Sunday, May 04, 2008

Here's the problem

I want to get NEW FURNITURE!!!!!

See, I made a mistake last time I bought new furniture, I got really expensive furniture.

I'm sure that doesn't sound bad..... BUT IT WONT DIE!!!!!

I've had it 12 YEARS!!!!! Now, I'm the type of person that likes to shake it up every once in a while. I like to change my furniture around the room, and buy new..... but I HAD to buy an expensive sectional.... and no matter how many party's I have, or how much food spills on it..... it's still FUCKING PERFECT!!!!

So, I just give up. I'm going buy me some CHEAP furniture, something that will last about 3 years, then I can toss it and buy another set!!! PERFECT

I AM NOT LIKE MY MOTHER!!!!! Her living room set was OVER 50 YEARS OLD!!!! I need new, and exciting every once in a while.

But the main problem is the room. As you can see from the picture it's big. Long, and while not really wide, it's open to the dinning room, so it looks big.

So what do I get???? A regular sofa and love seat won't do. Should I get two big sofa's??? Or a big sofa and two large overstuffed chairs???

I want to have the sofa across the room, down past the last window, so I can see out the windows while watching TV. But that leaves around 5 feet behind the sofa to the wall.

So I was thinking of lining that back wall with bookcase's and maybe a lounge chair so I can sit and read...... WHAT DO YOU THINK?