Friday, August 31, 2007

Getting ready for Fall Cleansing

Some things are more important then the plants and yard in the Fall.

One is getting ready to cleanse your house, and seal it freshly to prevent evil from entering! This is done 2 times a year, in the Spring, and again in the Fall.

I spent the day washing all my windows on the inside of the house. Getting a head start on the Fall Cleansing Ritual.

Washing your windows isn't a part of it, but if I'm going to cleanse my house, and seal it for the winter........... I like the windows to be done first.

I wash all the inside windows, and the window sills, wash the curtains and such, clean all the knick knacks I keep on the window too. Then I'll go out side and wash all the outside windows with the hose.

Then in mid October, I'll open all the windows and doors, go around the house sprinkling salt around the inside of my house, window sills also, clean and salt down all my crystals on the windows, and replace them, and when my shield is up firm, and the house is cleared of all the bad vibes and such, I know I'll have a restful winter.

After all that I also sprinkle salt around the out side of the house, and yard, to ensure that my space is safe, and protected.

I also sprinkle crumbled bay leaves at each doorway, since a person crossing bay leaves will reveal their true nature. So far, only one person has stumbled and gotten nasty while crossing the leaves.......... and I don't need to tell you that it was my sister!

So I'm spending my time, waiting for my car to be fixed, by getting ready for the fall cleansing. Makes me feel good to do this, and this way, all I have to do is the cleansing, everything else will be done. Mmmmmmmm feels good!!!!!