Sunday, September 09, 2007


I had a dilemma!

I needed the hose to water my plants, but I couldn't stand looking at that bright green hose on my patio!!!!

Now I really wanted the black one the is flat, and rolls up..... but it only comes in shorter lengths, and to reach my front yard I needed at least 150 feet of hose. It didn't come in that length.

So I thought of the ones that roll the hose up automaticly, but they were expensive.

And all you could use them was for the hose! I even looked at the one that looks like a terra cotta pot, but if you have EVER tried to ROLL UP A HOSE...... we'll it's a BITCH, and the longer the hose the more trouble it is. I CAN'T BE BOTHERED WITH THAT!

Plus I have a long spicket on the end of my hose, so that when I water it's like a rain shower (easy on the plants) .... and none of the above would fit that.

I would have to take it off each time I rolled it up. and then put it back again................ can you say EXTRA WORK!!!!

Then I saw this box on sale. It's waterproof, not only did it fit my hose, but I can store all my flower pots, and tools, and the cushions from the swing.... IN THE SAME BOX!!! All winter!!!!!

The only thing I did was..... using a "steak knife" (yes, a steak knife, small tool, works good for sawing small holes!!!)

Was saw a HOLE in the back top of the box, so that the hose will go thru it!!!! Then in the winter I'll just put a piece of duct tape over the hole, so no critters get thru!!!!!!

Took me all summer to figure it out.... but I did, and I'm sooooooo happy!

Plus the box can be used for EXTRA SEATING!!!! So, Storage, Hose caddy, cushion storage, and extra seating all in one. Who can ask for anything more? PEEEEEEEEERFECT!