Sunday, September 02, 2007

winter??? Are you nuts!!!!!!!!

I know it's bad thinking about winter...... and when it comes I'm gonna HATE it!!!!

But, I'm pretty prepared. With the car fixed, all I have left is to buy some tire's.

And all I can think about is that the BENNIES ARE GOING HOME!!!!! Maybe I can actually go to stores down below route 9 and the parkway without having to curse, and scream at them!!!!!

I have almost ALL my Christmas shopping done!!!!!! Disgusting, isn't it???? Just a few more things for a few more people. But the grandkids are done, Ty and Steph, barb, Matt..... I have like most of Eileen's and Jamie's done, so I'm on a roll.

And I'm letting Jamie know, that this time and forever......... I'm NEVER buying one of her men Christmas gifts!!!!! If they feel left out, FUCK THEM!!!!!

Plus, and this is a big plus, for the first time in ............. I'd say about 30 years, I have a new coat!!!!! Not something passed down from someone, or one that I get at Wallmart, and doesn't really keep me warm......... but a really nice, expensive coat!!!

It's FULL length, fake fur, but wonderful warm rich black fur. Not like the cheapie fake fur, this is luxurious!!!!! Nice length for my boots, I've been looking for a full length coat for years!!!!!

I have plenty of boots, so I should look sweet in it!!!! Plus a real pretty scarf that's purple with spangles on it. (that was a Christmas present for someone from 2 years ago, that I didn't have a chance to give her!) I kept it, thinking we would be friends again, but now I'm going to wear it!!!

Also it's the time for Mums, and the smell of woodsmoke, and falling leaves, and PUMPKINS, and witch's, and sweet, crisp night air. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH