Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Fall Shows

I managed to catch some of the new shows and following is my opinions:

Chuck............ funny, campy, has some potential
Reaper.......... very funny, should be a hit
Bionic women...... So over that "poor little me" thing a lot of shows have, don't want to watch it again
Torchwood.... big hit there, and BBC America airs the show as is, so you see a lot of cute butts

I also caught some of "Life"

my opinion? this one is going to be a huge hit!!!!

It's funny, scary, and kind of insane, but good. I may even give up CSI to watch it, and that's saying a lot!!!! I kept clicking back and forth, and Life was much better!

That's it for now. When more come on, I'll let you know.

Oh, and saw part of the new "survivor" My opinion, hope they all starve to death, because they are all IDIOTS!!! But, I'm sure that's why they were picked in the first place!