Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The difference between you and me

I have one cigarette, I'm relaxing you have one drink, your relaxing
I have 2 cigs, I'm working you have 2 drinks, your relaxing
1 have 3 cigs, I'm still working you have 3 drinks, and your feeling fine
1 have 4 cigs, again, I'm still working you have 4 drinks, your drunk
1 have 5 cigs, and I'm still functioning just fine you have 5 drinks, uh were was I?
1 have 6 cigs, and nothings changed

you have 6 drinks, and your driving drunk,
causing accidents, killing Innocent people, beating up your spouse, abusing your children, become incapable of holding a job, go on welfare, killing your liver, damaging what little brain cells you have left....................

Yes, smoking KILLS, but it mainly ONLY ME!!! Drinking KILLS, and you manage to take others with you.

Now your on the road late at night with your wife, and 3 kids in the car...... who would you rather meet coming the other way????? someone smoking, or that person with 6 drinks in them.

It's time people starting thinking about this. Next time you go out side and someone is smoking in the parking lot, in the rain......... tell them THANK YOU..... not for not smoking by them, but for not being the drunk in the parking lot, getting ready to drive home on the same roads as you!!!!!

Ad's for beer, Rum, and Vodka say............. Drink responsibly. What the fuck do them mean, once you have 2 drinks, you have no idea what responsibility is!!! Why don't they take a hint from smoking ads and tell the truth.............



Mary said...
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Mary said...
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