.

Even the kitty joined in with cleaning his very round Buddha belly! LOL Someone besides me, need a spring diet!!!! LOL

Now all I need tonight is a nice long bath!!!!!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Add this too

No cramps!!!! That's a must to add on. Let me get some mild ones to warn me that my period is comming, but that's it!!!! cool, got it all now. Hope I didn't forget something. giggle

Birthday Wish

My friend Barb asked me "if you could have any wish, including going back in time, what would it be?" I thought about it, and you know, if I could I would go back in time and relive my entire childhood. It was a fantastic childhood, full of sun, and friends, and family.... But, as with all good birthday wishes.... There would be a few stipulations:

1. I have full memory of THIS life, Along with the intelligence..... But wait till I'm about, say, age 4 before I have complete memory. Want to get the potty training and stuff out of the way. Can't say being an adult in my mind, and getting my diaper changed appeals to me at all! LOL

2. Perfect TEETH! Straight (no braces this time) and never even one cavity, EVER! Oh, and add healthy gums to that. And absolutely NO ABSCESS'S!!!! EVER!!!!

3. 20/20 vision No glasses till I'm in my 70's or older.

4. Good health!!! Major one, suffered from bad toncills all my life, no more. Make me healthy, no major infections or sickness'..... Except for the occasional cold or flu bug, let my immune system go with me. That's cool.

5. The ability to change my path if I wish too. There would be a lot of little things I would change, and of course, that would change my future, but since I'm living life over.... What's the difference! No big changes except for the fact that I'll be adult smart at 5 years old, but that only means that this time I would study and grow smarter.

Does sound nice doesn't it? I know about all the bad things like deaths in the family and such, and I wouldn't change that.... I shouldn't have any control over others, just me. (maybe who ever is granting this wish should make it impossible for me to warn, or tell anyone... except myself!) I would love to live it over again, this time with a few key changes that should not do anything, but make it better! Hopefully! LOL

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The House

I went back to the house today to do some more work. I washed all the windows....WOW were they dirty!!!! I don't know why she never asked anyone to help her with them. I also vaccumed the breezeway, and got rid of some garbage. I had to wash the bedroom floor, there was some kind of weird stain on it, but I got it up, and I dusted all the book shelves in the den. It was a lot of work!!!!

But I got there real early and did most of it in a few hours.

Next time, I have to put the garbage out. I couldn't lift the bags, Matt wasn't with me, so I just bagged it and left it. But it looking good. Hope it sells soon.