Thursday, May 29, 2008


The air show is coming this weekend to McGuire Air Force Base!!!!

My son is jumping up and down in excitement...... as for me..... since our house is on the flight plan for the base..... not so much

We have planes flying over 24/7. It's kinda nice to look outside and see all the bi-plane's and Jets flying over..... but the noise is a bit annoying..... Just a bit, not really too bad...... what annoys me most is that Matt runs across the house, and outside, slamming the screen door.... every time one comes over!!!! GIGGLE

Tomorrow I'll drop him off at the show, and pick him up later...... It's only about a 1/2 hour ride, so it's not bad, and he'll be gone for almost 8 hours. Drinking beer, and eating, and watching plane's!

update on garden

Some new pictures of the garden. The new growth bamboo is going nuts!!! It's twice the size of the old bamboo.... and while lots of work in the spring, preventing the spread of it all over the yard, well worth it in the end.

This is the bamboo that I got shipped direct from china, very rare plant, actually two plants... the small one is black bamboo, also from china. Who knew that they would love NJ!!!

Also the witch's broom in FULL bloom. I'm so glad I got the pink..... even though it's more deep pink and yellow edges.... the all yellow is pretty also, but the pink is the BEST!!

And a picture of the "stone crab" I picked up at home depot. He fits in nice.

And a full picture of the cauldron with the MYSTERY iris's!!!!! All purple, but you know I'm kinda liking it. The rosemary and lavender around the base of it has quadrupled in size since I planted them. They love the sun and heat, and dry conditions. And the pansy's are doing good, still blooming strong!!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

(Sarcasm intended!!!!)

Wanna hear something funny?

I went on the IRS web site, to check where my "boosting the economy" check is.... since my social security number makes me one of the first people to get the check, and it hadn't come yet, so I figured I would check.

I punched in my numbers..... and this is the message I got....

"Your income wasn't enough to qualify you for this rebate"

In other words, I made too little, and payed in to little tax's this year to get the extra check!!!


So the check is only for middle class, all of us retired people don't qualify for the check, unless we get enough retirment annuity money!!!!!

And to top it all off..... my annuity is FEDERAL!!!! The same one the PRESIDENT GETS!!!!! But, it so fucking SMALL, I don't qualifiy for and extra check this year???????

Kinda ironic, don't you think. That's how the federal goverment takes care of it's own. Death benifits are so low, that we are well below the poverty level, so that's makes us not good enough for the president to give us extra money's!


Sunday, May 25, 2008

New Readers

I also wanted to point out, since I've gotten a lot of comments on the picture's on my site. To get them for yourself.

Left click on the picture with your mouse, and the picture will pop up alone, then right click, and save it to your computer

Answer to a question about gooseberry's

About the gooseberry plants.... I don't know the name of the nursery,

but it's off of how's lane.

You go over that bridge on how's lane, between somerset and new Brunswick,

and it's a huge nursery UNDER the bridge. I hope that helped. It's been there for years, and years, and I never got the name before.

But any nursery in NJ that carries fruit bush's should carry them also.


I kept hoping, but now all hope is gone! As you can see it is an Iris in my cauldron, and a purple one at that!!!!! At least it's all purple and not those purple and brown ones.

What the goddess wants, she gets!

Witch's Broom

This is Witch's Broom, or Scottish Heather. It differs from other heather's you may find, in a few ways....

It's tall, this plant if in the ground would be almost 5 feet high,

the flowers aren't simple, as you can see it's a mix of two colors, red and yellow

and the fragrance is a mix of Hyacinth and rose's ..... very hard to describe!

So don't be fooled asking for regular heather, that only grows about 12 inches, always ask for Witch's Broom.

I forgot!!!!!

You know, winters here at the shore lull you into complacency. You forget about summer, and enjoy the good stuff of winter.....

Like being able to go anywhere on the highway you want to, to any store's, anywhere......

Then summer hits, and your "OH FUCK"!! I FORGOT THE TRAFFIC!!!!

Shit, shit, shit, I can't get to my store down closer to shore on the weekends
I can't go ANYWHERE past the on ramp for the parkway and route 9

I'm STUCK ALL WEEKEND here up HERE because of the traffic!

Now that wouldn't be bad, but my health food store is down by the bridge..... so to get there for my bread or ANYTHING, I have to wait till the week day..... and this week, because of the holiday, I can't even think of going there till like.... Wednesday!!!!

I LOVE the summer......... but BENNIES PLEASE GO HOME!!!!!!!!

I know the holiday weekend will be over soon, and I know that the town survives by the summer "bennies" buying stuff, and going to the beach.

And during the winter, you have to put up with the 90 year old women going 20 miles per hour in a 50 mile per hours highway....... but then, summer is pretty good, because the old people stay home!

But here are some rules for "Bennies"

1. Speeding doesn't get you there any sooner, trust me, shore traffic don't speed

up much until the winter. Your not the only people on the road!!!!

2. You are NOT gods gift to the locals.... try to be polite

3. DO NOT beep at old people on the highway.... scaring them is


4. New York people.. TONE IT DOWN! Your not home, where the cursing, and

screaming is acceptable. You CAN talk on your cell phone

without SCREAMING!!!

(I'll tell you a story, I was crabbing on the Pier one morning last summer... communing with nature, the water, the seagulls, the wonderful quiet mummer of voices close by crabbing with me.... then the NEW YORKER showed up... and sat on the dock SCREAMING his conversation into the cell phone plastered to his ear!! Let me tell you, all of us locals sat there staring at him, and wondering is his fat ass would float if we pushed him and his cell phone into the water!!!!!)

5. WE live here all year round, the town doesn't close in the winter, we don't go

away, and WE WILL remember your dumb ass remarks about us!

6. Did you look in the mirror AFTER you put on that bathing

suit??? Try doing that!

Try to remember this is OUR HOME! Try treating us like your the guests instead of the owners!!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Indiana Jones

Went to see it this afternoon, and I'm not going to spoil it...... but he's just as good as ever!!!!! Very good movie!!!!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Run!!!! The caterpillers are comming!!!!!

I went out side this morning and found both my blueberry bush's COVERED with baby caterpillars!!!!!! Oh YUCK!!!!!

So I ran inside and put together a old home remedy for them.... and no, it's not take a drink, and ignore them......

It's cooking oil, mixed with dish washing liquid, and water.......... and I SPRAYED THE SHIT OUT OF THOSE TINY MENACES!!!!!


I have no idea if it's going to kill them, it's supposed to..... cross your fingers!!!!!!

UPDATE!!!! It worked, the little buggers are gone!!!! Vanished!!! YIPPPPPPPIE

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

some more LOL's

LOL fitting in with shore leave

The plan...... cackle!

OK here's the plan....

I can't cancel out on shore leave, I already paid for the table, though by paying for the table, I'll only owe Eileen one day for room rent, and that's just because she wants to go a day early........but I'll only eat what I can bring with me..... no restaurant, or bar, no drinkies. I still have to drive up there.... so I gotta pay for the gas.

1. And, I'll keep the TV off! That should save me tons in electricity.

2. Also, I'll try to keep the aircondioning off, or as low as I can most of the summer

3. No beach. Free days are good, but the gas and parking would kill me

4. Diddo to the crabbing. that's free too, but gas up there and back is bad (I'M DYING HERE!)

5. when I get that other income tax check, instead of buying furniture, I'll save it for gas money next semester. That should get me thru most of the semester.

6. NO SHOPPING of any kind. No Englishtown, or New Hope (sob sob) Just basic necessity's. Like food, but I'll keep that down to just stuff for Matt... hay, I can stand to lose a few pounds, and he's the only one that can eat chicken and such, so I'll get that for him, and skip meals for me

7. I'll cut down on watering the plants, and laundry.... maybe my water bill will go down a little

8. And I'll check out federal funding for helping with the cooling and heating bills (I swear I will, I promise I will...)

****UPDATE: On May 28th, I filled out all the paperwork for energy assistance, and mailed them out. According to the site, I qualify, but who knows! I'll keep you up to date when I hear something.... I'm a gooooooooood girl! GIGGLE******

9. I don't have a clue........... but I'll think of something.

When your already on such a tight budget, what else can you cut without dying?????

I can't get a part time job, because I can't stand and work the register for 8 hours a day... so that's out. The last couple of times I tried that I almost died...really, not kidding.

It should be better when Matt's off to collage. When he goes to Arizona, I can rent out a room, and get some extra money that way.

Now, I know I'm being petty, and I apologise for it.

I know I had to give the kids that money from grandmom. Even though she didn't leave it to them, I felt I had to do it, she would have wanted it.

And I didn't yet recover from paying off Mom's bills... I couldn't recoup that because Eileen insisted that we split 50/50, so I swallowed the bills, the Realtors cost, and all the cleaning and shit supplies. But I'm close, there is only one bill left to pay, and when that's gone, Mom's estate is settled. Only took 3 years. fuck!

OK, NO MORE THINKING!! from now on happy, sappy, wonderful thoughts! I promise


Shore Leave

I've been changing my stuff around to sell at shore leave. Eileen was afraid I had too much for my half of the table, and I agree.

So I got rid of some of the stuff. A half of a 6' table isn't much, But it just too expensive to get another table, I could bearly afford this one..... actually I couldn't afford it, I wasn't able to buy food for 2 months after paying for the table... thank the goddess for my freezer.

But it's getting really rough, I'm not even thinking about doing this next year, unless I sell enough to make up the cost of the table. I didn't last year, but maybe this year.

I've got 2 displays of piercing jewelry
some copper cauldrons
the jewelry I made with the copper wire
some copper charm bracelets
and the lollipop's and that's about it.

I'm bringing the bunny's with me, because I promised some people last year to get them one, but I won't keep it on the table, I'll keep them in a bag under the table.

There is so much I want to do, but don't have the money for. I want that doll!!!! But $600 is way over what my measly annuity would allow. Hell, it would take me 5 years to save up that amount!!! (Yes, I did do the math! giggle)

I want to travel.... but forget that. My aunt asked me to come down to Fla. during the summer.... but I can't even tell her I can't afford the air fair. sucks, sucks, sucks.

Now with the price of the freaking gas...... I can't even afford to go to the beach 2 times a week. I'm going to have to cut it down to a few times a month. :(

I don't know how I'll manage gas next semester for Matt!! At least he has school only 4 days a week then, so maybe with a lot of sitting in the car, freezing, I'll manage.

I'm sooooo tired of being broke. Of having to pick bills over food, and not doing shit because I can't afford it!!!!!!

Ahhhhhh, Pity party over. Thanks for hearing me. GIGGLE

I'll just tighten my belt, get some kind of federal program to help with heating costs, and go on with life. GIGGLE That's what I do.

Gloomy gus me, only lasts a few minutes. I have soooooo much to be thankful for, that depression don't last long. Well actually it never goes away, but I don't let it get to me. Like I tell other people to do, I do.... COPE!

It's spring, my plants are doing good, I have a new grandson, Matt is in the honor society on his way to being an aeronautical engineer, I've got my health (well, at least 5% health... I'm NOT going to get into that) And hay, I got Teeboo. GIGGLE, my computer, and my family and friends.... what more could you ask for? (how about no money worries. giggle)

But I don't and can't ask for that, I just have to remember "the goddess provides" and what she provides I am always happy and grateful to get, no matter how little it is.

(but if the goddess want to send me some money, I wouldn't complain! giggle)

Sunday, May 18, 2008


This is a close up of one tiny branch on one of the two blueberry Bush's that I have. As you can see, though still green, that one branch is loaded down with berry's!!!!!!

Spooky clouds

This is a shot of the sky, Sunday night, at 8pm after the rain stopped. Spooky isn't it!!!!! Looks like a Forest fire in the sky!!!!

Cat in his safe place-

Merlin likes to claim under the dinning room table as his house. No one is allowed to bother him there, but I snuck up and took some pic's! Isn't he cute! Fat, but cute! GIGGLE

pine pollen

After today's rain, this was left on the sidewalks, around every house, every car..... this is the end of the pine tree bloom. Yellow pollen that has coated every single thing in site..... even my bedroom fan, and the screens.

Thank the goddess I'm not allergic, but even so, I passed a few sneezes along the last 2 weeks.

When this stuff is pooled on the sidewalks, it's over. No more yellow car! YIPPEE

A day at the Beach

This is why I let people swim in front of me at the beach.... Yeh, I admit it, I use them for shark bait!!!!! Better them then me. GIGGLE

Some more LOL CATS

OK here's the problem

Now here's a mystery for you.

When I got the cauldron from Barb, there had been Iris's planted in it...... but when she gave it to me the cauldron was EMPTY!!!

Not even a speck of dirt in it.

Then I went to the front of my yard, and dug up some Tiger Lily's that I snitched from my Mom's garden after she died. TIGER LILY'S!!!! (you know, bright orange with black spots, lily's!)

And I planted them in the center of the cauldron

Now I have NO IRIS'S IN MY YARD!!!!! NONE!!!!

But for some strange reason, as the cauldron is getting ready to flower..... those are NOT tiger Lily's, they are true IRIS'S!!! And PURPLE ONES AT THAT! Even if I planted Iris's they would NOT have been purple. I'm partial to the white, blue, or even yellow ones..............

But, needless to say, as you can see from the picture, there in the center are IRIS'S!!!!!!!

Maybe my mom planted iris's in with her tiger Lily's, but if she did..... I NEVER saw them in her garden????

Maybe the goddess just decided that's what she wanted, and did it..... but it's truly a BIG PUZZLE

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I like the way bamboo grows. It's shoots spring out of the soil, thru any type of soil and even rocks. Like a spear thrust up thru the earth by one of the gods. Almost menacing in it's growth.

Stout, pointed, nothing could describe it better then the "spear". Then after growing tall, it opens up....

And from it come the soft green leaves of the bamboo. From a menacing plant, to the soft leaves and specked shade it give to it's surroundings. The soft whispering sound it makes when the winds blow past it. And the fact that it stays green all winter, promising that spring will soon be there.

It's a wonder to watch in the spring! The hardness of the God, to the softness of the Goddess.... all in one plant!

Earth Goddess

The earth goddess is blowing spring in with a vengeance this year. I went to the bay to crab, and the wind was ripping thu the waters, causing waves to break over the dock!

I stayed for 3 hours, but the crabs didn't even bother to nibble on my bait. The water was too rough for them I guess, and me too.

I drove home and stopped at BJ's and picked up some Susi. Hay! Sea food is Sea Food. GIGGLE

As they say......"any port in the storm". Later on in the day the winds went down a tad, and it did get warmer, but I was done with crabbing and sitting home. OH well, it's only the start of spring, and summer isn't quite here yet, so I have plenty of time.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Getting ready

I can't do what I want to do this weekend, so I'm doing something else. I have the crab nets in the car, the bushel basket, and all the other paraphernalia that I need.... and if it's nice tomorrow morning I'm off for my first crabbing trip early in the morning.

I'm going for deep water this time, of the far end of the Pier instead of the shallow waters, so I need to get there early to get a good spot. But, that's not a problem since I wake up early anyway.

I was going to a Renaissance fair with my girlfriend, but I'm so totally broke it's pathetic! Gas money is getting hard to come by, since that last week of school that my son had to be there everyday, and some evenings for the club he belongs too.

Thank the goddess summer is here! If the fair had only been held off a few weeks, I could have afforded to go. But with gas, food, and of course all that neat shit they are selling....... sigh..... IT SUCKS!

I was soooooooo looking forward to it! :( But I can afford the gas to go down the road for crabbing..... so while it's not better, at least I can have a pity party while sitting on the water crabbing.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The need to control


CAN I??? Nope I can't. I know I can't, but the neighbors are driving me nuts!!!! Mrs. spotless yard is having a hard time living with two pigs on either side!!!!

What's with those stupid men????? Husbands now a days are so fucking lazy. All the men from my time felt the yards were their domains, and they kept the yards neat and clean, and MOWED!

The one on the right, hasn't mowed his lawn AT ALL!!!! The grass and weeds are knee high. Now that's the house that I think "smurfette" has moved into. Now there's a story.

I talked to the boyfriend when they first moved in...... Then they moved in two other couples to live with them. Now the other couples have gone, and the man I talked to hasn't been home in a week (I can see his white truck when he's home) only the smurf wannabe is still there, and she seems to be alone..... and there is a for sale sign on the trailer.

Hummmmmmm, seems he left her, or maybe she kicked him out.... but she doesn't talk, so who knows.

And on the other side, witch is a graveled lot like mine. Even with gravel as your grass you still need to pull the weeds that tend to spring up thru the gravel. And they DON'T!!! Not many weeds, but the ones that are there are getting big as tree's!!!!! Oh and for some weird reason..... each lot has a double driveway enough for two or three cars, but for some fucking reason he keeps parking on car on the gravel lawn!!!!! Why???? Who the fuck knows.

Pant, pant, pant...... well, my rant is over..... I feel better...... I may wait till it's real dark and run out and pull all his weeds..... maybe..... I don't know......... It's rough being a neatnick!!!!!!! :( :( :(

Frustrated much?? Yes I am!!!! I like to sit on my swing in the yard, but the overgrown condition of the other two lots is DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!!!!!

Spring spell

Ritual preparation:
•White and green Candles in the four corners, with corresponding tool next to them
•Patchouli incense stick in holder on the altar
•A purple candle on the altar
•A little flower pot with fresh garden soil on the altar, as well as three sunflower seeds
•A hard-boiled egg, some salt and a slice of buttered bread on the altar and elderflower champagne or some light, fruity wine
•Ritual space clear and clean

Spring Equinox walk and further ritual preparation:
I take this walk in the afternoon, when it’s still light. This is when I consciously notice spring for the first time! The first flowers are blooming, and there are small leaves and buds on the trees. I enjoy release from the restraints of winter, when I hardly go for walks at all, and breathe the milder air of spring.

In the evening, before the ritual, light the purple candle and the patchouli incense stick on the altar and carry them into every room in the house, saying farewell to the spirits of winter
The ritual:

• put the incense stick back into its holder on the altar where it’ll burn out during the ritual. The purple candle blow out and put it aside.

•Next, call the quarters and light the candles: East (Air/Dagger), South (Fire/Wand), West (Water/Chalice), North (Earth/Crystal). The North candle and crystal are on my altar, which faces North. do not cast a circle; the candles and tools only loosely mark my ritual space, which I may leave if necessary.

• then light the white ritual candle on the altar, and say: “The fires are lit. The ritual is begun.”

•For grounding, visualize the tree-of-life for the power connection

• call on the female energies to be awake in and around me

• call on the male energies to be awake in and around me

• take the flower pot and the seeds from the altar and sit down on the ground.

meditate about the time of the year, day and night in balance, with day winning. see the young god roaming the fields and woods with the spring maiden, causing the newly blossoming life that I’ve witnessed on my walk.

Life’s ever-changing wheel is turning...

chant, “She changes everything She touches, and everything She touches, changes.”

then think of three projects, things you want to manifest this coming season, and charge each of the sunflower seeds with one of these ideas. plant the seeds in the flower pot, visualising them holding my ideas/plans.

• get up and put the flower pot on the altar. hold my hands over the pot and ask the powers that be to help me bring my ideas and projects to blossom.

•After that, hold my hands over the egg, bread, and elderflower champagne, and thank the powers that be for nourishment and abundance. peel the egg and eat it with salt and the bread, and take a sip of wine. (if you can't eat egg like me, just hold it in your hand, break the shell open, and save the shells to put in your garden)

• then sink to the ground with my palms on the floor, visualising any excess energy dripping off me and into the ground like water.

•Getting up, thank the male and female powers for awakening in me and making me aware. promise to carry them in my heart always.

• thank and say farewell to the quarters, blowing out the candles in turn.

•At last, stand in front of the altar again, I blow out the altar candle, saying: “The ritual is done. I complete.”

After the ritual:

In the morning:
On the day of the equinox, Iusually wear something green! Over the coming weeks, water the sunflower seeds. It doesn’t make a difference whether or not they start to grow, but it sure is a joy when they do!


I was watching a report on the disappearance of bee's.

And now they are saying it's because flowers have lost their smell, due to pollution.


Flowers have lost their smell because of incredibly STUPID FLOWER BREEDERS!!!!

To get perfect flower they lose the scent, to make the flower prettier!


Try it out. Go to a garden store and check out the Rose's....... you have to search and search for one bush that might still smell faintly of Rose's!!!!! Most of the time they have no scent at all!!!!

So folks, if you want to get the bees back, plant things that have some smell. Try allysiam, or mint's, but give up with the rose's that smell like nothing!

It's pretty bad when all I have to remind me of the scent of rose's is some stupid perfume

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New things for sale

These are some new item's I've been working on. Each piece is a natural stone that has been cleansed in salt and sanctified. Then wrapped in heavy gage pure copper.

Copper amplifies the effects of the stones. I made an assortment. A lot of large pieces for the men, some for the women, and even a few tiny ones for children.

Every piece has a bale for hanging, and I included a nice round bale for the chains to go thru.

Hopefully they will sell

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Forgot to mention

I forgot to mention the SALES!!!! Spring on the boardwalk means that they are getting rid of the last summers stuff.

I picked up these beach dress's..... you know for over your bathing suit. 10 for $10!!!!!!! I got an assorment of colors, and I'll put them in my closet for when visiters come, and want to go to the beach. I can give them a realy nice coverup for the beach, and it only cost me $1 each!!!!!!


For all you poor people who DON'T live by the beach, I thought I would post some pictures of my mothers day boardwalk walk with my son Matt.

Now the boardwalk inside is open most of the winter, now that spring is here, all the outside stuff is open too.

So here's some pictures of our walk. We had some pizza, and funnel cake, and they gave out flowers, and had an Elvis impersonation sing away.... it was GREAT!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Meatloaf (not the singer)

My son asked me to make a Meatloaf for dinner last night. It's his favorite so I said OK. I can't eat it, for besides being a vegetarian, it has bread crumbs in it.... Wheat... I'm allergic.

But, on his insistence that I'm not getting enough protein (I eat plenty of cheese and beans so that is bull crap) I kept enough out of the meat to make a small hamburger patty for lunch (without the bread crumbs)

I didn't eat it last night, had no appetite for it, and this afternoon he bugged me, so I cooked it up with mushrooms.

Well, it was a flop! I DON'T LIKE THE TASTE OF MEAT!!! I've lost all interest in it at all! I ate a tiny bit of the patty (and even smothered in katsup it was tasteless), and left the rest.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not completely vegetarian.

I will eat a ton of seafood, and sometimes a bit of bacon or fatback.... but that's it. I also eat bread, made of rice or tapioca. And it tastes fine when you add the creme cheese and jelly.

My meat loaf, that I used to love, tasted like cardboard, and was not eatable to me. While he scarfed down my meatloaf, praising it to the roof. I just wasn't interested.

I stopped eating meat to test out my allergy thing. I'm allergic to so fucking much. Eggs, All Poultry (no chicken or Turkey), potatoes, wheat, and to tell you the truth I forgot what else..... but on my vegetarian diet, I'm fine. No allergies, no symptoms like not being able to walk much, or fast heartbeat, or any of the other many symptoms of allergy's.

And I like it!!!!

I'd rather have a nice spinach salad with onions, cheese, and olives then that juicy hamburger.

So tell the cows to stop hiding, here's one person that will never eat them again!!!!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


My Clementius is finally BLOOMING!!!!! It took 2 years, and it's not that high up (actually for a vine it's acting a bit like a bush) BUT IT'S BLOOMING.

And a picture of my Bleeding Hearts. They used to be my fathers favorite flower. And I admit to loving those sweet hearts also

Some items

These are some pendents I made to sell at shore leave. All real gemstones and copper.

Monday, May 05, 2008

I'm in LOVE with a doll!!!!!

Most of you who know me, would say I'm insane, this is not something Judi is in to! But you would be sooooooooo wrong!!!!

Here are some examples of "Luts" dolls. They come from Korea, and it is believed that a soul who has passed on resides in each doll.

Let me tell you.......... these picture's actually do NO JUSTICE to the real thing. Steph has one, and brought her lady over to meet me..... and I fell in love!!!! Deeply, wanting love!!!!

Each doll you can change the hair, and eyes, skin color they are fully jointed and physically accurate. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!! They even some with ELF ears!!!!! They are the one's I like best!!!!!!

But, and there is a BIG BUT..... they cost upwards starting at $600.00 dollars. And that's for the plain doll, no makeup, hair, or clothing!!!!!!

I WISH I WAS RICH!!!! SOB SOB SOB...... and add in a big POUT too!!!!