Monday, September 17, 2007


I recently bought a new comforter, and it came with sheets. Now I normally don't use regular Cotton sheets, I prefer the sheets made out of "T shirt" material. They are softer, and warmer then regular sheets. But these came with the set, so I figured I'd try them out. I liked them..... for the summer that is!

Well this morning the first thing I did, after finding my house coat, and wrapping my self in it's warmth, and digging out my bedroom slippers....... Was to climb into my closet, take out the winter blanket, and the warm comfy sheets!!!!!!

Can we say BUUUURRRRRRRR!!! Cotton sheets are not warm!!!!!! And not having a blanket on a night like last night it NUTS!!!! The comforter was just not warm enough!!!!

So I washed my winter blanket, and my cuddly sheets, and put my bed together with them and retired those Cotton sheets to the closet for the winter.

I REFUSE to turn the heat on till late October. Damn it!!!!
I just had the air conditioning on LAST WEEK!!!!
And I can't sleep with the windows closed..... no way no, no how!!!! So warm blankets and sheets are the best thing for me!!!

By the way, according to the "Old Farmers Almanac" BE PREPARED!!!! They are almost always right on with the weather, and they are saying lots, and LOTS of SNOW this winter!!!!