Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pic's of the new flowers

Here's a picture of my table top Mint garden. Thoes planters hold lots of different mints in two small containers. The trick is that when they start looking scraggly, you chop them down to stubs, and they grow lush and beautiful again within days!!

this tall one is Witch's Broom, or Scotch Broom. It's tall growing and had wonderful fregrent pink flowers all summer....... (also comes in yellow)

This is the miniture rose. I may have to take it in during the winter, but I'm going to try mulching it, like I do to all the others, and see if it survives

This is the "Knockout Rose" It blooms all spring, summer, and fall. The trick is that every 3 years I'll take it out, cut off all the excess roots, and repot it with fresh soil, should last for years in the container.