Thursday, April 03, 2008


Did you ever just want to play Hookie! I'm talking from your job, your schooling, your work, your life!!!

Get ready in the morning for the same old grind, and then......


you get out your phone, and call in... with many, but vague excuses.... and go off and do something..... ANYTHING!!!!

Playing hookie from work or school is different, and fun............but playing hookie from LIFE is a JOY!!!!

Do something you don't normally do. Run out to see a girlfriend, go to the beach, dress up and do something funny and campy.

I have a friend that puts on a ball gown, full makeup and everything, and run to the shoe store. She's got a whole story down about a big gala ball, and her shoe heel broke. So there she is in K-Mark, dressed to the nine's trying on shoes!!!! Everyday people come up to her, helping her find the perfect shoe's for her special occasion. And the "Ball" she's going to usually has mega stars and important people going to it. She loves it!

I used to, when I worked, go out to lunch, wait till lunch was over, and called in saying "My car broke down" or "I have a flat and no spare" and then off I would hop to the beach or just to do some shopping. RELIEF!!!!!

That's why so many people to to Star Trek conventions, or Star Wars cons, or Renaissance Fairs! For a few hours, or days, you CAN BE SOMEONE ELSE!!! You can fuck the cute blond, flirt with someone you wouldn't even think of as someone you like, or put on a costume and be someone totally unlike yourself!!!!

I used to do that at Star Trek conventions. I would put on a tight SHORT skirt, high heels, and walk around like a business woman.... High class! Anything was better then the polyester pants wearing mother from no where!!!! And I HAD FUN!!! I showed tons of leg (and I have good ones!) and massive cleavage!!!!

I stopped doing that when I started having my sister going to the conventions.... why, because I DON'T COMPETE!!! It's a thing with me.

But this year the stockings and short skirts are coming out AGAIN! And while I'm at it, Stef is going to introduce me to Renaissance Fairs..... maybe that will be a outlet for my need to NOT BE ME!!!!!!