Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What is a Witch?

I believe that being a witch is not just a religion, but something ingrained in the person from before birth.... That of course, ties in nicely with our belief that we are reincarnated, over and over again.

You can spot this "tendency" in your child, or a friend (yes I do mean friend! An adult can be a witch with out the training or even knowing that they are one) in a few ways:

1. They tend to find rocks, gemstone, even bits of tree's, and bring them home for no reason at all. They will even sometimes tell you that the rock "called to them". Case in point..... I have more rocks and stones in my house then a person has in a normal yard. They just call to me, and I have to pick them up and bring them home with me.

2. They tend NOT to have a bad reaction to the news that someone they love has passed away. But when losing a pet they will become hysterical

3. As children they may have an imaginary friend ( I believe the "friend" is actually a god or goddess...Doing what they love to do most...butting in.)

4. They love nature, will sit and read under or in a tree for hours. Love the smell of earth! Dig a hole, and they will sit inside of it. Always want to be outside, crave the ocean or water. Can't get them out of a pool...They may be a witch

5. Love unusual foods. Develop an early taste for such things as anchovies, or raw fish. Over salt all their foods. Have cravings for food they can't describe.

6. They have vivid dreams, and they remember them, and want to talk about them.

7. Love animals, especially cats. Though I know of witches that love dogs and fish and birds.

My father taught me this. It's a family tradition on how to spot a child in the family with the "gift" to become a witch. While my sister never showed any of these things, he still tried to teach her, but it was a lost cause, and he gave up in just a few weeks. The family believed there was a natural tendency towards the craft, and when found it should be nurtured. How???

Well, encourage their collecting. Help them start a rock collection, or teach them how to press leaves in a book, also take them for nature walks. Start them early, help them make a garden that they can plant and tend, herbs are good for this, they smell great! Don't yell at them for laying in the grass and dreaming..... Dreams are important.

If you are a witch, start them young with the teachings. My daughter started teaching the kids when they were baby's. If your not a witch, but you have no problem with it, there are books out there for children to read. Start with Harry Potter, and go on. If your another religion, take them to church with you...... Learning about other religions is never a bad thing.

But, most important: Never try to push a child in the direction YOU want. Show them, teach them, and then let them go where they will. Being a witch is not like being a catholic, it's something inside of you, not something you are taught in church.

If you do find this tendency in your child, one thing you CAN do is protect them. Teach them right from wrong, teach them to be strong. Each time you give them a bath, put a few handful of salt in the water, give them a silver (has to be silver, not gold) chain to wear around their neck.......This will help keep them safe, and protected. Preventing, and blocking bad aura's that can affect them. Plus, the salt in the bath is a great way to help with all those cuts and scraps kids get, without overdoing the antibiotics. Salt cleans and helps heal.

If you notice these signs in an older friend, try buying them a book about the craft for Christmas or their birthday. Maybe just a book about crystals, or herbs to start with. If they are truly a witch, just one seed of information, and their interest will grow at a astounding rate!

Ok, enough preaching, next blog will be about how to protect your home while you practice your craft, and then we go on to simple spells and cool stuff to make. giggle.


Mary said...

hmmm if they never wanna get out of the pool so that explains me than huh?? giggles seresouly great post women!!! very imformative.