Saturday, September 01, 2007

Car News!!1

Well, the Chevy dealer had to send an inspector to check my car.

Since the repairs were over $3000 dollars, they had to check the car first before agreeing to it. I guess to see if it had been in a accident or anything. And of course it hadn't.

They called me yesterday, and said they are covering the whole thing!!!!! It should be ready by Tuesday, and when I pick it up, I pay nothing!!!!

Tuesday is great since Matt starts school on Wednesday.


Plus Lester Glenn has agreed to pay me back all the money I spent on repairs.............. so I'm actually going to MAKE money on the deal. GIGGLE

Of course, they had no choice. For those of you who know me............. it's not good to piss me off!!! I can be quite demanding, bitchy, and LOUD, if you piss me off. All the hotels know that already. GIGGLE

Sometimes a women has to be that way, because if your nice and quiet and polite, they think they can run right over you. And, Baby, that's not gonna happen to me!!!

I'll just be happy to get rid of this tiny rental. Now I know it's not a small car, it's a Chevy Impalla, and that's a mid size car.......... but when your used to driving a 8 passenger van........ IT'S TINY!!!!!