Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Neo Pets

I found a neopet site, and have been having a blast with it!!!!

I love playing games on the computer, but you don't really get anything out of them, not even points, unless you play one that you have to pay for, and that's not going to happen!

This is a free site.

You pick your pet, the color, the name, and everything else. You build him a house, and furnish it, it's fun! It lets you play games for what they call "neo points" with the points you get from the games, you buy food for your pet, pets for your pet, build a house, and buy all the furnature and stuff for the perfect house.

You can even open your own store with the extra stuff, and sell it to other players. I have a big one! Plus you can put things away in your gallery..... to show off your stuff, you can put your points into a bank, till you need them...... and much, much more!!!!

Honestly, I didn't think it would be fun, but it is!!!!

Unfortunatly there is danger too. Pollywacket use to be a brown and green cat like creature....... Till I went in the wrong room, took a wrong turn...... and BAM, she turned into a Unicorn!!!! But I didn't like that, so I spent days searching for a "Morphing potion" to turn her back, but I couldn't find one, so I used one to turn her into what you see.

Now it's not bad, because her house is deep within the sea, so having a sea creature sort of makes sence!!!

If you want one too, just go to, and have a blast.

Below is some of the info on her pet page, you get to make it anyway you like!!!!

Hello there! My name is pollywacket, and I'm a Tuskaninny. We're primarily water-dwelling Neopets, and love living in the deep blue sea.
I love the ocean, and living there. I like to sit and read books, and play with all the pretty shell's that I find in the deep blue ocean auntieone adopted me! I really enjoy sleeping in a nice, cozy coral bed and sipping hot chocolate by the warm fireplace.
Most of the time, however, you can find me outside, playing active games like tag. Us Tuskaninny's have very fast reflexes, so catch me if you can!

What's so wonderful about Tuskaninny's, you may be wondering? We have a lot to offer! In general, we are very friendly creatures, and love to play. Many owners rave about how soft our skin is, and how great we are to hug!
Tuskaninny's love attention and strutting our stuff, so we are perfect for beauty contests. Our shinny coat makes it easy to earn a trophy! Don't think our only skill is being cute, though! We are also fierce Battledome competitors, and just hate to lose. We often let out a battle cry of "chirka! chirka! chirka!" before rushing at our opponent.
so what do I like? Oh, I know! Petpets! The cuter the better. Tuskaninny's are well known for taking great care of their Petpets. I often read the books auntieone gives me aloud to them before I go to sleep. It helps me learn better, and even though I know they can't understand it, I think they like the soothing sound of my voice, mixed with the sound of the ocean waves.

Well, I think I hear auntieone calling me, so I'd better go. Thanks for stopping by to find out a little about me! I really appreciate it! If you have any more questions about me, or my species, feel free to Neomail auntieone!
Fun facts about Tuskaninny's
We get along wonderfully with Flotsom, but tend to be wary of Kougras.
We often make burrows in the coral if we can't find a suitable shell house to live in, but my mistress has given me a wonderful one!.
We will do just about anything for jelly beans.
See you later!