Sunday, May 18, 2008

OK here's the problem

Now here's a mystery for you.

When I got the cauldron from Barb, there had been Iris's planted in it...... but when she gave it to me the cauldron was EMPTY!!!

Not even a speck of dirt in it.

Then I went to the front of my yard, and dug up some Tiger Lily's that I snitched from my Mom's garden after she died. TIGER LILY'S!!!! (you know, bright orange with black spots, lily's!)

And I planted them in the center of the cauldron

Now I have NO IRIS'S IN MY YARD!!!!! NONE!!!!

But for some strange reason, as the cauldron is getting ready to flower..... those are NOT tiger Lily's, they are true IRIS'S!!! And PURPLE ONES AT THAT! Even if I planted Iris's they would NOT have been purple. I'm partial to the white, blue, or even yellow ones..............

But, needless to say, as you can see from the picture, there in the center are IRIS'S!!!!!!!

Maybe my mom planted iris's in with her tiger Lily's, but if she did..... I NEVER saw them in her garden????

Maybe the goddess just decided that's what she wanted, and did it..... but it's truly a BIG PUZZLE