Saturday, April 19, 2008


The warm weather is finally coming!!!!!! I went out side this morning, early, with my coffee... in my pussycat P.J's..... and sat drinking my coffee, and enjoying the early morning weather and sun!!!!

It was FANTASTIC!!!!!!

I DON'T care if the neighbors see me in my P.J.'s...... I'm NOT going to get dressed every time I want to enjoy my morning coffee.... so there! (stamps foot and put on a pouty face! Giggle) Besides who Care's anymore.

I found out that my new hose actually does go around to the front garden, and that's great. I was a little afraid it was too short, but when I just tried it, it was fine.

I'm glad I finally got the hose I wanted. It's cloth, so it doesn't kink AT ALL!!!!

And it's safe to drink from. Now I want to get an outdoor shower, so that I can wash off when I come home from crabbing or the beach. Trying to keep SOME of the sand out of the house. GIGGLE. But for those of you who live down the shore, you know that's hard to do.