Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The plan...... cackle!

OK here's the plan....

I can't cancel out on shore leave, I already paid for the table, though by paying for the table, I'll only owe Eileen one day for room rent, and that's just because she wants to go a day early........but I'll only eat what I can bring with me..... no restaurant, or bar, no drinkies. I still have to drive up there.... so I gotta pay for the gas.

1. And, I'll keep the TV off! That should save me tons in electricity.

2. Also, I'll try to keep the aircondioning off, or as low as I can most of the summer

3. No beach. Free days are good, but the gas and parking would kill me

4. Diddo to the crabbing. that's free too, but gas up there and back is bad (I'M DYING HERE!)

5. when I get that other income tax check, instead of buying furniture, I'll save it for gas money next semester. That should get me thru most of the semester.

6. NO SHOPPING of any kind. No Englishtown, or New Hope (sob sob) Just basic necessity's. Like food, but I'll keep that down to just stuff for Matt... hay, I can stand to lose a few pounds, and he's the only one that can eat chicken and such, so I'll get that for him, and skip meals for me

7. I'll cut down on watering the plants, and laundry.... maybe my water bill will go down a little

8. And I'll check out federal funding for helping with the cooling and heating bills (I swear I will, I promise I will...)

****UPDATE: On May 28th, I filled out all the paperwork for energy assistance, and mailed them out. According to the site, I qualify, but who knows! I'll keep you up to date when I hear something.... I'm a gooooooooood girl! GIGGLE******

9. I don't have a clue........... but I'll think of something.

When your already on such a tight budget, what else can you cut without dying?????

I can't get a part time job, because I can't stand and work the register for 8 hours a day... so that's out. The last couple of times I tried that I almost died...really, not kidding.

It should be better when Matt's off to collage. When he goes to Arizona, I can rent out a room, and get some extra money that way.

Now, I know I'm being petty, and I apologise for it.

I know I had to give the kids that money from grandmom. Even though she didn't leave it to them, I felt I had to do it, she would have wanted it.

And I didn't yet recover from paying off Mom's bills... I couldn't recoup that because Eileen insisted that we split 50/50, so I swallowed the bills, the Realtors cost, and all the cleaning and shit supplies. But I'm close, there is only one bill left to pay, and when that's gone, Mom's estate is settled. Only took 3 years. fuck!

OK, NO MORE THINKING!! from now on happy, sappy, wonderful thoughts! I promise