Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Get well!!!

This is for my friend at http://canwehaveanewwitchoursmelted.blogspot.com/

I told him to go make you feel better.... but I don't think he got the concept right! GIGGLE

Monday, January 30, 2012

To undo, what has been done


You Need: black candle, water and a black bowl
Place the candle into the black bowl, fix the candle to the bowl using the wax
drippings from the candle so that it stands alone.

Fill the bowl to the rim with fresh water, without wetting the wick.

Breathe deeply and meditate for a few minutes.
When your mind is clear, light the candle.

Visualize the power the spell cast against you as living within the candles flame.

As the candle burns down, it will sputter and go out as it touches the water.
As it is extinguished by the water, the spell is broken.
Finally, dig a hole into the ground, pour the water into it, then bury the candle.


light 1 pink candle, 1 green, and a black candle.

Be sure that nobody else can see you (close all curtains, doors, windows, etc.)

Now, get a bowl full of water and put 3 drops of green dye in it.

slowly tip the bowl over each candle allowing them to be extinguished while at the same time chanting:

"Goddess, free me."

You must do this very slowly and imagine the spell being lifted from your body and all the good luck and fortune that will soon come to you and the evil that will go to the person that placed the hex/curse upon you.


This spell will remove any hexed or jinxed condition, whether real or imagined.

Fashion a poppet out of white felt or other white material.

Stuff the poppet with rosemary, lavender, and sage, and place on your altar.

Inscribe your name on a purple candle

Visualize as strongly as possible the hex upon you...feel its power and the strength it has had over you...Now take a handful of garlic powder and sprinkle it over the poppet, while strongly visualizing the hex/jinxed condition being broken.

Put as much feeling and emotion into this process as possible...now relax...allow the candle to burn down completely.
It is finished...the hex is broken...so mote it be.


After Midnight any night, waning moon

Anoint candles with rosemary oil
use white candles as many as you like.

You Need: one bead from a necklace you own (preferably a pearl-faux or not)
A small patch of black cloth, some string for tying. Incantation:

"I cast a spell asking, I now ask the favor of having the spell removed.
I understand to take back a spell means giving up something of my own to show my spirit is true and my intentions are good, I give this pearl/bead from a necklace I own.
I transfer the spell into the either, and render the spell dormant.
No harm may come from the cancellation of this spell.
No further power shall it have. This is my will -so be it."
Place the

pearl/bead in the black cloth and tie up tightly in the string until you have wrapped the pearl/bead entirely in the cloth.
Dribble a bit of wax from the candles on your final knot you tie and
Then throw the small package away far from your home. Close circle and give thanks.

Saturday, January 21, 2012


I started a group on Yahoo.

Jersey shore broom and brew


were we can meet and exchange potions and spells, independent of facebook!

It's going to be a fun group... if you want to join just sign up, and remember to post one of your fav spells for the rest of us to share!!!!

Ohhh, and I should mention, I'm going to have another give a way.... and one of the things you have to do .... is join the group. giggle

I'll let you know what the prize is later... YOUR GONNA LOVE IT!

Russian Cooking

It's seems that a lot of people think Russian cooking is super complicated! But it's not! Mainly it's putting things in pots, adding salt and pepper, and cooking it till it's dead! GIGGLE Spice's? We don't need no sticking spice's!

One of my favorite side dish's is Cucumbers. Yes, cucumbers.... but no dish is any kind of dish unless you add sour cream!!!

You slice and peel cucumbers, add salt, pepper, grated onion, and some dill... and of course sour cream

I make this dish all the time, just to snack on.

Even our complicated dish's like Blinni's are easy to make. I loved the potato Blinnie's my mom made. They were thin and lite like crapes, but hardy to eat because they were made with potatoes. They were always served with butter... and SOUR CREAM! LOL

Though some times my Mom would make... "verashotk". Honesty, I'm not sure where that came from, or if it's spelled right... but, you put:

Chicken, pork, fresh kielbasa, duck, and any other left over meat in a pot, and cook it down to a thick sauce. You remove the bones, and use the Blinnie's to scoop it up and eat it.

Then she also made Blinni's with out the potato, these were thinner, more like crape's...except they used yeast in them to make them light and fluffy. These were usually served with, of course, sour cream, and fresh fruit or some fruit Jelly on top.

And, yes, when I mention "Ducks blood soup" people go ewwwwwwww... and it is made with real, fresh, ducks blood, and lots of it.... but it's the most incredibly yummmy soup in the WHOLE WORLD! At least in my opinion. LOL

Basically, if it's not trying to run away, (and even if it is) put it in a pot and cook it down. A lot of organ meats make it rich and spicy. Kidney, heart, liver.... it all is added to the mix!

The only thing I never like was my Mom's "Tripe Soup" Loved the soup, but eating Tripe is like chewing an old piece of gum.... you can chew forever and never get it soft enough to swallow... but adding it to a soup gives it a fantastic flavor!

My favorite soup of all time was "Stafh" it's a weed that grows all over the U.S. When chewed it tastes like lemons! You probably have a ton of it in your back yard right now, and don't even know it!! It's also called sorrel! (and you can buy it to grow in most GOOD garden centers that have tons of herbs... our go find in in a yard and pick to your hearts content.

We kids, spent many a summer day in fields, picking this for our parents to cook up!!

In the summer go out and see if you can find it, I guarantee you will. Chew a piece and it's like chewing a lemon!!

Tons of this is added to chicken stock, and cooked. Then you boil potatoes, mash them up with some browned onions and salt pork!! You eat the soup by taking a spoon full of the potatoes, and dipping it into the soup. OMG!!! It's fantastic!!

No matter what others tell you... real Russian cooking is very basic, and rustic.

I don't think we have ever used any herbs for cooking besides some, Rosemary (and rosemary was only used with pork), dill (and dill was only used with cucumbers!), and salt and pepper! And of course SOUR CREAM! We use that in just about EVERYTHING!

Now to gross you out.... my Mom's favorite snack? She would pour a bowl of milk... add a shot glass of vinegar.. cover it and leave it till it turned totally sour and solid!!! Then she would put it in the fridge to chill, while she boiled potatoes. After is was nice and cold, you ate it with the boiled potatoes. Don't ewwwww, cause it actually tasted pretty good!!!! After all, that IS how Sour Cream is made... she just made her own!!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

I'm still here!!!!

My son was home for winter break, and I find it almost impossible to blog with him in the house. He runs in and out of my bedroom, for a cig, to tell me about the movie he's watching, to tell me about the monster in his video games... and so on and so on.... it's really quite annoying.

But he's back at school, so I took a few days to clean, and recoup my mind... and back to blogging I go.

It's actually cool enough to bring out the crock pot!!!! Whoooottttt!!!! It's been very warm here at the Jersey shore.... unusual for New Jersey..... but hay!, can't complain too much about warmer weather.

But it's cooled off a bit.... one in the 40's, so "Betsey", my crock pot came out. Now with my dietary restrictions, it's hard to make food of any kind... but this time I added... chopped beef, beef sausages, carrots, celery and some beef stock. I wish I could add scads of garlic... but I can't eat it, so salt and pepper will have to do.

Life is soooooooooo BLAND without GARLIC!!! My allergy reaction is so strong that at times I wonder if I'm turning into a vampire????

I also started some seedling in my nice south facing window. I have tomatoes (I went with Large Cherry tomatoes this year) Marigolds (the yellow daisy kind that I use to keep bugs away from my garden), and the big pot has some Leeks started in it! My step father used to grow leeks, so I'm trying them this year.

Monday, January 09, 2012


I had to post this picture from my friends web site! It's new, and just the prettiest thing I've ever seen.... You can go buy it at: http://networkedblogs.com/sbR1j?ref=nf

Sunday, January 08, 2012

And these are just allergy meds????

Take that BITCH!

13 rules

While this is very pretty, and you would love to have it so simple....In real life it just doesn't happen......My goals are different

1. Know yourself, and then try not to be like that!
2. Write your spells correctly this time!!!!
3. Remember!
4. Label your herbs!
5. Achieve Balance in your life and craft, and clear off your junk sometimes!
6. Be organized in storing your books and herbs, try to keep them in one place!
7. Keep your temper! Really....KEEP YOUR TEMPER IN CHECK!!!
8. Have fun, and try not to feel guilty about it!
9. Write down the moon phases!
10. Sometime you have to pig out and eat bad stuff
11. Try to get up off the couch at least once a day
12. Meditate, and try NOT to fall asleep
13. Remember to honor the Goddess every day!

Saturday, January 07, 2012

Just take your pick!

Sunday, January 01, 2012

To you, and yours.....