Thursday, April 28, 2011


For all you girls, like my girlfriend Barb.... who depend on me to tell them when new, or returning shows are going to be on this summer....THIS IS FOR YOU!

Torchwood RETURNS!!!!! July 8th, but get this, NOT on BBCA, but on Starz!!!! A freaking pay Chanel, but I'm going to pay for it, cause NOTHING will make me miss Torchwood..... and to add to the pleasure, it's going to be as if the last show where everyone died, DID NOT HAPPEN! So expect some of your fav's to be back on the show... they won't say who, but should be interesting.


May 1st..... In plain site usa

June 5th.... Glades a&e

June 19th... Falling skys syfy

June 26th... Leverage

June 7th.... white collar

June 7th... Covert Affairs

June 14th... Memphis beat

June 15th... hot in Cincinnati

July 11...... this is going to be rough, cause all these shows are on the SAME DAY!!



Rosellie and Isle

Warehouse 13

and a new syfy called Alpha's

Then July 15.... Haven

July 29...... Royal Pains

So far that's it, mark your calenders!!!! And that's not any of the main networks!!!!