Saturday, April 26, 2008


I watched 2 movies this weekend, and all I can say is that my mood is......DISAPPOINTED!

The first was "I am legend" A remake, of a remake, of a remake. I first saw this movie in BLACK AND WHITE!!!! AND IT ALWAYS ENDS THE SAME!!!!

They may change the place, and actors, but for fucking sakes..... CHANGE SOMETHING IN THE FUCKING MOVIE!!!! Let the guy LIVE, show the cure working and people coming back!!!! DO SOMETHING!!! But, no, they have no imagination, and do it over and over the same.

At least they could have showed Will Smith NAKED again, as in I robot. That 2 second showing of that tall, muscular, hunk of a black man...... makes the whole movie worthwhile. NOOOOOOOOO, not in this movie, fully clothed. Can you say DISAPPOINTMENT!!!!

The other was the FOG!!! Let me tell you they ALL DESERVED TO DIE!!!!

And if I had been there I would have SHOT EVERYONE.... THEN FED THEM TO THE MONSTERS!!!! THEN SHOT THEM AGAIN!!!!! What a town of pathetic LOSER'S!!!!

And the main actor.... he was sooooo boring that half way thru the movie I was rooting for the monsters to EAT HIM!!!!!!

I think I'm going to stick to Disney movies from now on.