Sunday, March 05, 2006

Birthday Wish

My friend Barb asked me "if you could have any wish, including going back in time, what would it be?" I thought about it, and you know, if I could I would go back in time and relive my entire childhood. It was a fantastic childhood, full of sun, and friends, and family.... But, as with all good birthday wishes.... There would be a few stipulations:

1. I have full memory of THIS life, Along with the intelligence..... But wait till I'm about, say, age 4 before I have complete memory. Want to get the potty training and stuff out of the way. Can't say being an adult in my mind, and getting my diaper changed appeals to me at all! LOL

2. Perfect TEETH! Straight (no braces this time) and never even one cavity, EVER! Oh, and add healthy gums to that. And absolutely NO ABSCESS'S!!!! EVER!!!!

3. 20/20 vision No glasses till I'm in my 70's or older.

4. Good health!!! Major one, suffered from bad toncills all my life, no more. Make me healthy, no major infections or sickness'..... Except for the occasional cold or flu bug, let my immune system go with me. That's cool.

5. The ability to change my path if I wish too. There would be a lot of little things I would change, and of course, that would change my future, but since I'm living life over.... What's the difference! No big changes except for the fact that I'll be adult smart at 5 years old, but that only means that this time I would study and grow smarter.

Does sound nice doesn't it? I know about all the bad things like deaths in the family and such, and I wouldn't change that.... I shouldn't have any control over others, just me. (maybe who ever is granting this wish should make it impossible for me to warn, or tell anyone... except myself!) I would love to live it over again, this time with a few key changes that should not do anything, but make it better! Hopefully! LOL


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday again...but you know i was reading this and thinking about what it feels like to be a kid free of worries and concerns, not caring what other people think..light and an adult, you have worries and concerns and fears..and your aware of what life is like around you..the terrors and dirt that creaps down alley ways...if we were born with that knowledge..we would never truely be kids...thats one hell of a burden to be carrying at 5 yrs old. I personaly don't think that part is such a good wish.