Monday, August 13, 2007

A little less grumpy.....

I'm working my way towards less grumpy about my bedroom

I've been trying to find a bedspread for 2 years now. In the course of that time I've bought 4, and was given another. None of them worked. I kept looking at them and saying..... noooo, not quite right.

See my bedroom walls are light, and so is the carpet, I put a area rug in there that is light too, but it has Burgundy and black in it.

My dresser's are black with gold accents

my headboard is black iron

my book shelf is black

and my desk is black also

all my pictures have black frames too

But my curtains are a deep shade of Burgundy to match the burgundy in the carpet

Sooooooo, what I wanted was either a Burgundy bedspread, or a black one.

No solid black ones around ANYWHERE!!!!!! They all had polka dots, or patterns, or other colors in it, or they were reversible to another color, something usually bad..... Like shocking lime green.

So I gave up on that. And tried Burgundy, well, you've seen the picture, that one wound up in Matt's bedroom because it wasn't Burgundy, but a reddish brown.

Two of them are in my closets, in bags, one was beige and gold, one is a Moroccan brown print......................... nothing that I wanted!!!!!!

Finally, today I took my son to Targets to get a new cell phone. And there on the shelf............. ONE, AND ONLY ONE, SOLID BLACK COMFORTER!!!!!
And it actually was the RIGHT SIZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHOOPPPPPIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I still need to get some gem tone pillows, and bigger pillows to fit in the shams. The pillows I have are too big to fit, so I'll hit up wallmart for smaller ones............ AND I'M DONE!!!!!!