Sunday, April 27, 2008


as you can see by the pictures, my swing is all dressed up with new pillows, and I found a place for the frog Barb gave me under the cauldron. Also pictures of the blueberry bush's blooming..... love thoes tiny bell shaped flowers!!!! And the lettuce and spinich is taking off big time!!! Also the first flowers on my tomatoe plant.... YIPPPPIE!!!! And my two new gooseberry bush's on either side of the popout rose bush!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Well, I finally managed to get some Gooseberry plants!!!!!

It was HARD WORK! None of the garden catalogs would ship them to New Jersey!!!!!

See, gooseberry's have a disease that affects pine trees, that is, the one's from out of state do, the ones grown in NJ are just fine. But all the catalogs that have them in it are from out of state!!!!

I did remember a garden center down by Barb's that used to have them, so this weekend when I dropped Matt off at his friends house in North Brunswick, I scooted up to Barbs and dragged her to the garden center.


Then I had to go and buy to large half barrel planters for them, and all the dirt!!!!

They are bushes, but nice compact ones, and should do good, like my blueberry's, in the half barrel planters I got for them, and they will last years and years and years.

For those of you who have never had Gooseberry's, I can't begin to explain how they taste. It's totally different from any berry you've had before, but when ripe, sweet!!!!


I watched 2 movies this weekend, and all I can say is that my mood is......DISAPPOINTED!

The first was "I am legend" A remake, of a remake, of a remake. I first saw this movie in BLACK AND WHITE!!!! AND IT ALWAYS ENDS THE SAME!!!!

They may change the place, and actors, but for fucking sakes..... CHANGE SOMETHING IN THE FUCKING MOVIE!!!! Let the guy LIVE, show the cure working and people coming back!!!! DO SOMETHING!!! But, no, they have no imagination, and do it over and over the same.

At least they could have showed Will Smith NAKED again, as in I robot. That 2 second showing of that tall, muscular, hunk of a black man...... makes the whole movie worthwhile. NOOOOOOOOO, not in this movie, fully clothed. Can you say DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!

The other was the FOG!!! Let me tell you they ALL DESERVED TO DIE!!!!

And if I had been there I would have SHOT EVERYONE.... THEN FED THEM TO THE MONSTERS!!!! THEN SHOT THEM AGAIN!!!!! What a town of pathetic LOSER'S!!!!

And the main actor.... he was sooooo boring that half way thru the movie I was rooting for the monsters to EAT HIM!!!!!!

I think I'm going to stick to Disney movies from now on.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Picture of new grandson

Here is Joshua Alexander

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This is my best yet

Saturday, April 19, 2008


The warm weather is finally coming!!!!!! I went out side this morning, early, with my coffee... in my pussycat P.J's..... and sat drinking my coffee, and enjoying the early morning weather and sun!!!!

It was FANTASTIC!!!!!!

I DON'T care if the neighbors see me in my P.J.'s...... I'm NOT going to get dressed every time I want to enjoy my morning coffee.... so there! (stamps foot and put on a pouty face! Giggle) Besides who Care's anymore.

I found out that my new hose actually does go around to the front garden, and that's great. I was a little afraid it was too short, but when I just tried it, it was fine.

I'm glad I finally got the hose I wanted. It's cloth, so it doesn't kink AT ALL!!!!

And it's safe to drink from. Now I want to get an outdoor shower, so that I can wash off when I come home from crabbing or the beach. Trying to keep SOME of the sand out of the house. GIGGLE. But for those of you who live down the shore, you know that's hard to do.

Friday, April 18, 2008

It was a dark and stormy night.....

Well not always..... see folks, yes our spells have to do with the moon. Is it waxing, or waining. Waxing is good for spells related to ..... Hummmmm, guess you can say.... getting even, or teaching someone a life lesson, or just plain bad shit!

And YES WE CAN DO, what is considered "BAD SHIT".... but we can't HURT someone, but we can do stuff that is considered to be a "LIFE LESSON".

But I digress, the moon, and how it's showing in the sky, has a big impact on our spells.

But what happens on the rare occasion that the moon shows in the bright DAY sky?? Well, I usually jump up and down, and do a happy dance.

It's really nice to do spell in the bright sunlight of day..... not everyone waits till after midnight. As long as the moon is showing, spells can be spun, incantations can be incanted, and potions can be brewed.

So next time you see the moon hanging in the day sky, get out your shit, and have at it. The best spells during this time are earth ones. You can go out in your garden, in the sun, and spell away!!!

I really do think that those times are even stronger then the times at night. Because not only do you have the moon, but the sun, earth, and the air. Nice combo!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Playing with my camera giggle

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Early Spring

Front yard with daffy's in bloom

Spring flowers blooming under the cauldron!

My table garden, spinach, lettuce, and some flowers... coming along good!!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Did you ever just want to play Hookie! I'm talking from your job, your schooling, your work, your life!!!

Get ready in the morning for the same old grind, and then......


you get out your phone, and call in... with many, but vague excuses.... and go off and do something..... ANYTHING!!!!

Playing hookie from work or school is different, and fun............but playing hookie from LIFE is a JOY!!!!

Do something you don't normally do. Run out to see a girlfriend, go to the beach, dress up and do something funny and campy.

I have a friend that puts on a ball gown, full makeup and everything, and run to the shoe store. She's got a whole story down about a big gala ball, and her shoe heel broke. So there she is in K-Mark, dressed to the nine's trying on shoes!!!! Everyday people come up to her, helping her find the perfect shoe's for her special occasion. And the "Ball" she's going to usually has mega stars and important people going to it. She loves it!

I used to, when I worked, go out to lunch, wait till lunch was over, and called in saying "My car broke down" or "I have a flat and no spare" and then off I would hop to the beach or just to do some shopping. RELIEF!!!!!

That's why so many people to to Star Trek conventions, or Star Wars cons, or Renaissance Fairs! For a few hours, or days, you CAN BE SOMEONE ELSE!!! You can fuck the cute blond, flirt with someone you wouldn't even think of as someone you like, or put on a costume and be someone totally unlike yourself!!!!

I used to do that at Star Trek conventions. I would put on a tight SHORT skirt, high heels, and walk around like a business woman.... High class! Anything was better then the polyester pants wearing mother from no where!!!! And I HAD FUN!!! I showed tons of leg (and I have good ones!) and massive cleavage!!!!

I stopped doing that when I started having my sister going to the conventions.... why, because I DON'T COMPETE!!! It's a thing with me.

But this year the stockings and short skirts are coming out AGAIN! And while I'm at it, Stef is going to introduce me to Renaissance Fairs..... maybe that will be a outlet for my need to NOT BE ME!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Reving up for the summer

Cold day at the beach, but sunny and beautiful