Sunday, September 30, 2007

Interesting start

I usually don't make reservations till January, for shore leave, but just on a whim, I called today........... and they are sold out!!!!

So I may not do the dealers room this year. Eileen wants me to share a room, but tell you the truth, I really don't want too. I know it's bitchy, but I just hate sharing a room with her.

So, we shall have to see. Maybe it's some kind of sign???????

Friday, September 28, 2007


OK, so the picture doesn't have anything to do with the show....... so sue me, I just liked it. giggle
The new show "moonlight" well, I'm going to give it a chance. Not bad first show..... but I have to ask........ what's with the male stars on all the new shows?? They all have that pinched face thing going on. You know, thin lips, and eyes, and nose, and all of that sort of smooched in the middle of their face!
Must be a new trend in Hollywood. Lets find ugly, and put it on the air. Gee, well, not UGLY, but not handsome by any means.
Kudos for using Evenessence as the music and songs during the show. They are my fav!!!!!!

Trick AND Treat!!! Yummmmmy

He took me in from out of the cold
and punished me, for being so bold
Across his knee, held so firm
with punishment enough to make me squirm!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


In just a few days, the time will be here.
The month of pumpkins and witch's dear.
So just for you, I'll make a special brew
Bats, and beetles and morning dew.
I'll cook it up, so hot so sweet,
stirring with my broom of summer wheat,
happy October, the month of wind
where ghosts and goblins party and sin.
Remember me when you sip my brew
Happy Halloween to all of you!!!!!
Judi Oliveri

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Fall Shows

I managed to catch some of the new shows and following is my opinions:

Chuck............ funny, campy, has some potential
Reaper.......... very funny, should be a hit
Bionic women...... So over that "poor little me" thing a lot of shows have, don't want to watch it again
Torchwood.... big hit there, and BBC America airs the show as is, so you see a lot of cute butts

I also caught some of "Life"

my opinion? this one is going to be a huge hit!!!!

It's funny, scary, and kind of insane, but good. I may even give up CSI to watch it, and that's saying a lot!!!! I kept clicking back and forth, and Life was much better!

That's it for now. When more come on, I'll let you know.

Oh, and saw part of the new "survivor" My opinion, hope they all starve to death, because they are all IDIOTS!!! But, I'm sure that's why they were picked in the first place!

See... the fates rule!

See, I made a mistake today. I washed my kitchen tablecloth with my sheets. Not normally a mistake, but for some reason the tablecloth got tightly tangled with my sheets........... and ripped!

So I went in the closet (ahhhh, isn't this exciting, do you feel the suspense rising?) and got out another one. And low and behold..... it's the perfect kitchen color!!!!!!

So now I'm going to home depot, with a book, and a table cloth and have them mix me up some paint! Whhoooooooooooooooooo Isn't my life EXCITING!!!!!

LOL sorry, but when school starts, my life fucks the hell up. Can't do the exciting things I want to do, when I'm so fucking busy sitting in the school parking lot waiting for Matt!!!!!!

You know what????? I need a drink, or two, or even three.

Or maybe I need to go to Englishtown this weekend, or crabbing, or walking on the beach..... but I HAVE TO GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007


I've been going crazy trying to find a color for the kitchen walls.

Yepper, I got sick of those damn tulips!!!!!

But, nothing is every easy for me. I looked at color swatches, after more color swatches...... and I'm no closer to picking something then I was 4 years ago.

But my bedroom............... now I didn't intend to paint that room............ but I bought this book at BJ's. Just an ordinary book........... but the cover color............... PERFECT!!!! It's like a greenish gray color that's perfect for my BEDROOM!!!

NOT THE KITCHEN.......... but the fucking bedroom.

Oh well, I follow what the fate's decree, and if they want me to do my bedroom, then that's what I'll do.

I'm sure when it's time for the kitchen, those colors will come to me too........ hopefully!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Not done yet!!!!!

Well, the cleaning hasn't stopped!!!! But it has slowed down a bit, mostly because I'm EXHAUSTED!!!!

Today I ran around the house and dusted, and polished. Then I took another tote from the shed and filled it with all the knickknack's I have around the house. I like to change nicknack's every once in a while. Out with the old, in with the new!

Then I mopped the kitchen floor!!!!! WOW! haven't done that in a long time!!! The dark kitchen tile floor I installed, never shows any dirt!!! And actually it wasn't that dirty........ geeez, maybe I should try cooking every once in a while?

Then I sat on the floor and cleaned the large "antique" spice cabinet. It's big, (about 5 feet high) so it takes a while to do.

It's filled jars, and jars, of regular spices, and all my witchy home grow spices, mints, lavender, rosemary, and such. I got rid of the old stuff, so I can fill it up with the new fall spices. I also got rid of a lots of jars of spices that I've never even opened, let a lone thought of using!!!

And along with that tons of chipped, cracked, and faded mugs and cups. Don't know why I insist on keeping them!!!!!

I feel like the craziness is finally winding down.

I can't possibly find much more to clean!!!!!!

Can I????????????


Oh, Hay! I haven't done the kitchen cabinets yet!!!! Gotta get to them tomorrow, and the fridge, gotta clean that too................................... ARRRRRRRRRRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007


I recently bought a new comforter, and it came with sheets. Now I normally don't use regular Cotton sheets, I prefer the sheets made out of "T shirt" material. They are softer, and warmer then regular sheets. But these came with the set, so I figured I'd try them out. I liked them..... for the summer that is!

Well this morning the first thing I did, after finding my house coat, and wrapping my self in it's warmth, and digging out my bedroom slippers....... Was to climb into my closet, take out the winter blanket, and the warm comfy sheets!!!!!!

Can we say BUUUURRRRRRRR!!! Cotton sheets are not warm!!!!!! And not having a blanket on a night like last night it NUTS!!!! The comforter was just not warm enough!!!!

So I washed my winter blanket, and my cuddly sheets, and put my bed together with them and retired those Cotton sheets to the closet for the winter.

I REFUSE to turn the heat on till late October. Damn it!!!!
I just had the air conditioning on LAST WEEK!!!!
And I can't sleep with the windows closed..... no way no, no how!!!! So warm blankets and sheets are the best thing for me!!!

By the way, according to the "Old Farmers Almanac" BE PREPARED!!!! They are almost always right on with the weather, and they are saying lots, and LOTS of SNOW this winter!!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Strange Times!

Something strange happens to me each fall. Just the first warning, the first cold night and I go into overdrive!!!

I was talking to my friend Warren, who's a sociology professor at Rutgers U. He told me that women, in ancient times, were the foraging and gathering part of the human race. We gathered roots, berries, wood, all the things we needed to make it thu the winter.... while the men hunted meat.

In this modern day and age, that isn't really necessary anymore. All we have to do is drive to the grocery store. So we make up for it in other ways.

We stock up on non-perishables. Like mac and cheese boxes, and tuna fish, and all that other stuff that can sit on a shelf. Now you can even buy milk and orange juice that is in containers that can sit in your pantry.... un- refrigerated, till you need it. We buy candles, and we say it's for the scent, but it's also great emergency lighting.

And we clean and prepare our homes for winters on coming.

First thing I always do is, on a sunny day, close my doors, back up, and look at the doors.

If I can see sunlight coming thru the sides of the doors............ off I go to home depot.

I buy foam rope weather stripping. It's peel and stick. I put it anywhere around the inside of the door, over the doors weather stripping, where sunlight is peaking in. On till no light shines thru!

Now it's also time to put up the glass in your screen doors. But I know that there are nice days in the winter, so I like to keep the screens in. The weather stripping should keep the cold air out, and on nice days I can open the door and air the house out.

Then I check the windows, see if when closed and locked, I can feel any air coming thru the sides. If I do feel a breeze, there is weather stripping for them also.

I also clean the windows, including the tracks and sill, and outside screens. Making sure no dirt is causing the windows to leak.

I dust and clean my furnace. (now I have a gas one, so all you need to do is dust it, oil furnaces need someone called to do a good cleaning of it. Just look in the phone book.) Then I replace all the filters in it. So that winter air is nice and clean. Just talk out the filter, and write down the size on the border, and go to home depot and get a new one.

I even put the long hose on my vacuum, and vacuum out the air registers on the floors of all the rooms. Just to remove the dust and such that have fallen in them over the winter.

I buy insulating covers for all my outside water spickets. They cost just Penny's, and you hook them on and screw the cover on. This way your water won't freeze and cost you hundreds in repairs!!!!! If you can, shut the water off to the outside, it's a valve usually in the basement. But if you can't, just make sure it's not dripping and put the cover on it.

Buy covers for your air conditioning units. They have them that fit the outside and inside your window units, or like me, I buy a huge cover for my Central air conditioning unit. It keeps dirt, water and leaves off it during the winter. Again, a cover as large as mine, costs less then $10.

If I have a shed or garage, I clean that out also.

While the weather is warmer and I can do it without freezing. I bring all the winter stuff up front...... including the decorations for Christmas and thanksgiving. Snow shovels, snow blowers, and rock salt, and all those goodies go up front where I can find it in a jiffy!!!!!

I also bring in all the boxes of winter clothing that I've stored there over the winter. I may not unpack them yet, but I put them in my closet. Then when it's time to bring them out, I unpack, fill with the summer stuff, and put them back in the shed or garage.

Now if you have a yard, I've never been one for raking leaves, I like to go over them again and again with the lawn mower...... this cuts up the leaves real small, and left on the lawn.... fantastic mulch and fertilizer for next spring. If you don't cut them up, rake them up!

And don't forget your summer gardening tools. Clean them off, oil them and put them back in the shed or garage. Also any plant pots you empty out, wash out with a strong cleaner with bleach, and store them also. Wash your lawnmower, underneath too, and store that too.

Basements...... If we have heavy snows, even the driest basement can get wet. So make sure all the stuff you store down there is UP OFF THE FLOOR!!! Buy shelving units for storage, and check your sump pump to make sure it working! You don't need to be mopping freezing water off your basement floors!!!

There are also little things you can do.

Wash your stored blankets for the bed, get out and wash your warm sheets.

Find that electric blanket and be sure it's working. Clean, clean, clean!!!!

Our mothers were right!!!! Get rid of all the summer dust and dirt and pet hair that is all over your house, behind the furniture, and under it!!!!! Once your heater kicks on you don't want that flying all over the house, and making you sick!

Check and clean your gutters. Make sure they are all fastened right, and tight. Winter winds will pick them up and rip them off if your not careful. And clean all the gunk out of them!

Have someone come and clean your fireplace, and buy and stock up on some wood. Make sure you stack it in a dry covered place. Don't forget to buy the matches and such you need to make a fire. And save your newspapers to use as starting kindling!

Just look around and think....... cold and windy, what needs to be put away! And do it before the cold weather hits!!!!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books:

I have begun to listen to the teachings my blood whispers to me

Friday, September 14, 2007

Bad Plans

I had plans to head up the the boardwalk this weekend, and check out all the stuff they have for sale in the fall.

It's always great. Things like 5 sweatshirts for 10$ and stuff like that. I always pick up tons for the kids for next summer there.

Then I was browsing the newspaper, and found out that this weekend the board walk is going to be full of (dum dum dum) CLOWNS!!!!!!!

Hundreds of clowns all over the boardwalk!!!!!!

Not going to happen. uh uh, not going there!!!! I HATE CLOWNS!!!!!!!!!

Thank the goddess I found out before I was actually there!!!!!

yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck, yuck

I'm sure know one there would enjoy seeing a fat woman SHRIEKING as she ran back to her car!!!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Why is the US Navy the BEST!!!!



Sunday, September 09, 2007


I had a dilemma!

I needed the hose to water my plants, but I couldn't stand looking at that bright green hose on my patio!!!!

Now I really wanted the black one the is flat, and rolls up..... but it only comes in shorter lengths, and to reach my front yard I needed at least 150 feet of hose. It didn't come in that length.

So I thought of the ones that roll the hose up automaticly, but they were expensive.

And all you could use them was for the hose! I even looked at the one that looks like a terra cotta pot, but if you have EVER tried to ROLL UP A HOSE...... we'll it's a BITCH, and the longer the hose the more trouble it is. I CAN'T BE BOTHERED WITH THAT!

Plus I have a long spicket on the end of my hose, so that when I water it's like a rain shower (easy on the plants) .... and none of the above would fit that.

I would have to take it off each time I rolled it up. and then put it back again................ can you say EXTRA WORK!!!!

Then I saw this box on sale. It's waterproof, not only did it fit my hose, but I can store all my flower pots, and tools, and the cushions from the swing.... IN THE SAME BOX!!! All winter!!!!!

The only thing I did was..... using a "steak knife" (yes, a steak knife, small tool, works good for sawing small holes!!!)

Was saw a HOLE in the back top of the box, so that the hose will go thru it!!!! Then in the winter I'll just put a piece of duct tape over the hole, so no critters get thru!!!!!!

Took me all summer to figure it out.... but I did, and I'm sooooooo happy!

Plus the box can be used for EXTRA SEATING!!!! So, Storage, Hose caddy, cushion storage, and extra seating all in one. Who can ask for anything more? PEEEEEEEEERFECT!

Friday, September 07, 2007

This is a better pic, with words soooo true!!!

Read the small print!!! giggle

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Torchwood premieres this Saturday on BBC America!

Thanks to Matt somehow (and I don't want to know!) getting copy's of the whole first season..... I got to watch it already. And I'm HOOKED!!!!

Very good show. Wonderful cast, great story's. Since it's a spinoff from Dr. Who, I expected that it was going to be more like Dr. Who, but it's not, and that's FANTASTIC!!!!

Moody, sometimes dark, filled with action, and major sex.... I predict that Torchwood is going to be a HIT! Well, at least with me! GIGGLE

Monday, September 03, 2007

Interesting, at least to me!

Merlin has a new toy......... it's a tiny cow. A cat nip cow.

But that's not the interesting part. If you put the cow between his paws, he will FREEZE! His head will move, as he watches you, but the rest of his body refuses to move!

We've scared him, called him, tempted him with food...... but he won't move as long as that cow is there!

Can't figure it out. But when you remove the cow, he goes about his regular ways. but not till the cow is gone.

Is he afraid of it? Protective of it? Or just plain nuts??????

Sunday, September 02, 2007

winter??? Are you nuts!!!!!!!!

I know it's bad thinking about winter...... and when it comes I'm gonna HATE it!!!!

But, I'm pretty prepared. With the car fixed, all I have left is to buy some tire's.

And all I can think about is that the BENNIES ARE GOING HOME!!!!! Maybe I can actually go to stores down below route 9 and the parkway without having to curse, and scream at them!!!!!

I have almost ALL my Christmas shopping done!!!!!! Disgusting, isn't it???? Just a few more things for a few more people. But the grandkids are done, Ty and Steph, barb, Matt..... I have like most of Eileen's and Jamie's done, so I'm on a roll.

And I'm letting Jamie know, that this time and forever......... I'm NEVER buying one of her men Christmas gifts!!!!! If they feel left out, FUCK THEM!!!!!

Plus, and this is a big plus, for the first time in ............. I'd say about 30 years, I have a new coat!!!!! Not something passed down from someone, or one that I get at Wallmart, and doesn't really keep me warm......... but a really nice, expensive coat!!!

It's FULL length, fake fur, but wonderful warm rich black fur. Not like the cheapie fake fur, this is luxurious!!!!! Nice length for my boots, I've been looking for a full length coat for years!!!!!

I have plenty of boots, so I should look sweet in it!!!! Plus a real pretty scarf that's purple with spangles on it. (that was a Christmas present for someone from 2 years ago, that I didn't have a chance to give her!) I kept it, thinking we would be friends again, but now I'm going to wear it!!!

Also it's the time for Mums, and the smell of woodsmoke, and falling leaves, and PUMPKINS, and witch's, and sweet, crisp night air. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Car News!!1

Well, the Chevy dealer had to send an inspector to check my car.

Since the repairs were over $3000 dollars, they had to check the car first before agreeing to it. I guess to see if it had been in a accident or anything. And of course it hadn't.

They called me yesterday, and said they are covering the whole thing!!!!! It should be ready by Tuesday, and when I pick it up, I pay nothing!!!!

Tuesday is great since Matt starts school on Wednesday.


Plus Lester Glenn has agreed to pay me back all the money I spent on repairs.............. so I'm actually going to MAKE money on the deal. GIGGLE

Of course, they had no choice. For those of you who know me............. it's not good to piss me off!!! I can be quite demanding, bitchy, and LOUD, if you piss me off. All the hotels know that already. GIGGLE

Sometimes a women has to be that way, because if your nice and quiet and polite, they think they can run right over you. And, Baby, that's not gonna happen to me!!!

I'll just be happy to get rid of this tiny rental. Now I know it's not a small car, it's a Chevy Impalla, and that's a mid size car.......... but when your used to driving a 8 passenger van........ IT'S TINY!!!!!