Monday, May 05, 2008

I'm in LOVE with a doll!!!!!

Most of you who know me, would say I'm insane, this is not something Judi is in to! But you would be sooooooooo wrong!!!!

Here are some examples of "Luts" dolls. They come from Korea, and it is believed that a soul who has passed on resides in each doll.

Let me tell you.......... these picture's actually do NO JUSTICE to the real thing. Steph has one, and brought her lady over to meet me..... and I fell in love!!!! Deeply, wanting love!!!!

Each doll you can change the hair, and eyes, skin color they are fully jointed and physically accurate. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!! They even some with ELF ears!!!!! They are the one's I like best!!!!!!

But, and there is a BIG BUT..... they cost upwards starting at $600.00 dollars. And that's for the plain doll, no makeup, hair, or clothing!!!!!!

I WISH I WAS RICH!!!! SOB SOB SOB...... and add in a big POUT too!!!!