Friday, April 18, 2008

It was a dark and stormy night.....

Well not always..... see folks, yes our spells have to do with the moon. Is it waxing, or waining. Waxing is good for spells related to ..... Hummmmm, guess you can say.... getting even, or teaching someone a life lesson, or just plain bad shit!

And YES WE CAN DO, what is considered "BAD SHIT".... but we can't HURT someone, but we can do stuff that is considered to be a "LIFE LESSON".

But I digress, the moon, and how it's showing in the sky, has a big impact on our spells.

But what happens on the rare occasion that the moon shows in the bright DAY sky?? Well, I usually jump up and down, and do a happy dance.

It's really nice to do spell in the bright sunlight of day..... not everyone waits till after midnight. As long as the moon is showing, spells can be spun, incantations can be incanted, and potions can be brewed.

So next time you see the moon hanging in the day sky, get out your shit, and have at it. The best spells during this time are earth ones. You can go out in your garden, in the sun, and spell away!!!

I really do think that those times are even stronger then the times at night. Because not only do you have the moon, but the sun, earth, and the air. Nice combo!