Saturday, May 10, 2008

Meatloaf (not the singer)

My son asked me to make a Meatloaf for dinner last night. It's his favorite so I said OK. I can't eat it, for besides being a vegetarian, it has bread crumbs in it.... Wheat... I'm allergic.

But, on his insistence that I'm not getting enough protein (I eat plenty of cheese and beans so that is bull crap) I kept enough out of the meat to make a small hamburger patty for lunch (without the bread crumbs)

I didn't eat it last night, had no appetite for it, and this afternoon he bugged me, so I cooked it up with mushrooms.

Well, it was a flop! I DON'T LIKE THE TASTE OF MEAT!!! I've lost all interest in it at all! I ate a tiny bit of the patty (and even smothered in katsup it was tasteless), and left the rest.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not completely vegetarian.

I will eat a ton of seafood, and sometimes a bit of bacon or fatback.... but that's it. I also eat bread, made of rice or tapioca. And it tastes fine when you add the creme cheese and jelly.

My meat loaf, that I used to love, tasted like cardboard, and was not eatable to me. While he scarfed down my meatloaf, praising it to the roof. I just wasn't interested.

I stopped eating meat to test out my allergy thing. I'm allergic to so fucking much. Eggs, All Poultry (no chicken or Turkey), potatoes, wheat, and to tell you the truth I forgot what else..... but on my vegetarian diet, I'm fine. No allergies, no symptoms like not being able to walk much, or fast heartbeat, or any of the other many symptoms of allergy's.

And I like it!!!!

I'd rather have a nice spinach salad with onions, cheese, and olives then that juicy hamburger.

So tell the cows to stop hiding, here's one person that will never eat them again!!!!