Friday, May 16, 2008

Getting ready

I can't do what I want to do this weekend, so I'm doing something else. I have the crab nets in the car, the bushel basket, and all the other paraphernalia that I need.... and if it's nice tomorrow morning I'm off for my first crabbing trip early in the morning.

I'm going for deep water this time, of the far end of the Pier instead of the shallow waters, so I need to get there early to get a good spot. But, that's not a problem since I wake up early anyway.

I was going to a Renaissance fair with my girlfriend, but I'm so totally broke it's pathetic! Gas money is getting hard to come by, since that last week of school that my son had to be there everyday, and some evenings for the club he belongs too.

Thank the goddess summer is here! If the fair had only been held off a few weeks, I could have afforded to go. But with gas, food, and of course all that neat shit they are selling....... sigh..... IT SUCKS!

I was soooooooo looking forward to it! :( But I can afford the gas to go down the road for crabbing..... so while it's not better, at least I can have a pity party while sitting on the water crabbing.