Sunday, August 12, 2007

Board in the Summer time!!!!!

This is what happens when I'm board!!!! I started with the tiny back bedroom, that used to be my den, now it's Matt's...... and I removed the carpeting, and put down tile. It was the best thing to do, since he paints and works on his models there, and the rug was getting stained. It's realy nice, looks like stone, and makes the room easyer to clean!

Then he made the mistake of going away for the weekend. GIGGLE.
I started by chucking his old ripped bedspread, and substituting this really nice brownish red one, it's real masculine.
But the carpet was badly stained, and while I plan to re-do the carpeting in his room.... he hasn't been helpful in picking out what he wants........... so I moved the carpet from the living room into his.
Matches the bedspread, and covers all of the stained carpeting in his room (while in the living room, it only covered a small area, it covers almost all the rug in his room!!!!)
Now to be fair, he didn't ruin the carpet........... the person before us had 3 little kids in his room, and they stained the carpet bad!!!!!! They only lived here 3 months, but I had to redo almost all the carpeting. That's what happens when parents can't control their kids!!!
So this will do till I get the room totally redone, when he leaves for the university!
I also picked up a "witch's broom" plant, and 2 rose bushes, that I put in planters on the patio.
The witch's broom is an LARGE upright plant, that flowers with millions of pink flowers in the spring. And the SMELL IS FANTASTIC!!! A cross between hyathins, and roses.
The rose's I picked are red. One is a large rose, and one is a miniature. Let's see what one does better in a planter.