Sunday, May 29, 2005

Pretty Smelly Things!

If your anything like me, you love to buy the small bottles of concentrated oils that you find in the store. Some of them smell sooooooooo yummy. But, they are concentrated and just dabbing them on your skin or clothing is not the best of ideas. I can cause you to get a terrible rash, or stain your stuff, so be careful. If you want to use them, and still not stick out your friends or spot up that cute blouse, here's how to do it.

What you need:
small saucepan
petroleum Jelly
concentrated oils

Go to a local craft store, and buy some plastic bottles, the little ones with screw on lids. Not shaped like perfume bottles but more like coldcream jars.

Get yourself a nice small sauce pan that you can use for this purpose AND NOTHING ELSE!!! Don't ever use the pan for any other type of cooking, this can be very dangerous. Now, go to a dollar store, or your local drug store and buy a nice big jar of petroleum Jelly.

line up your jars, and in the sauce pan, and a few big dollops of the Jelly. Heat the jelly on the store at a very, very, very low temperature.... till the petroleum Jelly turns to liquid. Then add a few drops of the oil to the melted Jelly, stir, and pour into containers.

As it cools, it will turn back into solid petroleum Jelly, but this time your sent will be mixed in with it. Let it cool, put the top back on, and there you go. You have a nice solid perfume that you made yourself, and with the nice oils you get at the store. Remember it's still an oil, and can still stain your clothing, so try to use it where the clothing doesn't touch.

Also for the bath, buy some packages of "Sea Salt" Pour the salt into containers that you can seal.( just two drops) of your oils, shake it around with the salt, and close it. Let it sit for a while to absorb the smell, and then you can add some to your bath water any time you want

Just remember, the oils are concentrated........... A tiny bit goes a long way!!!

Your Room

And have fun with your room. Decorate it any way you want to!!!! Put up wonderful colorful curtains, like the purple curtains in my fiends room ( Mary has them, and I beaded the valances....She also painted the room a rich, wonderful gold!!!) Bead the lamp shades, and curtains. Put colorful bottles everywhere!!! Just have fun!!! This is your room, the happier it makes you, the more positive the feelings will be.

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Your alter

Now that you have your house protected, it's time to find your "space". I know a lot of people don't have a room to have for their own, but there are a lot of things you can do. I had one tiny room in the back of the house that I decided to use for my own. Not much room, but enough for a desk (I picked up one at BJ's really cheap, but it's got all kinds of nooks and crannies, and is prefect for my computer and all my herbs and spices) I also have a futon in it. But there wasn't any space for a alter. So what did I do? Well, here's the fun thing. I put up two really cheap bookshelves from wallmart. You know, the ones that cost $30 bucks each, with ajustable shelves. On one of them I put all my books (or at least some of them, unfortunately for me I have more books then rooms in my house. Giggle) On the other I took out the top two shelves and made it my alter. I found this fabulous bust in a catalog that I decided looked just like my goddess, added candles, and a cauldron (see the picture) and I have myself a ready made alter!!!!!

Now for those of you who don't want Great Aunt Ethal seeing your pentagram rug on the floor, here's an easy way to cast your circle, and not let anyone know it's there.

Using corn meal (and yes it has to be corn meal) on your rug draw your circle with it, also draw a pentagram in the center. Doesn't have to be large just big enough to sit in. Then standing in the center say:

Blue light fade into the ground,
Sealing now this circle round.
Make this circle disappear,
So no one know the magic here.

close your eyes and see the corn meal glowing with a bright, soothing blue light, sit and think about how you want this to be a holy place, no negative energy, just peace and tranquility. Then..... Vacuum it up!!!!!!! It will always be there, but no one can see it, except you!!!!

Tip: make sure it's in the center of the room, or in a clearing in the room, don't put any furniture there, it's just for sitting and casting your spells....This way you will remember where it is. Giggle

But, if you don't care who see's it..... I went on e-bay, typed in pentagram rug, and found one for under 30 dollars. It's cute, and I can roll it up and put it in the closet if I have company of the unbelieving type. LOL

Friday, May 27, 2005

Prayer to the Elements

I really love her "Prayer to the Elements"

Come to me Air, so fresh and so clean,
Grant mental power - keep my thoughts
sharp and keen.
Bring creativity - bring clarity, too
Lend your positive aspects to all that I do.
Come to me Water, so flowing and free,
Lend compassion and love and gentility
grant understanding and tempers,
please soothe -
And life's little problems, please help
me to smooth.
Come to me Fire, so warm and so bright.
As I walk through this life, my pathway,
Please light.
Please help me to live and to love
with pure zest -
Standing up for the truth,
when I'm put to the test.
Come to me Earth, so rich and so moist,
Bestow, please, your gifts of serene peace and joy
Grand me your stability and ethical ways,
So I may help others, the rest of my days.
Akash, pleas come, and work with these four
and balance their aspects within me once more.
Transform my life, for you hold the key
to changing me into that which I should be.
Elements of all that live and shall be,
Please spin your spell in pure harmony -
Weaving the threads of my life with ease,
And stitching it's fabric with Blessed Be's!!!

Now you have the basics down about what you need, how to protect your house and home, and also some simple spell writings.

Being a witch is not like most organized religion. We don't have many rules. But the most important of them are:

Do what you will, if it causes no harm
Everything you do will come back to you 10 fold

Believe them! Live by them! Sometimes it's so hard to keep your temper. Ranting and raving about a misjustace is not wrong. Everyone does it. I, on occasion, have threatened "warts" on numerous people.... But all it was is threats. I would never consider doing it to someone, mainly because I, myself, would hate all those warts. And believe me, I would get them, a LOT more then the one I cursed

And how do I know that?? When I first started out, and found joy in all my powers, I did a few things that were no no's. Like love spells. What's wrong with love spells you ask???? Well, let me tell you....... Giggle..... Let's talk about a X boyfriend you haven't seen in 6 years....But he calls every week, begs to come back to you, drives you insane!!!!!! I've moved on, no problem for me...But the spell lingers with him. After much heming and hawing (you have to admit that being wanted by someone is really nice) I broke the spell, and he has since moved on. But, I am paying still for my little "mistake". Love slips past me, time after time, and I'm getting older, and I have no one to be with.....But sooner or later the bad effects will go away. Especially if I make major amends. LOL So I'm waiting patiently

The gods and goddess, unlike the catholic version, are not perfect and forgiving. They are rambunctious, mischievous, and like to fuck around with the people that worship them. They are real, with all the things you find in mortal humans. LOL So, while they are helpful, loving, healing, they can also mess with you BIG TIME! <>

So, fair warning, read up on the god or goddess you intend to call your own, hear the good and bad, and remember..........

As for books to read on the craft: I highly recommend Dorothy Morrison. She has a book out called "Everyday Magic" It's totally cool, gives you spells%

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

I've been told by my friend "Miss Mary" that I should put a better picture of Merlin on my blog, more dignified. So here it is.

Home Protection

Just a few words before I give you the info on protecting you house. I received an e-mail from a woman, who seems to be under the impression that Witchcraft is just for women!!!! NO WAY!!! My family's craft was passed down from son to son!! If it hadn't been for my dad who got the luck of having 2 daughters, it would still be on the men's side of the family. Wicca is a religion, not a gender! And, by the way, a male witch is a male WITCH. You can call yourself a wizard, or worlock, but it's actually just a WITCH no matter what sex you are.

Now, for the home protection spell, you will need:

Salt (wow big list isn't it! Giggle)

Pick a nice warm day or night, whatever you prefer. Open all your windows in the house and your doors (yes you can keep the screen door closed) Starting at your front door, walk around the house sprinkling salt all around the baseboards, don't forget to get behind the furniture. As you walk around, imagine the salt hitting the floor, and a bright blue light emanating from it, going up the walls and meeting at the ceiling. Keep going around the house till you meet back where you started. And say:
"Salt of healing,
aura's clean.
protect this house
home to me"

Then close all the doors and windows, and go outside, and do the same around the outside base of the house.

When your all finished your house will be protected. You need to repeat this 2 times a year, summer and winter.

Another tip: Crush Bay Leaves, and place them in front of the doorways. Bay Leaves are used to "reveal a persons true form" So when someone comes over, and you invite them in, check their reaction when they cross the doorway. You can tell a lot by their expression.

As you can see by the spell above, it's simple, quick, and not a big rhyme. You don't need really expansive spells. Don't spend days writhing and re-writhing a spell trying to get it rhyme. It really isn't nessary

One other thing to remember when writing spells is, in a spell, the first few sentences should be "what you need", then after that "how to get it"

This is the hardest part of the craft, which is why most people go out and buy book after book trying to find a spell they need.......... That's good, as long as you know that IT'S ALRIGHT to change a spell you read in a book around to suit your needs.

Basic writing a spell is easy!

The first part ALWAYS states WHAT YOU WANT (ie, my life lacks love, open this one's eyes, stress begone...ect.)

Keep it short, try to rhyme, and you got it made. Here are some samples:

"something wrong here about (this is the problem in two lines)
bad luck plagues me like the gout.
Remove the curse, vibes or wishes (cover as much stuff as you can)
Clean my aura, grant good wishes (these lines tell what you want done)
clean my shield till it glows
bouncing back ill will to foes"

Notice: I don't do nasty to who's doing nasty to me....I just bounce back the bad he's trying to do.
Notice: I don't even attemp to do a major rhyme.... But every two lines rhyme...Which is good enough

Lies upon lies,
truths untold.
Here's a spell
you can hold.
till the time you stop your lies,
no longer will your member rise.
soft and squishy is it's fate
as my will
no more shall you mate

See, some of it rhymes, some is longer then the other, but all together it sounds pretty good, it will teach the person a life lesson, and has an ending, so that he can heal himself. No harm done, but some inconvenience. Giggle

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

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What is a Witch?

I believe that being a witch is not just a religion, but something ingrained in the person from before birth.... That of course, ties in nicely with our belief that we are reincarnated, over and over again.

You can spot this "tendency" in your child, or a friend (yes I do mean friend! An adult can be a witch with out the training or even knowing that they are one) in a few ways:

1. They tend to find rocks, gemstone, even bits of tree's, and bring them home for no reason at all. They will even sometimes tell you that the rock "called to them". Case in point..... I have more rocks and stones in my house then a person has in a normal yard. They just call to me, and I have to pick them up and bring them home with me.

2. They tend NOT to have a bad reaction to the news that someone they love has passed away. But when losing a pet they will become hysterical

3. As children they may have an imaginary friend ( I believe the "friend" is actually a god or goddess...Doing what they love to do most...butting in.)

4. They love nature, will sit and read under or in a tree for hours. Love the smell of earth! Dig a hole, and they will sit inside of it. Always want to be outside, crave the ocean or water. Can't get them out of a pool...They may be a witch

5. Love unusual foods. Develop an early taste for such things as anchovies, or raw fish. Over salt all their foods. Have cravings for food they can't describe.

6. They have vivid dreams, and they remember them, and want to talk about them.

7. Love animals, especially cats. Though I know of witches that love dogs and fish and birds.

My father taught me this. It's a family tradition on how to spot a child in the family with the "gift" to become a witch. While my sister never showed any of these things, he still tried to teach her, but it was a lost cause, and he gave up in just a few weeks. The family believed there was a natural tendency towards the craft, and when found it should be nurtured. How???

Well, encourage their collecting. Help them start a rock collection, or teach them how to press leaves in a book, also take them for nature walks. Start them early, help them make a garden that they can plant and tend, herbs are good for this, they smell great! Don't yell at them for laying in the grass and dreaming..... Dreams are important.

If you are a witch, start them young with the teachings. My daughter started teaching the kids when they were baby's. If your not a witch, but you have no problem with it, there are books out there for children to read. Start with Harry Potter, and go on. If your another religion, take them to church with you...... Learning about other religions is never a bad thing.

But, most important: Never try to push a child in the direction YOU want. Show them, teach them, and then let them go where they will. Being a witch is not like being a catholic, it's something inside of you, not something you are taught in church.

If you do find this tendency in your child, one thing you CAN do is protect them. Teach them right from wrong, teach them to be strong. Each time you give them a bath, put a few handful of salt in the water, give them a silver (has to be silver, not gold) chain to wear around their neck.......This will help keep them safe, and protected. Preventing, and blocking bad aura's that can affect them. Plus, the salt in the bath is a great way to help with all those cuts and scraps kids get, without overdoing the antibiotics. Salt cleans and helps heal.

If you notice these signs in an older friend, try buying them a book about the craft for Christmas or their birthday. Maybe just a book about crystals, or herbs to start with. If they are truly a witch, just one seed of information, and their interest will grow at a astounding rate!

Ok, enough preaching, next blog will be about how to protect your home while you practice your craft, and then we go on to simple spells and cool stuff to make. giggle.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Clear the clutter, here comes the Witch

Hi everyone! My name is Judith, and I'm a 5th generation witch. I'm in or close to my 50's (I'll never tell) I was taught the craft at my father's knee, while my mother tried in vain to get me to become a nun! Not going to happen! But, it made her happy to try, so I let it be. I noticed a lot of blogs are complaints, ruinations, and used sort of like a diary. But, mine will be different. I want to teach, pass on some of the usefully information about the craft, spells, potions, and all that good stuff that I've been taught, and have used over the years.

I hope you enjoy them, and maybe even learn some things in the meantime. I'll post spells, and show you how to use them. Along with making perfumes, soaps, and other fun things to do.

Being raised in the craft, and taught as a solitary practioner, I guess I do things kind different the some of the "newbee's" that pick up a book, and get all gothic. Giggle. My spells are done with out all the ritualistically nonsense that you find in the books. I don't do a circle, and all the rot that accompany rituals in the books.

I bless my house, make it safe, set up a room for my use, and that's about it.

I do live by the rules....... Do what you will if it harms none.........Whatever you do comes back to you 10 times over.

So don't expect any black stuff cause it just isn't gonna happen. But, I have learned over the years ways to get around some of those rules.......Such as:
1. If the spell is for personal gain....... Have someone else cast if for you....This way your not in trouble
2. Spells can be cast to get revenge....But only to teach someone a life lesson, not to hurt them
3. Love spells can be done..... As long as it's a general one, and not aimed at one person.

See, you can have fun, and watch your back at the same time.

Now to start off, here's how you set up your craft room. It's always better to have your own room to do this in. I was lucky to always have my own room to play in.....But if you can't do that, make one somewhere you can have some privacy. If your just going to set up an alter in your bedroom or somewhere like that..... Here's a few tips to help you out.

Don't set up on a table for your alter. Use a trunk, or a chest of drawers, or something with some kind of storage. Your going to need it. It's amazing how fast you wind up collecting herbs and just plain tons of stuff.

Make sure you have a locked cabinet for herbs or things that can be poisons, you want to protect your kids or friends. You wouldn't want anyone getting at your knife and such. Plus I just HATE when people touch my stuff, and they have no idea what they are playing with. Case in point: "Oh what a pretty rock!!!" and they pick up your crystals and move them around. Arrrrrrrrrrrrr, I want to wack them one up side of their head!!!!

Pick a god or goddess that you want to be associated with. Look thru the list of all the gods and goddess's in all cultures, and pick one that seems to be the most like you want to be. I picked Hertha, (also called Vesta) she's the goddess of home and hearth. Perfect for me! But, you should pick out someone that calls to YOU.

Then find something to represent them. A statue, or a painting. And have that as the main point on your alter

Other things you will need:

1. A good knife, or anthem. Make sure it's has a black handle, and stainless steel, so that it can be sharpened and kept clean.

2. A mortar and pestle...... Always good to have two of these. One of marble for poison type herbs, and one of wood for those herbs that are safe to ingest

3. A cauldron of some type. Too burn your incense and such in. I have a copper one, but you may pick out something that calls to you. Remember if it doesn't have feet to keep the heat off your furniture, get a ceramic or marble tile to put it on.

4. Sand for your cauldron. I use beach sand that I collected myself. But it doesn't matter what kind of sand you use, don't burn incense in your cauldron unless there is sand in it!!!

5. Candles, candles and more candles. There is always a use for them. Tall ones, and short ones, thick ones, and taper ones. Try to get all colors that you can find. It's nice if they smell nice too. I'll teach you later how to anoint them for spell use.

6. Books, books, and more books. You don't have to read all the garbage in most of them, but having a reference for spells is great. After all, you will eventually change them around to suit your own needs.

7. And Crystal. Most important of all. Get them in all sizes. I have large ones for show, small one's to guard my window sills and doorways, Medium ones to use for healing. You don't need fancy one's. Just nice quartz crystal. Check e-bay or such.

8. Salt. Lots of salt, can be sea salt, or just the containers you get in the grocery store. This is used to protect your house, clean your crystals and other items you get for your alter. Lots, and Lots of salt. You'll find yourself running out of it all the time!!! NEVER, EVER USE A CRYSTAL OR ANYTHING ELSE IN YOUR ROOM, WITHOUT FIRST CLEANING IT WITH SALT!!! You don't want to inherit the nasty aura's of the last person that handled it. Think of your items as if they were found in a public toilet. THEY HAVE TO BE CLEANED BEFORE YOU USE THEM.

Well, that's all for today, tomorrow there will be much more. :) Giggle