Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wonderful sight!!!

If you get up any morning for the next few weeks, you’ll be treated to the sight of all the planets except Saturn arrayed along the ecliptic, the path of the sun through the sky.

For the last two months, almost all the planets have been hiding behind the sun, but this week they all emerge and are arrayed in a grand line above the rising sun.

Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter are visible, and you can add Uranus and Neptune too, if you have binoculars or a small telescope.

This sky map of the six planets shows how they should appear at dawn to observers with clear weather and an unobstructed view.

Six planets at one time

While astrologers view planetary alignments as foretellers of disasters, modern amateur astronomers look forward to them as nothing more than grand photo ops.

If you go out any morning for the next four days, you’ll be treated to a view of the crescent moon and all but one of the naked eye planets.

Because the moon moves rapidly from one morning to the next, it will only be part of the lineup for the next four mornings, but the four naked-eye planets will be there for the next few weeks.

Venus is, as always, the brightest and most visible of the planets, and it can be your guide to spotting the others. About half way between Venus and the rising sun is Jupiter, the second brightest planet.

Mars will be a tiny speck just above Jupiter, and Mercury another tiny speck about half way between Jupiter and Venus. Uranus is slightly more than one binocular field above and to the right of Venus, and Neptune is much farther to the right, about 40 degrees away in Aquarius.

The Moon will be just above Venus on Saturday morning, and just above Jupiter and Mars on Sunday morning. As reported on

Friday, April 29, 2011

Uhhh, am I naked????

I don't know about you guys, but I have a hard time adjusting to spring.... clothing wise.

I'm so used to bundling up, and covering up, that when spring hits .... I feel NAKED!

I want my jacket! And my sweaters!!! People are actually going to SEE what I look like!!!!

I just went out to the store in my tee-shirt and Capri's, and I felt WEIRD!!

I know I'll get over that naked feeling, hopefully soon.... but it's just crazy?

Do the rest of you guys get that same feeling in spring?

Thursday, April 28, 2011


For all you girls, like my girlfriend Barb.... who depend on me to tell them when new, or returning shows are going to be on this summer....THIS IS FOR YOU!

Torchwood RETURNS!!!!! July 8th, but get this, NOT on BBCA, but on Starz!!!! A freaking pay Chanel, but I'm going to pay for it, cause NOTHING will make me miss Torchwood..... and to add to the pleasure, it's going to be as if the last show where everyone died, DID NOT HAPPEN! So expect some of your fav's to be back on the show... they won't say who, but should be interesting.


May 1st..... In plain site usa

June 5th.... Glades a&e

June 19th... Falling skys syfy

June 26th... Leverage

June 7th.... white collar

June 7th... Covert Affairs

June 14th... Memphis beat

June 15th... hot in Cincinnati

July 11...... this is going to be rough, cause all these shows are on the SAME DAY!!



Rosellie and Isle

Warehouse 13

and a new syfy called Alpha's

Then July 15.... Haven

July 29...... Royal Pains

So far that's it, mark your calenders!!!! And that's not any of the main networks!!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Saturday, April 23, 2011

check out this giveaway

I HATE posting about cool give a ways from my lady bloggers..... cause then you win it, and I don't!!!! And then I have to pout!!!!

But this one is too good to pass up!!!!

Check out "" to see her adorable prizes!!!

Go ahead, I promise to forgive you if you win! Really!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Peek a Boo! giggle


I joined a new Star Trek club recently. I went to my first meeting this past Sunday. It was a blast!!!!! I'm the new Chief of Operations!

Kind of a long ride, almost over an hour, into Atlantic City, but My friend Mike

(In the back row, second from the right.... and yeah that's me 3rd from the right.... I have great skill in hiding from the camera!!! giggle)

As I was saying, Mike drove down from Harrisburg, a 3 hour drive.... so I can't complain too much.

Yes, there are Star Trek clubs much closer to me, but I've met those clubs, and didn't like them AT ALL. This one was cool!

The people were friendly, and it was a FUN meeting..... especially after they broke out the Mud Slides! Giggle Most ships are super stodgy, this one looks to be a party fun ship..... and that's good with me!!!

There are more members that weren't at this meeting, so the ship is growing. All of the guy are new to this, none of them have belonged to a ship before.

And our brand spanking new Capt. (he's on the sofa in red!) is also new..... first ship for him! Mike and I have belonged to a few, and we've both been Capt's of our own ships.

But the fun part.... NONE OF THEM HAVE EVER BEEN TO SHORE LEAVE CONVENTION!!! Really, I'm totally surprised. Hopefully I can get some of them there, if not for this one, maybe the next one.

But watch out...... we old convention people have our ways with "Convention Virgins".... yes we do! We won't hurt them or anything..... but we do enjoy introducing newbee's to the conventions. GIGGLE

Mike met me there early, and we parked and walked to the beach and the Atlantic City Boardwalk (incredibly dull compared to MY Seaside Heights boardwalk!!!) And we looked at the ocean, and then went into two casino's.

Mikie played, and won.... I spent 10 bucks and lost 10 bucks.... and I was playing the penny slots!!!

I don't gamble..... but get me on my boardwalk and I'll spend a fortune for a stuffed sponge bob doll!!!! GIGGLE

Monday, April 18, 2011


Sugar snap pea's starting the long climb upwards!

Strawberry's in the cauldron, in the back ground is the Gooseberry bush... leaves all out.... and under the cauldron is some easter flowers that decided to bloom.

Presents!!!!! Love presents!!!!

My friend Mike gave these to me over the weekend!!! Drink Fairy's!!!! I LOVE THEM!!! You can't tell from the pictures, but they are really BIG pictures. I love my little fairy's!!!!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Damn it!

Now I'm going to have to dig a zillion tiny little graves!!!!! Stupid GNOMES!!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

I WANT this!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Struggling with food allergys

This morning I woke up HUNGRY!! Having a little extra money, I decided to go to the grocery store and get something "different"! Yeah, right!!!

In the past this wouldn't be a biggie, but now with all my food allergy's IT SUCKS TO SHOP!

To give you an idea.... I thought, Meatballs!

Cool right? but it's not an easy thing for me to do.

First of all I can't eat spaghetti.... so I thought Spaghetti squash. That works! I actually "LIKE" spaghetti squash!

Then the meatballs... can't add breading or most of the spices..... so I have to get the "meat loaf" mix of meat, cause that can go without the breading, and still be pretty soft. Where regular beef meatballs without breading are hard and disgusting!

Then the sauce!

Do you know how many sauce's have added "food starch" to them!!!! Almost every freaking single one! And since I can't eat corn or potato starch... I'll have to hunt around the spaghetti sauce jars for one without any of that. And I'm NOT going to make my own sauce, it's just too much work!!!

Plus, I'm not allowed to eat onions or GARLIC!!!! What's a spaghetti sauce WITHOUT GARLIC!!! sigh

Maybe spaghetti and meatballs wasn't such a good idea.

I'm not giving up though, I need something to tingle my taste buds, an I'm going to hunt something down.

This is why I love reading blogs like "" She cooks such fantastic food, none that I can eat, but I love to read her cooking recipes, and drool!

I'm a total "foodie" with out being able to eat the food. sigh

But not to worry, I'll find SOMETHING!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Trailer Park Fairy!!!

I may live in a Trailer park, but MY FAIRY CAN BEAT YOUR FAIRY'S BUTT!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Getting near the breaking point!

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Summer shopping

I needed summer clothing..... mainly because I have the belief that you wear your clothing till it's just about in tatters...... THEN you use those for working in the garden!

Well, after checking I realized that all I had left was the "garden" summer clothing.... so off I went........ and I have to admit that the "thrifty me" OUT DID herself this time!!!!

Between two stores....Dots (love my dots!!!) and k-mart. I spent a grand total of $80 dollars.... sounds like a lot, but wait till you see what I got!!!

  1. 5 pairs of Capri pants

  2. 2 pairs of regular slacks

  3. 12 tee-shirts (yes 12!)

  4. 2 bras

  5. 1 new book to read

  6. 2 cokes

I'm a gooooooood shopper!!!! Summer clothing.... DONE!

Perfect sign for my daughters Haunted house!

Smart Kitty

Wednesday, April 06, 2011


I know all my Halloween lady's out there are going to love this shop! this is just a taste of the cool stuff they have!!!!

cupcake molds mugs
kitchen timer
salt and pepper shakers!!!!!

Go and check it out!!!!!


Finally had some money and decided to give myself a birthday present!!! I got my tattoo!!!! Yepper that cute little broom on my chest, slanting down from my collar bone. SSSSSooooooo cute!!!!!!

Only thing I changed was the bow, did that in PINK!!!

I am totally happy!!!!!

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Witch's Broom

Lena Scotch Broom
Though these fantastic plants seem to only last 2 years when planted in pots, I couldn't prevent myself from growing another one this year!!!

They are tall, graceful, filled with hundreds of fragrant flowers!!!!

I can't even begin to describe what they smell like, very strong, like a mix of Hyacinth and rose's!!!

The above picture is a yellow one, I had a pink and yellow one a few years ago, and today I planted a pink one!

Even though, short lived, here in New Jersey (at least in pots) I will keep growing these Witch's Brooms! They are well worth it!!!

Good Read!!!!

Found an author I haven't read before.... Jesse Petersen.... and picked up the first in a three book saga called...."Married with Zombies".

Thought it might be funny, and it was!!!! Also scary, and gobs of zombie goo!!!! Kinda like Ghost Busters... but zombie style!!!

Of course, being freaked out by zombies didn't help me much.... keep making noise's like... YUCK, ZITH, OMG! But a good read!!!! Kept my attention, and left me wanting MORE!!!

Also by the author: "Flip this zombie", and coming in July... "eat, slay, love"

Drangon Protection

Sometimes spells and talking to your Goddess isn't enough. We all need extra protection from everyday life sometimes, and for this I suggest a Dragon Guardian.

First find a necklace or charm in the shape of your dragon. Doesn't matter what material it's made of, but be aware that you MUST carry it with you FOREVER after you do the spell.

Dragons don't like being sent to a dark jewelry box!!!

So Pick a dragon that you can wear, put in your purse or carry in your pocket, just leaving him or her on your alter isn't enough!

When you find one, clean it with salt and sage.

Pick a night of the full moon, and set up your alter with yellow and gold candles, and burn dragons blood incense.

Find some sort of drum to use, even a pot, or just drumming on your alter

Put your dragon in the middle of your alter, surrounding it with the candles, and drumming quietly on your pick for a drum: chant:

On the wings of thunder, honor bound,

Search me out, I drum the sound.

Twist and turn in the night,

Dragon come, my guiding light.

Protector, guardian, friend not foe.

come to me, see my signal glow.

Strong and true, this friendship charm.

I beacon thee, protect me from harm.

Around and about my magick swirls,

Come to me, your wings unfurled.

Welcome O guardian of (persons name)

Pass the charm through the flames of the candles, and hold it over the incense while imagining it coming to life in your hands!

Then keep that charm with you forever!

You might notice some change in your mood and temper for a while afterwards, as the dragon sets deep in you soul.

But, soon it will be like before, except the strength will remain with you.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Front yard work

First thing I did was paint the lamp post planter..... used to be Terra cotta, but over the years it faded to a sick pink color, so I gave it a coat of black, and planted Pansy's in it!!!

And as you can see..... I extended the planting bed in front, now it's EVEN!!! I planted a Pink PJM Rodadenrom next to the stairs, and a fig bush in the middle..... and the rest of the bed is the same as under the arbor..... tiger Lily's, iris's and and some pretty Asian Lily's... Pink of course!!!

I'll take a picture when it fills out more in late summer!!!